Leafs Bernier calls Nelson Mandela one of the most known athletes

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Matthew Russell : Mandela was definitely a star player, but nothing will ever top Dr. Martin Luthor King's 100 point game. Such an inspiration

Doug M : I wish I knew the kind of person Mandela was on the ice. Bernier seems super clued in.

Dexterr Morgan : Anyone remember the 1999.5 final where Mandela scored a hat trick against the Hartford Whalers? What a game, i was 5 years old then.

bestieverhad xo : i got second hand embarrassment watching this

Sting : I wonder how bad his teammates ribbed him when they saw this

Fox : He still managed to talk about it for 1m25 ! 

Julien Lefebvre : People should just calm the hell down with that ish. Not everybody is erudite enough to know that Mandela was one of the best wrestlers of all time.

Duroy steadman : I enjoyed watching nelson Mandela play ice hockey while I was growing up His play on the ice motivated me to become the 3 time NBA MVP lol

Hasa92 : Just more proof of the Mandela effect, It seems that in Bernier's universe Mandela was a pro athlete. 🤣

J gutes : Bernier has other talents. Such as he can smell the colour 9.

MM12MM3444 : Another great sportsman was Mahatma Gandhi, he played for the Toronto Blue Jays.

I.P. Knightly : I think he just confused Nelson Mandela with Jean Beliveau. And who the hell hasn't done that at least once?

That One Guy from the Old Spice Commercial Who's Always Moving From Scene to Scene : I thought he was being serious at first, because Nelson Mandela was once a boxer back in his day. But then he said on and off the ice, and I was like "oh."

Jimbo : embarrassing

Mmala Mokone : 'In my client's defense your honor, Nelson Mandela was indeed an athlete, a boxer to be precise.' *finds picture of Mandela wearing boxing gloves (on google), presents as evidence. Case dismissed. (Every lawyer ever)

Zee S : nelson mandela was a TRIPLE DOUBLE MACHINE!!!

Chimmy Chonga : Excruciating to watch. Truly. First 20 seconds hilarious. Next 20 uncomfortable. Last 20 you're yelling at the screen "make it stop, PLEASE make it stop"!!!!!!

Kevin Phelps : the fact that people are treating MAndela as a HERO means they know as much about him as THIS hockey player 

Hambo Moyo : Madiba's passing is underrated, if hat tricks were recorded back then he would be all-time leader easy.

2COKEMAN : Ya, but if he was any smarter he wouldn't be playing for the leafs!

Chadlaking : Who in the world is he actually talking about. It's obvious that he misheard the name...but I can't think of who is referring to.

spyne1000 : He's nervous (deer in the headlamps look), standing in front of a camera and a bunch of people, and English isn't his first language (I've heard him give some awful interviews before). He may not have the greatest idea of who Nelson Mandela was (and to be fair, he was involved with sports), but give him a bit of a break. And if nothing else, at least now he'll definitely remember who Mandela was.

ToastAndCereal9921 : LMFAOOOO

GTAGamer : He's one heck of a goalie I can tell you that. .923 save % last year and an equally impressive .921 save % this season. Next he will say Jesus was his favourite golfer growing up and posts a 60 save shutout. Love the guy!

Griffin de Melo : This is one of the most cringest things I've seen

Kevin Chen : i wouldn't judge bernier for living under a rock i mean there are people who lived in toronto their whole lives that never heard about rob ford but he could have asked who mandela was instead of pretending to know who he was

Dr. Complex : 0:18, it was at this moment, he knew he f**ked up.

Deine Mutter : Who is that

luis freitas : Mandela was awesome! It's to bad he never scored a goal.

Matthew Cassar : What the hell is on his head

Doug Barrier : Easily the worst haircut I have ever seen.

Martial Artist : Mandela played goalie for the Canadians. Isn't it a well known fact?

Enferno Knight : Much like Bernier, Mandela had no impact on my life at all. I do know who Mandela was and really, unless you are from South Africa, who cares.

carpetburn : Sometimes hockey players are so lucky they can play this sport

Seekryt Weapon : #Epicfail

99DaNtEmAN23 : I don't know who Mandela is either.. who really gives a shit, yall need to relax. He's a pro hockey player not a historian. 

tulllguy : why the hell would he know or care who Mandela is? I don't.

GottiBoyz14 : I hate when people fake intelligence. You look like a goomba in the end.

hameed : IQ of the average NHL  fan right there

Susan McLaughlin : It is profoundly disrespectful to go to a charitable event and not even know anything about what the event is about.His handlers should school him before he goes out in public again. Youth and inexperience is not an excuse for rambling on.  It is better to be quiet and thought the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Gamer Hex : Just say you don’t know jeez, he was that influential or important.

Jack Dawson : We've all said stupid things. Most have said REALLY stupid things... but not many have done this.

The Muffin Production : I know who he is but I'm so dumb I'd probably say the same thing

Jon Wilkinson : I cant even begin to imagine how stupid he must of felt after he realized...

Hahah Aldai : This will forever be a classic comedy clip! Laugh your a$$ off, thinking about Nelson Mandela on the ice! I met him once, he was great but damn did I think about him on the ice.

Sam Walters : Oh my goodness, that was SO hard to watch. I was squirming for him. It's ok to say "I don't know"...but if you don't know who he is, you really shouldn't be at an event celebrating his life and marking the anniversary of his death.  Also...who doesn't know who Nelson Mandela was?! Saying "English isn't his first language" isn't an excuse. Mr. Mandela's name is the same in English as any other language...

Crazy Canuck : The Bullshit meter nearly reaches breaking point!! As a Leafs fan I just shook my head lmao. I love that he was asked by a second reporter what he thought of Mandela just so they could get their piece of GOLDEN footage as well!!

Dustin Johnson : You know, for the longest time in school i wondered why we learn history. Guess its so we don't say something really stupid like this.

Styled Feeds : I hope he thinks about this every now and then, I know I do!

nickwick35 : You would think before he went to this that he would do 5 minutes of research lol