The Deepest Dive in Antarctica Reveals a Sea Floor Teeming With Life

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Cowan Academy : thanks for sharing, it's always beautiful to see the depths of our planet, especially with the way you guys shot the video : Like a *visit to a different planet.* While we sit in our chairs, there are many strange creatures living in the deep of the ocean. Let's hope Antarctica becomes a protected natural park for all of humanity as a natural asset to research and study.

Allan Pizza : thumbnail honestly looked like an unreal engine demo

Heidi Marchant : This was amazing, thank you for sharing!

Ace Videos : God’s amazing handiwork and craftsmanship! All for our enjoyment.

paxwallacejazz : Alicia wow she's a babe

DoJo Starfox : Ends of the Earth? Flat Earth confirmed.

Professional Commenter : I think thst only the scientists should be allowed to explore there and no one else.

Hallands Menved : 2:20 camouflaged octopus ?

Mark Harris : Beautiful

Matt Lucas : so epic. incredibly well made

M i t c h B : But Antarctica is just an ice wall, right?

SGCrawlers RC / MyHonchoSG : Beautiful. Thanks!

paxwallacejazz : Well as soon as the Arctic ice is gone then a cascade effect will be unleashed and the susequent results will be terrifying. Most problematic will be methane released in large quantities . I really hope I am wrong but check out International Arctic Research Centre and their lead Scientist Natalia Sharakova they are quite nervous about their findings.

Raphael : are those dust looking things plankton?

Bluff Catcher : Seeing clips like this just reminds me of how little we know but how much we think we do. These animals have been living like this for millions of years unknown and some of us humans think the most important think on Earth is gender pronouns or what happened on Springer (apologies for the old reference, I cut the cable cord 15 years ago lol). Nature is so fucking incredible and it doesn't give a flying fuck about us. We aren't that important after all.

Bradley S. : Great footage, glory be to God the creator and our savior Jesus Christ! Amazing

Quiet Dignity and Grace : "The end of the Earth" oh thank God. Finally.

Aaron Xtreme : Thumbnail looked like GTA V

Roger Frisco : Too bad they don't give God the glory. 250 mill yrs. Thinking themselves wise they became FOOLS.

Party Louis : Undisturbed life on Earth? Looks like we missed a spot.

sleeper107 : why is this gem an unlisted video?

ROTO SCOPIC : That’s all there is to it. We need to send unmanned subs to the Icy Oceans of Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Elias Gallegos : This is beautiful!!! and i love submarines!

Consantin : I want to be a part of this so bad!

Chex Mix : I wonder what the temperature down there was??

heliaxx : Please release all hours of content from this dives.

ActionBoy : ﴿وَاللَّهُ خَلَقَ كُلَّ دابَّةٍ مِن ماءٍ فَمِنهُم مَن يَمشي عَلى بَطنِهِ وَمِنهُم مَن يَمشي عَلى رِجلَينِ وَمِنهُم مَن يَمشي عَلى أَربَعٍ يَخلُقُ اللَّهُ ما يَشاءُ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلى كُلِّ شَيءٍ قَديرٌ﴾ [النور: ٤٥]

Maria Bryant : 1:40 we see the ocean floor

Joop Joop : I the only one that get emotional when I see this kind of video? 😆

TMSKILZ : God is amazing.

Filip Lenz : What a fantastic video! its mind blowing to think about all these different species living their normal life while I live mine... Its a totally different world going on at the same time. Mother earth is one fantastic planet.

Matt Graham : Cx

416jr : “ The edge of earth “

wicked sixth : aaaww this touch mah heart this is so inspiring haha

Consantin : How cool is that? Awsome!

euphoria. : Wow, the new subnautica DLC looks lit.

Shat Onyoochest : Don’t let them drill oil there!! This amazing place must be preserved.

King Solomon : Unbelievable amazing.

Asphalt : Such a beautiful video

Mel Knight : And now when we have seen the vast resources it has let's destroy them by extracting each and everything it offers...

David Rogers : Cold fish.. How can I make a joke out of this? 🤔

Warribo : To boldly go...

Das Al : I thought it was gta for a sec when I saw the thumbnail

Blake Posey : Awesome. The world underneath that we have no idea even exists. We explore space but hardly even explore the oceans. How these creatures roam in pure darkness is amazing.

Bekim Peci : Impresive 👍

Splendor Solis : I wonder what that "Death Star" tastes like.

SALMR79 : سبحان الخالق

Bird Man : The bottom of the oceans in Europa must be similar . Build more spaceships 🚀: rather than engineer nuclear weapons

Ignyte : I hope we can fix the mess us humans have created in the ocean.