The Deepest Dive in Antarctica Reveals a Sea Floor Teeming With Life

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Catamaran Channel : If you dive in a shallow pool, and do it head first, you might discover some stars you never seen before.

RIP Jeff Hanneman : Amazing what you find when you take a break from Pornhub.

Joe Lackey : We’re biting our nails to get to other planets, yet we don’t even fully understand our own.

zmoke forest : These people are so lucky to have these experiences. Talk about a cool job

Aaron Xtreme : Thumbnail looked like GTA V

Grimescene City : If i was a billionaire and watched this, id be buying that lil submarine thingy in a heartbeat..

takaa e : earth is amazing. wish humans live more responsibly to keep it that way

How To Make Sushi : *The Death Star!* : Like a *visit to a different planet.* While we sit in our chairs, there are many strange creatures living in the deep of the ocean. Let's hope Antarctica becomes a protected natural park for all of humanity as a natural asset to research and study.

GKJ : We're gonna destroy this too, eventually. Seems like we destroy everything we discover.

ElansForest : The cinematic quality of this video is amazing. The music, editing, photography... LOVE IT.

Blake Posey : Awesome. The world underneath that we have no idea even exists. We explore space but hardly even explore the oceans. How these creatures roam in pure darkness is amazing.

Nish Limbu : I have always wondered do crabs think fish are flying?

Ignyte : I hope we can fix the mess us humans have created in the ocean.

Jacob Saucier : Its sadly so beautiful because it has had no human contact

Chex Mix : I wonder what the temperature down there was??

Megara Valkyrie : Who the hell dislikes a video like this? And WHY?

HardRockMiner : 1000m... Holy Hell

Cowan Academy : thanks for sharing, it's always beautiful to see the depths of our planet, especially with the way you guys shot the video

MARQUEZ's CHANNEL : What's the title of the full documentary from where this five minute video came from?

Apoorv Choudhary : 3:49 Is that a plastic bottle ?

NoSox RubyRox : Wtf YouTube why is this not in everybody’s “recommended?” It proves the interconnectivity of all the worlds oceans and ecosystems.

Jaemsu YT : Spoilers Godzilla is Sleeping below there

A A : Imagine what the sub-surface ocean below Europa has in store for us.

Joop Joop : I the only one that get emotional when I see this kind of video? 😆

Elias Gallegos : This is beautiful!!! and i love submarines!

Raphael : are those dust looking things plankton?

Allan Pizza : thumbnail honestly looked like an unreal engine demo

Campureanu Claudiu : Why would someone dislike such a video. I can only imagine their characters....

Maria Bloom : 1:40 we see the ocean floor

Justice Warrior : Bla bla bla I wanna see sea monsters!!!!

Ian Wright : Who else thought the thumbnail was from gta 5?

Aaron Xtreme : The thumb nail STILL looks like Michael is sitting in the kraken next to someones yacht. Lol. Lol. Lol.

DeoudoubleG : Im always curious, whos sponsoring that kind of expeditions, this whole diving equipment must be expensive as hell.

pdxthriftking 503 : As cool as that stuff is down there. No way in hell I would get into that sub.

Definitely Not An Alt : Dude below the depths is literally an acid trip

Shat Onyoochest : Don’t let them drill oil there!! This amazing place must be preserved.

miniZergling : Some would say a place further than the universe..

Adrien Stella : Wow that's amazing! I can't believe you were able to get such beautiful footage in these conditions!

kj Style : WOW يالله

London belly dancer hire samba dancer wedding entertainment Sandrine : Fascinating landscape! So humbling!

Beck Stein : I’d be scared shitless going down to those depths.

BigDH28 : Awesome! I love that it's thriving with life and it's like a snapshot back in time! Beautiful! 👍👍👍👍

TreKnowsTV : They saw the divers coming and were running for dear life! Screaming... USO!!!

Aliona Alis : Amazing!!!! I would love to be doing this one day 🙏

A G : Imagine all the oil beneath that floor

Bluff Catcher : Seeing clips like this just reminds me of how little we know but how much we think we do. These animals have been living like this for millions of years unknown and some of us humans think the most important think on Earth is gender pronouns or what happened on Springer (apologies for the old reference, I cut the cable cord 15 years ago lol). Nature is so fucking incredible and it doesn't give a flying fuck about us. We aren't that important after all.

RaF D2 : Feels like in the opening of Jurassic world:fallen Kingdom

Matt Graham : Cx

RelentLess Enterprises : Antarctica is a really cool place