Knife Collector's Show - katana blooper

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Shawn and O'Dell of the old KCS on the Home Shopping Network.

Comments from Youtube

TheSpartiatus : Did anyone else hear about this from Dave Matthews?

Neagle Mann : He was just about to talk about how strong it was LOL

muffdriver69 : For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Laura Steele : I'm guessing not, but...did anyone else get here from Futurama? The commentary from Bender's Game? :)

SunshinyBean117 : "We may need emergency surgery, I. The studio." That got me 🤣

inbredagogo : that china made shit will hurt ya

David Brown : This clip is so old now but I'll be damned if it doesn't still make me laugh every time.

Pedro Moreno : "Eleven OWWWWW ONE (1101)"

Booby McGafferty : @PinballFreund333 no. Just... No

WMGsuck : And that's how they show the thing is real

Killeom : It's 440 stainless....what the fuck do you expect? It's good for...display...but it looks damn ugly.

skriabinfly : He was just about to say how sturdy and durable those cheap things are. Karma is a bitch huh?

PinballFreund333 : Like if you got here from the Futurama Commentaries!!

StrictManual MLP : They stab annoying salesmen for you!

JigglyJacob : Even after getting stabbed, he still maintains perfect pitchman diction XD

Bill Kong : What's the nice thing about these practice katanas? I never found out :(

Black Lives DO Matter!!! : AHanwei ninjatoo would not fail like that, nor would a gurka kukri or even a fucking machete. Carbon steel FTW.

Black Lives DO Matter!!! : @YoungBrave2006 If anything, I'm sorry he survived.

Black Lives DO Matter!!! : @theUnholySquire There's no redemption for the likes of him. He was trying to sel a $5 sword for $45. He got what he deserved.

Black Lives DO Matter!!! : @YoungBrave2006 I've held that sword in my hand, not the one that broke; but a copy of it. Some eejit around here was like, well, it rusted , so I might as well try to sell it as an antique. Fuck him. I can buy a much better machete for half the price of a new one of those. And in a duel, I'd break that turd just to prove a point. With my machete. Not my Hanwei.

Black Lives DO Matter!!! : @WarriorNakMuay916 It was made in Pakistan. Get your facts right. Eeejit.

krononomikon : I'm wondering if this is why Shawn started selling computers

krononomikon : If you thought that hurt big time, careful you don't get stuck with one of them... BIG TIME BOWIES!

Khamûl : is that Odell guy retarded???

theUnholySquire : THIS GUY needs a Tosh.0 web redemption...

Kagebushin01 : Thats what you get for selling shit FUCKERS!!!

GrassValleyGreg : 1101-1816 is the item number on that one- And the nice thing about these practice katanas is that you can smack them on a counter and break them and possibly kill someone!

darktooth347 : @Draeg88 that my friend is not the orginal katana thats a one used decoration but he was a dumbass sure enough

Kelevra : Cue Archer "just the tip?" at 0:15

cptmiche : @crazyperson3245 i think we was going to try and prove a point that it was sturdy, because he hits it on the table saying "you know a nice thing about these practice katanas..." as if to make a point that they are well built.(lol)

Thieves LikeUs : Great HeatTreat.

Chris Hill : lol keep pressing 2

Hot Plate Blastin : is there something wrong with the guy at the end? emergency surgery? all he needs is a few stiches

Hot Plate Blastin : the question is why is he banging it on the table like that:S

SteveSabbai : ...HSN the king of selling crap!...

HomeStar99 : oh and look! lifetime warrenty! lol

dannyrocks777 : dont.. uhhh buy their shitty.. anything?

ljonesvc : @llaardvargk Ya got me there. :V

Chomp Scatman : @ljonesvc either that or that's why the Knife Collectors Show rules.

ljonesvc : @Draeg88 That, my friends, is why the Knife Collectors show is crap.

Mj Fame : still waiting... what's the nice thing about those katanas?

SangerZonvolt : Aww, no sword should ever be misused that way. And even real Katanas aren´t to flexible, so hitting a table with the blunt side probably isn´t a good idea with any sword.

Darkgod171990 : What if this happened to someone else if they were to be practicing?

AwsomeKwatchy : "practice katanas" what to practice hitting air with??

canadianmaple09 : What a fucking baby! "A piece of the tip just got me good." hahaha How many times does he need to say that?

MrDude2123 : hehe yeah i was just watching the movie and they said that they were saying "this katana right here will not break, it wont break" and then it broke there, im glad i own all 3 movies

macroidtoe : One of the main differences is material. It clearly says "stainless steel" on the right side of the screen, and the second he started banging it on the table, I KNEW what was about to happen. Stainless is too brittle for a functional sword blade. (It's fine for a decorative blade, though, since it's low maintenance and will resist rust.)

macroidtoe : Look up "Albion destructive testing" to see what a sword SHOULD be able to withstand.

Ash Exodus : i like the guy in the end... "folks, we need emergency surgery in the studio" lmao