Why Do So Many Programmers Use Mac?

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ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt : When you said sponsor....I had a mini heart attack I swore you were going to say tunnel bear.

Seytonic : Don't really understand all the cultish comments here making the claim that developers simply don't use mac. Stackoverflow's 2018 developer survey found 17.9% of respondents use macos (that number is higher among professional developers) whereas apple's overall share of the pc market is just 7.4% (2016). So yea developers are more than twice as likely to use a mac as compared to regular users going by these figures. Why do you have to get so religious over the OS you use? It's an OS... Come on guys... Grow up.

Ed Jonson : This dude thinks Linux has no GUI

jan harald : #teamDebian

jan harald : ez mac is unix-like so is linux therefore, they are often more-or-less compatible...

Anton Petrov : what was the point of this video? Mac VS PC debate is down to preference. I've used both extensively and I can tell you with certainty that never have I experienced so many annoyances in teaching Python as I have when I taught in an all Mac school. Every week there would be at least 1 student who'd come to me with some ridiculous problem like Mac suddenly deciding to not allow Python or Anaconda anymore. I've used Surface Pro for 2 years now and would never go back. Oh and if I need *nix architercture, I can just dual boot linux which I did

Shah Auckburaully : You don't have a physical Escape key on the macbook. Case closed.

Tim Visée : Put Linux on that XPS. Give that a try instead. Thank me later.

spacehuhn : I smell lots of triggered people in the comments

joe moorhouse : if you're going to imply dual booting is a hassle, or linux is difficult, you may want to find a different major

domiii1911 : Why do they use Macs? *They don't.*

Vladimir Putin : Because there head is so full of java, python, ect that they don't know as much about hardware.

wil7vin : I use Linux and vim.. my sanity has been lost long ago no way back now. To be serious tho have fun using your mac no worries mate have fun. I find the debate around what a developer uses to develop kind of bullshit anyway but the problem I see more and more is that schools drop support for anything that isn't Windows or Mac or company's enforce a strict 'company os' policy on their developers. As long as I can pick Linux I'm happy.

Joe Duke : Another advantage of a Mac... every unit manufactured has one microgram of the burned remains of Steve Jobs sprinkled on the logic board so... that's got to help.

STUNTS : I think you are mistaking hipsters for programmers...

Lord Grande : A true programmer use linux.

Andrei Predescu : Linux ≠ Unix. Linux = an Unix-like OS, but when Linus wrote it he made it very clear that none of the Unix code was used, hence they're not the same, but rather very similar.


JackkTutorials : nobody uses vim.. and if they do they should be in a mental asylum

0xDEADBEEF : Using a 10 year-old Lenovo Thinkpad X200 running Arch, doesn't use a shitty track-pad, tough as a brick, ergonomic keyboard, decent at compiling whatever I want and making edits to 3D models in blender, and has lasted 10-years of use without anything breaking. It does have it's limitations mainly because of it's ten year old Intel Core2 Duo L9400 and GM45 Chipset mainly in more demanding applications. If I were to get a new laptop it definitely wouldn't be a Mac due to Apple's horrible anti-consumer practices, artificially inflated prices, horrible build quality (these things break after a year or two), non-user repair ability (look-up Louis Rossmann, he repairs these things for a living and he hates them for a lot of very good reasons.) , closed ecosystem (macOS, iOS, etc.), etc.

Martin Jones : I get why people buy and use macs... but build quality is not good... It may look like the quality is good but you only have to spend a short time fixing macbooks to know the build quality is terrible. The quality of the logic boards are terrible. The pcb layers are too thin. This is just about making the machine a little lighter and thinner.. but it makes it brittle. A lot of engineering design that protects a laptop from accidental damage is ignored by apple because they know that once the machine is over 3 years old its not economically viable to spend the money for a apple authorised repair... you just buy a new one. Then there is the whole second hand market... a significant number of 2nd hand machines are water damaged, sent to a 3rd party repair service so it comes back data intact then sold. Apple build machines with built in obsolescence, and thats accross the entire device range. Then there is the nasty tricks that apple pull to prevent 3rd party repairs... There is a chip which is the most common fail point in mac books. Its the smc... to put it simple it controls power distribution. Its a very common programable chip you can buy off the shelf, but in the way apple program it, if you try to read the data off it, to transfer it to a new chip it will destroy itself. So the only option for replacement parts is from boards that you can buy from china that come from the factories that make the boards that dont pass quality control. This makes a chip that you can buy anywhere for a couple of quid to a chip that will cost 50 quid. That means a third party repair shop will have to charge 300 quid for a repair that should realistically cost 50 quid but apple will charge 750 quid and your computer will come back without your data. If the chip had anything to do with security then i can see the point. But its just a bug fuck you to the customers and third party repairs.. And a final point. The people who do third party repairs mostly hate apple for how they screw the customers. But it gives them a very good income stream for repairing laptops that an official repair is too expensive against the value of the computer. You are not going to pay 750 quid to fix a laptop worth 700 quid.. its a symbiotic relationship.. if apple did not screw customers they would not have a business... but apple are slowly making change to stop 3rd party repairs. It started with the iphone 5. . Replace the home button for 50 quid at a 3rd party repair shop and the finger print unlock no longer works... you have to get apple to do the same job but for 150 quid.. but most thought that it was not worth the extra for the fingerprint unlock... then comes the iphone 6.. if you replace the home button.. then again no fingerprint unlock... but when it comes to a firmware upgrade your device... without warning is bricked for no reason other than to prevent cost effective 3rd party repairs.. this sort of thing is slowly creeping into all apple products... Considder me triggered....

