All I Want for Christmas Is You - Official Music Video

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Queen Extravaganza Live : *Mariah Carey has left the chat*

David DiMuzio : I think this is my favorite Christmas recording ever. We lost George Michael & Freddie Mercury. Stick around for a while Marc :)

Todd and Raqui Forrest : Marc Martel does NOT cover songs. He IMPROVES them.

Cee Dee : Hey man, has anyone ever told you that you sound like Marc Martel?

JoyBox Trickster : People need to stop saying “You sound like Freddie Mercury”. He’s heard that a million times. *He shouldn’t be known as the dude that sounds like Freddie Mercury* , but an amazing individual singer.

Soy la Noche : You sound like Marc Martel, greetings from Perú.

mexicanosdelmundo : OMG! This is so Queen - like, even the choirs! Nevertheless, this guy has got his own style. And yet, he is scarily similar to Freddie.

Révisons nos Classiques : Officially my new official All I Want for Christmas song. <3

Acuatic Galaxy : Please stop comparing him to other people so much. Yes, he does sound like Freddie. But he sounds more like Marc Martel. He’s a great musician and singer and i congratulate him for this. I love your voice Marc. And that’s because it’s unique.

Тётя Катя : Крутой голос и супер пацан и вообще я в шоке:)

DEAN JOSEPH TOY VLOGS : Freddie Mercury voice with a Elvis move style!!! Let’s go this was awesome 👏

Raku O'connor : He is Marc Martel and not the guy that sings like Freddie. We need to be thankful with him. He's giving us amazing songs with his amazing voice. The world needs to know Marc.

R I Q U E : This is like Queen covering another queen's song.

yazidyusop : You sound like Freddie Mercury n George Michael... N you look like Superman... Very good rendition

Chancy Monvals : You give me the 70’s and 80’s singer vibes! I swear you’re real talent, from the way you move, to the way you sing, and to the way you dress! Amazing! Spectacular! Words cant describe how awesome you are!

PaulAbroad : If he was born before Freddy, do you think we could have said Freddy sounds like Marc ?

Just Lara : How can anybodys voice be this good? This is like the best thing I've ever heard in my entire life. I hope one time your one songs will be played on the radio. You're just amazing <3

RedfieldMcGee 14 : Dude it’s January and I enjoy listening to it now

Tim Guttesen : Crazy little thing called Christmas

Lucky Lamps : This guy is better than most of the “auto-tuners” today with his real voice

Martin Vargas : Merry Christmas Marc! They are the wishes of your fans in Mexico! You are already a great inspiration for many young people, my brothers are rockers and since I showed you your videos on you tube your fans have already made! we are your fans! keep writing songs and we wait for you in Mexico with open arms!

Katie O'Connor : Why does he actually look like Freddie how is this a thing

Harvey Floyd : If I close my eyes and listen to this I swore I heard freddy Mercury singing this song

Tommy Juice : Damn... im now looking forward to CHRISTMAS!!!

FlamesAtGames : You are so amazingly talented.

knig h : Marc you are spot on with the tone, range and voice control... Be it a queen rock song or a Christmas blues.. Really impressive!! Merry Christmas to you all in advance 🎄❤

Cia Jess : Okay, he sounds like Freddie.. But, here's MARC MARTEL everyone. 😁😁

oczywista oczywistość : Wow, Freddie Mercury sings Christmas songs?

Barney Bear : How has this not surpassed 1mil+ likes, sing more Christmas songs buddy great job

auliya fadhil : Make it viral.. please share this masterpiece.. *sorry for my bad english

혜봄 : Hello I'm korean😄 I impressed your songs everytimes😲 Be happy in christmas everyone~♡ (I can't write English well..😅)

Brenda O.ORDERIQUE : Omg !!! Hahaha is similar if i hear a "Freddy Mercury " singing a song of Christmas 🎄 hahaha ~~~ I LOVE YOUR VOICE !!! YOU ARE THE BEST !!~~~~~ ❤️

PHIFI1 - French singer : Marc, congrats on your video, I love it!!! 👍👍👍. I wish you every success 😊. I’ve included your clip on the playlist «Nouvelle Chanson De Noël 2018 International 🎄 (New Christmas Songs 2018 In The World) 🎅», on my channel «PHIFI1 - French Singer». Talk to you soon. :-)

Luz Torres Romero : LOVE YOU💜👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💜 Marc Martel 😘👄👄😍!!!

Alex Davis : I love how Marc made a Christmas music his own it was beautiful how he recreated old Christmas songs with new beats and vocals I’ve heard it over 1,000 times on Spotify and I still get goosebumps from his genius

KYKINASS HD : You sound awesome. I’ve only just discovered you on YouTube from watching your bohemian rhapsody video. Quality work with that. And I bet I know how many times that took to get near perfection. Very well done indeed. One question if I may. Would you recommend to somebody wanting a career in music to maybe start by uploading a video to YouTube.?

Johnny Plaza : George Michael + Freddie Mercury + Henry Cavill = Marc

Jordan Cowling : Freddie? Is that you?

AnimeMLG277 : *Sorry, but you are the son of Freddie Mercury? :v*

Kate Cat : Так похож на Фредди Меркьюри

ketzaly ASMR : You have an excelent voice!

Morgan Harris : ITs JuSt lIkE FrEDDie SiNgiNG A ChRiStmAs SoNg

dogsratsfishcats : I already loved this song, didn't know I could like it more but here you are making it even better! You're really incredible! Merry Christmas ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❣️

Annalena : Sounds like Freddy singing „All I want for Christmas“ in 2018 😳 You have such a great voice 😁

Angelo Gaming : Freddie Mercury singing a Christmas Song

Elpis Susanto : All i heard was freddie mercury hype-ing me up with them christmas spirit.

Donutman 410 : I'm so glad that you're finally getting the amount of attention you deserve

Асыл Умирова : Freddie is singing ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU.

Sinigang na Ube : Seriously. Marc are you related to Freddie?

Woof Rock : Marc, you are a great Singer! love you voice!