weird drum setups that actually work

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Music is Win : I think I speak for us all when I request all these riffs become full songs plz, thx

Henry McNaughton : 1:02 Sticc 🅱️roke

GrimDeath 8 : But can it DJENT

Infinite the Illusionist HT : I’m a guitarist why am I here

Sweet Jones III : 1. Dave Grohl 2. Chris Turner 3. Michael Jackson's drummer 4. Mike Portnoy 5. Igor Cavelera 6. Nick Menza when he collapsed on stage 7. Jared Dines 8. Shawn Clown Crahan 9. Niel Peart

Koos Naamloos : Going in circles is pretty awesome Standing tall just looks gay

Alex Rios : Sleeping on the job looks extremely uncomfortable.

jacobsammartin : 1:56 Slipknot?

Slow Sloth : Nobody can beat me at programmed drums. In fact, i'm practically number one! *_cough_*

AkaJonnyBoy time : 1:17 needs to be a GTA 6 theme intro 4R

Karl Golden : Haha this is great man! Jared got his flow back! \m/ Sleeping on the job is hilarious!!

Ahmad Rifa'i : 2:24 that's was epic!

Infinity : Am I the only one who saw that stick break in 1:00?

lukbie44 : 2:27 That Moment when you get the hardest part after 173 Takes

Kpizza 06 : 1:55 clown from slipknot

placeboing : love the Going in Circles setup

ツ尺ムキム乇レ : What's the song from the "Sleeping On The Job" at 1:25?

KTG 10 : 0:28 hi hat falls!

djjazzyjeff123 : The first one would be a sound guy's dream.

Marie Gaterama : 0:32, Jared's cymbal broke😐

Mr Turay : Behind the back and flying high is Michael jackson' s drummer EDIT: I forgot to add how low you can go

MetalMissile : Flying high= Mike mangini in the latest dream theater vid

Brodawg : Cop fines Jared Dines For sharing dimes With some guys A poem

Kiss The Abyss Music : Line drumming is basically clown and Fehn in slipknot lol

MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte : *_Try playing Dream Theater "the Dance of Eternity" with the 'Going in Circles'_*

Alec Bailey : 2:38 was my favorite!

Mr. Hombre : Stilled missed mine

Taamz Heart : less tiring?

Gerardo Pinedo Jr. : 2:10 Whats the name of the song?

Bob Smith : The going in circles setup is genius! 10/10

Talo Dhyakso : setting up the drums and mic-ing: 10 minutes (per set up) recording: 4 minutes (per set up) mixing the record: 1.5 hours editing video: 1 hour duration of the video: 2.5 minutes #itsnoteasytobecontentcreator

Alfönso Rockjas : Line Drumming sounds like Sepultura

Random Stuff Guy : 1. Flying High 2. How Low Can You Go 3. Behind The Back 4. Standing Tall 5. The Inward Struggle 6. Sleeping On The Job 7. Programmed Drums 8. Line Drumming 9. Going In Circles

Diego Satori : The line drum is pretty good indeed

Cyril : Jared: *clickbait? Never heard of her.*

Taamz Heart : so cool

Jerry Tikus Yang Baik : Those Electric guitars :(

Razzberry Jazzberry : I love the circle one 😂😂❤️❤️

Lucas Lucena : Add 120+ pieces to the "Going in Circles" and you got yourself a legit "Neil Peart"

Adriane Oliveira : Going in circles

sarah haas : Awesome 👏. If it works it works. Do it go for it. I’m all for it. I feel it is only weird for the ones who are not open minded.

Debapriya Kar : How many years did it take to make this video?

Charles Hughes : Sleeping on the job was awesome

Captain Infinity : WAAAAADUUHEEK

VisioBro : I play piano, not drums, why am I here

Alexander Sim-Rowan : You should makea how to tune your drums video. I wanna get the same sound as you have

Raiyan Tyrone : 0:46 this made me laugh

no no : It coll brabo🇬🇷🇬🇷

Gabriel Kowalewski : 1:42 when you're in public and hear that good drumsolo on your headphones

Imagination Meme : Where is "for beginners"