jan harald : #teamThinkDot much better than trackpad such cool, much think

Sam van der Kris : I use Arch btw

mike : Brainwashed kid ! Here are some real reasons : 1- buying price for a mac is 1000 $ more for the same (or lower ) spec laptop . 2- small laptops are NOT for video editing ( many mac users think they are ) 3- no ports 4- if it breaks you're basically done with it ! - Louise Rossmann youtube channel 5- lower performance than older version of macbook pro (there is a youtube video from a mac user ) 6- 2k , 3k ,4k screens are useless ! I had a 3k laptop - and you can't see shit . Very few programs have icon scaling , and youtube & internet streaming is a LOT slower ( 100 mb int. connection ) . 7- NO gaming . Solution : Buy a gtx 1080 laptop ! for the same price , or a 8 core one . Once you experience the POWER you can't go back . 3.2 Gb/s PCIE ssd speed , 100+ fps games , 4.2 GHz Cpu , 120 Hz monitor , Gb internet connection , great keeboard travel , great resell value too . This kind of laptops can handle any type of program or game . Mac's are more for those who really like it !

Zwei Blali : Personally, I don't like Os X, it doesn't feel like I'm in control over my operating system, stuff which just works on Linux and Windows is a real pain in the ass on the mac, and the desktop is really annoying, why can a not have something fullscreen and have another window over it natively ? Furthermore, my favorite IDE is Visual Studio

Gaming in VN : ppl who dont know how to install linux should not be programming

ninlop : would you not just put linux on a cheap laptop? i dont understand spending this much on a fashion statement that does nothing?

Adam Burke : I triple-boot Windows Mac Os X and Ubuntu

Barry Martin : Mac isn't worth the ridiculous cost. I got a $1000 windows laptop with i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 2TB HDD. My wife got a $1200 Mac with i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB HDD. I'll take the windows laptop.

Xeno Bardock : Real programmers use Linux.

Mr. Alex : but *NOW* the new programming machine is the gpd pocket 1. The trackpad is soo good that is invisibile 2. The screen is 16:10 3. Runs linux and is hackintosh compatibile 4. Usb-c 5. Is tiny 6. i have one 7. What am i doing with my life 8. Send help

Alexander Hjalmarsson : Really love your content dude, but to be honest I'm not really fan of the edgy zooming.. To each their own but your content is really informative and imo it kind of derails the video a little bit. Please take this as constructive criticism and do with it as you will. Love your content ❤️

Plane crashers : Ok, so quick break down of the arguments you made. 1: Mac is unix like. My response: Why not linux? 2: Macs have a higher build quality My response: Do they really or do they have such a reputation of having a high build quality that you think they have one? and You use touchpad to code? Why not a mouse? Or a touch screen? 3: On a mac you can develop for any platform My response: And you can't do that on a PC? I mean. There are ways to work around developping for iOS. So yes, if you want to use a windows or Linux PC you need to be ready to fool around and try new things. But isn't worth it for more RAM, more space on the SSD, perhaps bigger battery (I am sorry, macbook doesn't even have a 50wh battery, a lot of laptops have MUCH bigger batteries, just look at the LG gram) and even maybe a touch and a 360 hinge? On top of that, I am sorry but can you really call yourself a computer scientist if you are not willing to spend some time playing around with computers?

Stoney_Eagle : It's so weird to see a faceless YouTubers' face 🤣 love your videos keep them coming 😉

Jason ME : As a network Engineer , I agree with some ideas here. but dude. the Dells build quality is far ahead of the Mac. The Mac is on board cpu and memory. SSD is built in. The Dell fully upgrade able and less prone to hardware fault. I have a precision 5520 , Nice system. NOW your comp-is student , install Solaris on that Dell, Now that a OS. Take Care

Zalphor : #Debian

shmellyorc : this video must be a joke. ppl use mac to make games? really?

DS4H : mac is just sad. its like running down the main street shouting into a megaphone 'hey look at me, i paid a ton for this underpowered piece of half eaten apple. im one of the cool kids now, please look at me more!' windows (os) has become garbage with recent iterations. hardware is usually reasonable. formatting/installing linux helps.


Niall Wood : u need a hair cut mate

fishie kitten : sorry, but I just don't agree with the "advantages"

איתי לוין : Biggest problem of the Mac is the keyboard. I'm coming from a mechanical keyboard so using this "Butterfly Keyboard" is nearly impossible for me, plus no Delete, Home and End keys which are a necessity. The trackpad is great tho.

K1ngjulien_ : Why not run Linux with Wine so you can have the conveinience of the Linux Terminal with the software compatibility of Windows. That way you can get a "cheaper" windows laptop like the xps and use all of your desired software. Also: LibreOffice is great on all platforms so you don't have to use vim to write your reports. I haven't used this setup myself but i have heared great things about it.

Thomas McGregor : This was quite uncomfortable to watch

max mustermann : If Mac runs macOS with Unix and thats the reason why so many people buy a mac Why arent so many people using Linux

Aryeah Zenter : You're weird.

BDscenes : Mac Laptop for Adobe products & reliability(My macbook pro is now 8 years old, going strong!), photoshop/illustrator/acrobat. Linux(Choose your flavor!) desktop for everything else!

Zioshi : 1:14 found a new meme XD

banano banana : Linuxlinuxlinuxlinuxlinux

Michael Kricheldorf : You're putting more personality into your videos Jhonti! I love it!