Why Do So Many Programmers Use Mac?

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Comments from Youtube

Tim Visée : Put Linux on that XPS. Give that a try instead. Thank me later.

jan harald : #teamDebian


wil7vin : I use Linux and vim.. my sanity has been lost long ago no way back now. To be serious tho have fun using your mac no worries mate have fun. I find the debate around what a developer uses to develop kind of bullshit anyway but the problem I see more and more is that schools drop support for anything that isn't Windows or Mac or company's enforce a strict 'company os' policy on their developers. As long as I can pick Linux I'm happy.

Sam van der Kris : I use Arch btw

Marc Ritz : "build quality is second to none" - spoken like someone who does not keep up to date with recent developments.

Stoney_Eagle : It's so weird to see a faceless YouTubers' face 🤣 love your videos keep them coming 😉

spacehuhn : I smell lots of triggered people in the comments

Ed Jonson : This dude thinks Linux has no GUI

jan harald : ez mac is unix-like so is linux therefore, they are often more-or-less compatible...

MemesTV : Why Programmers use mac over linux?

Titanium Town : Just make a hackintosh!!!

joe moorhouse : if you're going to imply dual booting is a hassle, or linux is difficult, you may want to find a different major

Joe Duke : Another advantage of a Mac... every unit manufactured has one microgram of the burned remains of Steve Jobs sprinkled on the logic board so... that's got to help.

Yash Singh : The rest of the video became quite obvious after 30 seconds in. To the commentators here accusing him of preferring the mac over Linux/Display, "guys, there's this fine line dividing the AppleTards from the rest of the computer users, once the brainwash thingy happens, there's not much you can do".

Adam Burke : I triple-boot Windows Mac Os X and Ubuntu

Vilém Zdeněk : ThinkPad with Linux = all you would ever want

JK FRT : I much prefer Linux to any of these. But it's true that Apple machines look very sexy. I would still keep the the XPS with Linux on it.

Shah Auckburaully : You don't have a physical Escape key on the macbook. Case closed.

איתי לוין : Biggest problem of the Mac is the keyboard. I'm coming from a mechanical keyboard so using this "Butterfly Keyboard" is nearly impossible for me, plus no Delete, Home and End keys which are a necessity. The trackpad is great tho.

Fransisco Wijaya : Because mac got adobe, while linux no. I love unixlike based system. If only linux got more compatibility.

aa311 : True programmers use Linux... wannabe programmers use windows, Hipster/noob programmers use macOS.

Jugend Hacker : Linux != UNIX... also the name says it: Linux is not UNIX

Charleston Bennedict : 1.6k Linux users disliked this video.

Michael Kricheldorf : You're putting more personality into your videos Jhonti! I love it!

Mr. Alex : but *NOW* the new programming machine is the gpd pocket 1. The trackpad is soo good that is invisibile 2. The screen is 16:10 3. Runs linux and is hackintosh compatibile 4. Usb-c 5. Is tiny 6. i have one 7. What am i doing with my life 8. Send help

Igor Sandu : You only need Mac is you are developing for Mac (or iOS). Other points are just very subjective. Using Mac because it has Bash? Why not Linux? That's strange...

Samuel Dominguez : At Amazon we use MacOS and Ubuntu and Windows. Most prefer macs though.

Richard Bourque : Coincidentally I also own an XPS 15 and Macbook Pro. I use the XPS for daily programming and server management because it's simply a better machine. My overpriced, underpowered late 2013 Macbook Pro runs way too hot when I push it hard and now it's just an overpriced machine to run Serato. I run an M.2 and 1 gig ssd in the XPS. I removed the cdrom in the Mac and added a 1 gig ssd but had to switch it to an ordinary older hard disk because the mac wouldn't run at 6gbs on the cdrom sata connection. Why apple, why?!

abhinav chavali : Is it possible to hackintosh a dell XP’s 15 with Mojave. Is it a good choice

Electro Potato : I liked macs before 2010. The last really good apple computer was the 2012 macbook pro.

banano banana : Linuxlinuxlinuxlinuxlinux

0xDEADBEEF : Using a 10 year-old Lenovo Thinkpad X200 running Arch, doesn't use a shitty track-pad, tough as a brick, ergonomic keyboard, decent at compiling whatever I want and making edits to 3D models in blender, and has lasted 10-years of use without anything breaking. It does have it's limitations mainly because of it's ten year old Intel Core2 Duo L9400 and GM45 Chipset mainly in more demanding applications. If I were to get a new laptop it definitely wouldn't be a Mac due to Apple's horrible anti-consumer practices, artificially inflated prices, horrible build quality (these things break after a year or two), non-user repair ability (look-up Louis Rossmann, he repairs these things for a living and he hates them for a lot of very good reasons.) , closed ecosystem (macOS, iOS, etc.), etc.

jan harald : #teamThinkDot much better than trackpad such cool, much think

Jason ME : As a network Engineer , I agree with some ideas here. but dude. the Dells build quality is far ahead of the Mac. The Mac is on board cpu and memory. SSD is built in. The Dell fully upgrade able and less prone to hardware fault. I have a precision 5520 , Nice system. NOW your comp-is student , install Solaris on that Dell, Now that a OS. Take Care

Ninja GameZ : If you're gonna throw that Mac or hp laptop Please... Give it to me

Neil Balch : WSL on Windows? IMHO it's a pretty great and integral part of my programming workflows.

Cafinux 1 : Mac , Pc , get an operating system Gnu.

nerdwithjordans : The only two laptops programmers should only have is a MacBook Pro or a Lenovo ThinkPad x1 Extreme.

Darival92 : Dude, just installl some linux distro ¬¬ save yourself some money.

Anthonius Munthi : You know nothing about programming world bro! There are so many cool tools available outside Mac world! I my self using custom pc+Ubuntu+i3

Aaron DC mediA : Curiously we had one manager who seemed adamant that if you give your developers a Mac they'd develop some amazing level of loyalty. If anything it would have pushed me out - being free to make a choice is more valuable to me than one system or another. Choice is the crux, IMO. b4i, Delphi and FPC all allow iOS development on Windows machines via cross compilation. Not as good as native, but they are options. I did my Raspberry Pi development on a Windows machine via cross compilation too - mainly because Pis are slow at compiling and linking. All my photo / video editing is done in Windows, as are the FPGA tool chains I use. Sponsoring your own video is definitely a winner. In that regard you are a dead set inspiration. Viva la choice!

Handsome_Hero : Lenovo ThinkPad - better build quality than Mac, BTW.

Technews : Developing on a Mac with Swift or Xcode has lower costs. It’s only 100 dollars per year for the fee. On a machine running Microsoft that cost is much higher. It’s a yearly fee of at least 500 dollars (from the top of my head) up to a few thousand dollars or business oriented development.

Jakub Godula : How to get full functionality of swift on Linux: Install Objective-C compiler Enjoy

Zalphor : #Debian

V A P O R W A V Y : Yeah. Cool. You stay in your corner and I'll stay in mine. Have a good day.❤

Jonny Oliveira : Unix enviroment with more software compatibility than a Linux Distro.

Simon Als Nielsen : Triggered! Native Linux on all my machines! I write my reports in Atom though, not vim.