Watching a Movie... In a Movie

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BLEEM : This is genius.

Weggie Kid : Original af LOL

saber7ooth : Should watch the same movie thats on the big screen, but like 30 seconds ahead of it

Just Chilling : Next video: "Putting grenades in peoples pockets"

The Don : *c'mon mann*

Sam : “Could you guys keep it down back there please” had me dying

Madelyne : I wish I was your friend, you'd be so fun to hang with

The Lord of Hogwarts : Love you Ross, and I care :D

Presso Rajbhandari : u guys got!!!movie in a movie...damn nice

David Drake : This is why people shoot up theaters.

MonstroCity : Ross pls never cut your hair

mushlove : Seek first to understood before being understand

lalsaksjdhfggggs : Movie part was fcked up

Reuben White : Hate to say it but Ross>Danny

Pluto : : Grow down dude.

Elbert Zweistein : 1. Ross should do a prank where he stares and glaze up in the sky, for no apparent reason, like if there is something interesting in the sky, and see how people react. 2. Ross should take a pair of clear eyeglasses, and say to people, "look a ufo". Then when people look for that ufo, Ross says, "oh, my bad, there was only dirt on my glasses. 3. Ross should throw an invisible tennis ball up in the sky, and stare and wait for the tennis ball to come back down, which it wont, and see peoples reactions.

weetum : 2:30 just use flex seal to patch it.

marcus Kreger : Dood you're super funny and entertaining but sometimes you go too far and do some shady stuff. You preach positivity and practicing love towards strangers but sometimes you do the exact opposite without really thinking about it.

Angel S555 : Wth

J Slater : have a you ever puked and pooped in the shower at the same time!!????

G Henny : 3:30 nicest ass I have seen ever.

Sophie Hurren : I was actually so scared for you when that man chased you up the ladder lmao

trg1408 : Pure Comedy is what you are!

G Henny : Ross pls cut ur hair pls.

Inflarius : 5:58 very impresaaaaivve

Craylo white : 1:00 SNITCH

Jax Teller : i could watch kole all day, more buzzard ross!!

Lightning Death6 : Put hot dogs in in peoples pockets

Esko Carl : Funny but everyone in that theater payed money and you ruined their theater experience

chinesesmw : React channels in a nutshell

Axel S : 1:00 The guy in the movie went to snitch so fast but had to double check to see if it was actually happening

Josh Howell : Youtube Interactions, comments, likes. DO IT! You the Man Mr.Creations

кσσкιєѕ ™ : You must have some HUGE balls

Sorry Guys : BAD PARKING PRANKS?????

Grace Bors : i'm new here and confused is his name charles or ross

Jack's Vidz : *putting movies into people's pockets*

Jmoney :/ : Comedy

MartinDK : Ross, you should try going to diffrent stores and taste on diffrent stuff without paying for it

Cosmo the Human : luv your're'r vids bru

BenShrum : Raspberry tea almost killed me and this video

FoxTheGamer kid : Time to do, watching a movie, inside a movie, during a movie

America Is#1 : LMAO can you guys keep it down back there

Doc Dewrill : "are youf amous?" literaly can lvie from people watching him goofing arround "" classy man.

DeeBeyZ : Its not cool... Its a Fuking waste of water

BenShrum : Can you guys keep it down back there

Nathan Cory : Wow.. that’s awesome... so funny!! I love it!

Beast2x : Inception movie

zuhn : its gotta be cool to be making double and even sometimes triple the money for one vid ahahhaha

Nathan Cory : I’m laughing so hard.. lol.. that fire hydrant.. hahaha.. it is so funny

Dragon Heart : Dumb and dumber , sounded like the movie you were watching in the movies