The Deepest Dive in Antarctica Reveals a Sea Floor Teeming With Life

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Catamaran Channel : If you dive in a shallow pool, and do it head first, you might discover some stars you never seen before.

Mirabell97 : Could we please make it illegal to go there as a tourist now? Don‘t want big companies to screw up the beauty of thes

Tyler P : No idea why this showed up in my recommendations but damn it was amazing

dwarfmaster635 : How did you get Early Access to Subnautica Below Zero??

Sebastian Cruz : All the dislikes are from the krill : Like a *visit to a different planet.* While we sit in our chairs, there are many strange creatures living in the deep of the ocean. Let's hope Antarctica becomes a protected natural park for all of humanity as a natural asset to research and study.

Kaizoch Beats : Bruh, deadass thought they was doing a heist in gta

Captain Qwaz Caz : 1:20 Flat earth ice wall confirmed.

Yohannes AMDEMARIAM : Seamoth if u know ya know

NoSox RubyRox : Wtf YouTube why is this not in everybody’s “recommended?” It proves the interconnectivity of all the worlds oceans and ecosystems.

Joe Lackey : We’re biting our nails to get to other planets, yet we don’t even fully understand our own.

Aesir God : All u guys a chit chatting about everyyhing on this vid but Im concerned on how they filmed it on the outside of the submarine while there is only one submarine went down🤔🤔🤔

Mr. LucK : if there is 6.5+- Million Species on land, then there must be over 10 in the ocean, because not only life started in the oceans, because there is more space down there! And deep space that we never dived into.... HOLY!! and btw who is filming those guys under the water? there were 2 divers?

Sun.Parvus : I thought the thumbnail looks like an open world game in 4k resolution.. Too much game i guess..

Giraffe Man : I thought it was GTA 5 in thumbnail.

Nish Limbu : I have always wondered do crabs think fish are flying?

Love4Jesus : God is Amazing!

AWSOMUS LATEST : We look for new life on mars when it's at the bottom,of the sea....

The Mind Mechanic : The camera man deserves an award for this

Angami Accent : "if we all share in the exploration of our planet, we will appretitate it and get involved in the stewardship of our planet and its future.." Well said

Ignyte : I hope we can fix the mess us humans have created in the ocean.

Newf Ie : let me get this straight. 1000 meters below! holy mother of all rigs. never mind a lambo i need me that setup

Christepher. A : ...and all those creatures down there giving Message each other.. "Alert ! Alien UFO Spotted" 😋😁

no name : yo.. i thought the thumbnail was just an increased graphics version for gta 5 lmao...

hahalord : Should have named it Azura's star.

karlyator k : No one is gonna talk about the Giant spider looking star ?? that thing better stay down there man


Jinxie_Jester_ Gaming : How are there cameras outside of the submersible too? Is Aquaman there?

Mr. Lince : Nice, but sorry no future for our kids

William Flores : Flat Earthers:Antartica is the ICE WALL!

GKJ : We're gonna destroy this too, eventually. Seems like we destroy everything we discover.

King Lynkins : I thought the thumbnail was a GTA V 4K mod, interesting video nonetheless.

Tyler Mitchell : 2:06 MARINE SNOW A.K.A. FISH FECES

Zevik : Food! Everywhere!

Gaming For A Day : This video should get 50 million views cause they're dive into the deep part in the 2018

Cowan Academy : thanks for sharing, it's always beautiful to see the depths of our planet, especially with the way you guys shot the video

climate-change-briefing : Wonderful film !! My own fascination is at the microscopic level and i recommend anyone to google image search diatoms. This morning on BBC r4 we had a load of junk abt other planets, Mars etc and all sorts of garbage .... its about time Governments etc and the woefully inadequate empty vessel known as the IPCC... WOKE UP to the fact that its this bloody planet we need to be concerned about and make the superhuman effort required to cope with climate change. Talk about fiddling whilst Rome burns .....

Jamie McKenna : God i don't even believe he's in Antarctica if you think of it he could be anywhere in the world in making use all think that he's in Antarctica when he isn't because to tell you the truth it doesn't even look like it in i series mean it that's for sure lol :)

Tim OB : My aquarium in my house is kind of like a submarine for fish...


colten libbett : this will br the underwater capital of frozen york city killing only a minimum 5 billion wildlife for the first ever underwater city that holds up to 200 residents frozen york city citizens *british guys voice* lol

JustSomeTimber1nTheLake : Damn i thought that this was some kind of game from the thumbnail

Anton skrat : Mariana trench next

Sam kabodvand : How did They film This

Jacob Saucier : Its sadly so beautiful because it has had no human contact

Guntur Wibowo : *SpaceX , OceanX what's next ?*

Iamhappythingy : reaper levithian where are you

Massa : "Teeming with life", "teeming with life"... I hear this all the time on some ocean related channel.

Justin G : The ocean is flat

Tony Montana : When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a videogame 🤣