weird drum setups that actually work

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placeboing : love the Going in Circles setup

Constant Throwing : youre damn right im subscribing. Always wondered how Chrome Sparks does his drums 1:56

GrimDeath 8 : But can it DJENT

ZX Spectrum : "Standing Tall" aka the "Highschool band teacher doesn't let the percussion section sit down"


Toaster Strooder : Wow, you're really good at playing programmed drums!

ツ尺ムキム乇レ : What's the song from the "Sleeping On The Job" at 1:25?

Nostrathomas85 : wheres the 'can't afford a bigger garage' set?

Marcus Turner Music : I watched this video for the "sleeping on the job" setup, but the "going in circles" took me out!!! Thanks for that!!!

Karl Golden : Haha this is great man! Jared got his flow back! \m/ Sleeping on the job is hilarious!!

481216Dragon : 1:54 Rasputin?

Nathanael Fredericko : 1:01 RIP stick

jeffinillinois : Line drumming sounds like Blue Man Group.

Kodiak ZXA : 1:55 basically chris fehn and shawn crahan

Music is Win : I think I speak for us all when I request all these riffs become full songs plz, thx

AkaJonnyBoy time : 1:17 needs to be a GTA 6 theme intro 4R

Daine Bechtel : Someone send this to bill burr

GameBoy1245 : This is the best video you've ever done so far

MyLittleHecarim : Going in circles had me dead lol

MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte : *_Try playing Dream Theater "the Dance of Eternity" with the 'Going in Circles'_*

Soaham The Drummer : Programmed drums is the best

Diego Aracena : Ringo Starr usually uses a mixture of the first and second style of this video.

Duc Pham : At first I thought the Programmed Drum was a joke. Until I saw it on the news .-.

คน ไง : 0:20 what song?

Leftis Music Channel : Awesome! Sleeping on the job should follow going in circles IMO!

A : What am I doing here it's 12:00am and I have a school project due this morning and I don't even play the drums Wish me luck...

Till Fischer : Lost it at behind the back. Nice job!

Slow Sloth : Nobody can beat me at programmed drums. In fact, i'm practically number one! *_cough_*

Nathanael Fredericko : This is genius

Bob Smith : The going in circles setup is genius! 10/10

toby gamer : Muito engraçado mais toca muito

TopSonicFan Pkstarstudios : I’m a guitarist why am I here

GilCasas : How much time did it take to set all this up😂😂

MurphyJL17 : Jonny Hawkins from Nothing More does Line drumming live

emmanuel rivera escareño : Great video man, greetings from Mexico

God Child : "Programming drums"😅😂👏👍💯🗿

Ahmad Syarif : Nice! 👍👍

Quiroz 123 : Ridículo

ippo tsk : Jared could literally do a shoegaze album with that setup at 1:18

Gerardo Pinedo Jr. : 2:10 Whats the name of the song?

Mark Simpson : Flying high, don’t you mean the Dave growl (all he needs is a floor Tom as his rack Tom)

Aline Neri : Amei 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Isaiah Harrison : 0:00 - 0:20 basically Hillsong Y&F drummer setup from the Hillsong 2015 conference.

Brian Loher : Say man ,it looks like you're living a good life man. talented musician, seems like you're having a lot of fun .so I just wanted to give a shout out to you and all your success .enjoy, and congratulations . keep it up.

Aliabu Abu : Semua skill aku suka wlupn ada yg lucu😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂😆😂

Oke. : The inward struggle is basically Jack White’s old drummer

Beat_Killer \/ : "How low can you go" song's name pleaseeeee

Lucas Lucena : Add 120+ pieces to the "Going in Circles" and you got yourself a legit "Neil Peart"

JuanBa1903 : 59

Michael Glick : 1:01 every Dad rock band drummer. 😂😂