Mess Around - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

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Comments from Youtube

Kyle Matthews : Family guy brought me here

Mr Wolfe : Ladies and gentlemen - John Candy

Mortimer Mcbride : Something, something, something dark side?

Claudio Hernandez : this never gets old for me

the guy on the couch x : God I miss John candy, what a charming man.

Commando Commander : Planes Trains and Automobiles brought me here.

TPGC Static : Greatest movie scene ever!!! 😂😂😂😂 rip john candy

Pat Treu : if it wasn't for the seen at the car rental counter with Steve Martin this movie could've been rated PG-13

Dire Wolf Devil : I love this movie.

Sean Ashmead : First R rated movie I ever saw.

Hayden Fowle : When the song came on Spotify i recreated this scene on the drive back from Vermont minus the swerving

Diego Hernandez : text brought me here. they totally redid this scene in ted2

Kathryn Hendricks : Rip jc😂😂 you were outstanding

paddy : Der Film ist super,sehr Witzig!

dboc2000 : What a genius. miss this guy!

Befindox7 : Thankyou one without pitch shift

autocrow : That sounded like Dan Aykroyd as the radio DJ.

Meh Max : What movie is this

Terri Rimmer : Miss him so much!

Master Drew T : what movie was this made by 20th centruy fox?

TheAtom : I'm 99 percent sure this is how some people drive in GTA.

vito scaletta08 : What the song please (I'm french)

Joseph Willis : Classic Movie!!! RIP John Candy

Kevin Bobbitt : its amazing how two amazing guys are dead in one scene