All I Want for Christmas Is You - Official Music Video

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Queen Extravaganza Live : *Mariah Carey has left the chat*

Marc Martel Fans : Marc Martel does NOT cover songs. He IMPROVES them.

David DiMuzio : I think this is my favorite Christmas recording ever. We lost George Michael & Freddie Mercury. Stick around for a while Marc :)

yazidyusop : You sound like Freddie Mercury n George Michael... N you look like Superman... Very good rendition

Tim Guttesen : Crazy little thing called Christmas

Tommy Juice : Damn... im now looking forward to CHRISTMAS!!!

Cee Dee : Hey man, has anyone ever told you that you sound like Marc Martel?

Leandro Menzen : This time use condoms. The world can not lose you again. ♥️

JoyBox Trickster : People need to stop saying “You sound like Freddie Mercury”. He’s heard that a million times. *He shouldn’t be known as the dude that sounds like Freddie Mercury* , but an amazing individual singer.

Johnny Plaza : George Michael + Freddie Mercury + Henry Cavill = Marc

Morgan Harris : ITs JuSt lIkE FrEDDie SiNgiNG A ChRiStmAs SoNg

Soy la Noche : You sound like Marc Martel, greetings from Perú.

Donutman 410 : I'm so glad that you're finally getting the amount of attention you deserve

Alan Richards : You are like a combination of George Michael and Freddie Mercury amazing!

Révisons nos Classiques : Officially my new official All I Want for Christmas song. <3

mexicanosdelmundo : OMG! This is so Queen - like, even the choirs! Nevertheless, this guy has got his own style. And yet, he is scarily similar to Freddie.

Acuatic Galaxy : Please stop comparing him to other people so much. Yes, he does sound like Freddie. But he sounds more like Marc Martel. He’s a great musician and singer and i congratulate him for this. I love your voice Marc. And that’s because it’s unique.

Kieran Post : ‘Mariah Carey cover by Freddie Mercury’

Huelo el Miedo : Gracias por existir, Marc. 🙇‍♂️ You are amazing and magical 🤩

The All American Cowboy : He sounds like Freddy Mercury singing this song.

Thibault Vandewalle : Marc Mercury 😁

Raku O'connor : He is Marc Martel and not the guy that sings like Freddie. We need to be thankful with him. He's giving us amazing songs with his amazing voice. The world needs to know Marc.

Teddy Sardua : I hear Freddie 😢🙏🏻❤️

Aida Roldan : Finally someone sings this song perfectly! Amazing voice! Merry Christmas!!

Vertigo 25 : Great voice, brother! Greetings from México!! :D

Tom : I can see this hitting top of the charts next month!

R I Q U E : This is like Queen covering another queen's song.

Doov : You give me the 70’s and 80’s singer vibes! I swear you’re real talent, from the way you move, to the way you sing, and to the way you dress! Amazing! Spectacular! Words cant describe how awesome you are!

NE GAN : Christmas Rhapsody

Асыл Умирова : Freddie is singing ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU.

Alex Davis : If you slow down the video in a few scenes he looks just like Freddie it’s amazing!! 😱😱😱

Alex Davis : I love how Marc made a Christmas music his own it was beautiful how he recreated old Christmas songs with new beats and vocals I’ve heard it over 1,000 times on Spotify and I still get goosebumps from his genius

Fabio Marcel : Que bela voz amigo 😊. Sucesso sempre. Um forte abraço aqui do Brazil.👍🏻🇧🇷

Mustafa Abdelrahman : I love how he dance with his mic stand as if it's a guitar, just like what Freddie used to do!

Rubi Salas : me encanto la canción lo máximo soy fanatica de Marc Martel

Zespol muzyczny Romi : You The Best!

Ean Albe : Amazing talent by Superman dude.

Pim Prijs : When freddie mercury sings this song

Lucky Lamps : This guy is better than most of the “auto-tuners” today with his real voice

비투비 보면우는 덕후 : Hello I'm korean😄 I impressed your songs everytimes😲 Be happy in christmas everyone~♡ (I can't write English well..😅)

Barney Bear : How has this not surpassed 1mil+ likes, sing more Christmas songs buddy great job

VALENTINEproductions : I don't hear Freddie Mercury, I see Marc Martel kicking this songs ass.

knig h : Marc you are spot on with the tone, range and voice control... Be it a queen rock song or a Christmas blues.. Really impressive!! Merry Christmas to you all in advance 🎄❤

jhude bacani : What?? Freddie is now covering christmas songs. Hahaha

Kinia : That moves ☺ Cute

Judy Stahlman : Marc, You have a god given talent.. your voice is so good you could sing my grocery list and I would swoon. You have aa new fan. I wanted to order your new Christmas cd but I don’t have. there any other way too buy it? I love you keep singing to me and wink onc e in a while. You would give a 68 yr old a treat.

&desolate : This made me so happy and ready for Christmas to come! 😍😍🎄

Kate Cat : Так похож на Фредди Меркьюри

Xena : Love how you made this cover entirely yours!.. style and everything 🙌🏼👏🏼

Massa : Jesus is the reason for this season.