Board Game Breakfast - Fitting Expansions

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Girls' Game Shelf : Suzanne! I love your KS segment and will miss it. But I’m SUPER excited to see what you do next.

Steven Tomcavage : Where's Matthew Jude? Matthew, The Brothers Murph, and Dave Luza are what keep me watching Board Game Breakfast. Now that I think about it, maybe I have a podcast to listen to...

Kriss Coackley : Why are my 'Bippies' not being bet on anymore?

Christian Esch : Suzanne, we will sorely miss you and your round-up! Thank you!

David Phillips : I try to be understanding and supportive, but the Tom Is Wrong segment was pointless. Without insight as to the issue, you're basically saying "Tom, please try harder not to make mistakes..." like he wasn't trying that anyway? Anyone else imagine being at work and having a coworker come up and say "I found a mistake you made, but I'm not going to tell you what it is - just try not to make mistakes" without rolling your eyes at them. Tom might as well respond "I know what you're talking about, and lots of people make that mistake - you actually played it wrong." Sorry - too vague to be valid.

Brice Lory : The "Gaming with the People" section is continually growing on me! I appreciate the work put into your videos!

César Quijano : Suzanne, thanks for all the work and energy you've putting in the segment! Has really helped me to get to know new projects, and I'm sure that has also helped a lot of studios to takeoff! All the best in your future endeavors! ;)

xate : i really love The Pitch with the Luzas! ihr seid klasse. :)

Jordan Herd : I really wanna know what game the lady said Tom played wrong

Nathanael Robinson : Please keep covering RPGs. Don't listen to that other guy.

Stephen McPherson : Thanks for your KS news each week Suzanne. Are you sure you don't want to hit the 1000 target first!?

April W : I always forget to comment on the segments I enjoy by the time I get to the end of this show, so in one big post, here are my thoughts for everything that I THINK I wanted to comment on! @Suzanne: Thanks so much for your contributions! It's been interesting hearing about games that would otherwise miss my radar. Looking forward to your new content. P.S. love hearing you and Mandi on the podcast! @NoEnemiesHere: Just wanted to say "Thanks"! As someone who doesn't play war games, your coverage has drawn me toward them and I might even end up getting one at some point! You do an excellent job in your explanations, breaking the games down into simple terms. Re: Tom Thinks: For me, it depends on the expansion. If I can fit it in the original box I often do, but when you end up with a lot of expansion (like we have for Firefly) that's difficult to do. I have The Gathering Storm expansion for Race for the Galaxy and I shuffled the cards into the deck, but don't always play with the bonus tiles, however I keep them all in the base box. Same with Roll for the Galaxy and Ambtion- I mixed the dice in, but don't always use the bonus tiles. @MegaMeeple: I was asked recently if I just played games or also collected them, and I wasn't quite sure how to respond. I said that I play them and collect a little, because I think of a collection as something you have just to look at, and I own very few games (if any?) for that purpose. Most of my games are played fairly often, but the size of my game library (close to 150) might suggestion that I am a collector. @BoardsAndSwords: I usually don't pay attention to RPGs, but you caught my interest with this one. Might have to take a closer look... Thanks for sharing! @Luzas: love you guys- always enjoy your segments... probably because I can relate. I have to "pitch" games to my husband sometimes. @BoardGameLibrarian: Happy to see the old Star Wars lore getting some love!

B Palmer : Ilka and Dave lol...great segment. Good work selling off some games as well.

33TieGuy : Always appreciate Suzanne's input. I am not a kickstarter person so I have never been influenced by her segment in that regard but I liked her enthusiasm and it did make me interested. I do, however, buy board game apps so I am so on board with her doing at least one segment of board game apps again. She did open my eyes to that so hooray! I'm sure she'll do a great job in whatever she does next.

Martin Letendre : Thanks Suzanne !

Brice Lory : Loved the ending for the Pitch! Always geeat for a laugh - just such a grwat segment!

Shadracked : @gamingwiththepeople. You look exactly like a guy I played Kemet with last night. Is your name Dan?

Patrick White : Why not say what game he played wrong? How is he suppose to be 100% right all the time. My wife and i were playing jamica with a rule wrong for over a year untill some mentioned it. Hard to correct stuff with incomplete information

Guillermo z : Another great Board Game Breakfast! Thanx everyone!

EHngel : @Gaming with People - not sure how smart Siri is, but Google assistant knows what a polyomino is

frabac72 : Nothing beats waking up and finding your breakfast ready. Thanks!!!

Mike Morris : Expansions - In general I always try to put my expansions inside the core box if it will fit. I will remove or cut inserts to accommodate the new content as well as separate all the different bits into containers or individual bags for quick set up and sorting. It started as simply making room on my shelves, but I then realized how convenient it was to only have to open 1 box to access an entire game. In the Case of games like Clank!, I keep all the cards, tokens and so on in the core box and the 3 game boards in one expansion box.

Josh Aldrich : A collector keeps games for reasons other than playing them.

Robert Richardson : MegaMeeple – I’ve recently upgraded to a collector from just a player and the main difference for me is the giant wishlist combined with the means and desire to check things off that wishlist. Harsh Opinion – AP and using phones in Scrabble is the worst!!! (yes I still play and love Scrabble)

Armstrong Hawkins : Mega Meeple: ...The game "collector" is buying games he/she has no intention of playing. They also buy games that they *will* play. But there is a deliberate effort made to purchase titles that will not be played. For those who purchase and accumulate but always base their purchase on a desire to play the game, over many years, they'll end up with a nice/huge collection of games...but that don't make 'em an actual collector.

Oliver König : I'm pretty sure if Tom gets a rule wrong, the rule book was probably so awful, that this is already a point towards a bad game in the first place. So if a bad review comes out of it in the end, he was correct anyways.

Arcmaster90 : Boardgame Librarian: haha used to be canon and now isnt - totally knew it was star wars XD

John McDonnell : Dave and Ilka, The Pitch. Nice though I'd have chosen some that Ilka said no to. Well one anyway.

steve ody : Suzanne oh no!!!! You have helped me so much figure out what to back! Thank you for all your time and effort, you have been so helpful!

garcipat : If a game has a bad rulebook that can be missinterpreted, then it is a bad game i think.

The Boardgame Buddies : Mega meeple, i think somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd shelf is where the line is. A collector is definetly still a player. Once you hit that 3rd shelf you reveal if your the type to really get to know your games vs the type to keep collecting the new hotness. No right or wrong. I personally slowed down and have enjoyed getting more plays out of my games and shrinking my shelf of shame.

Hengst 2404 : @Mega Meeple - I think for me the collecting and the gaming go hand in hand. I tend to find a game I like, and then make sure and collect all of the expansions. I also love games that take place underwater and tend to collect them. @Solomode It all comes down to the individual project. If I am backing a first time designer, I am far more forgiving of delays in the project, as my money helped realize a product for that company. For a company on Kickstarter like CMON, I have little patience as they have been doing these campaigns for so long I expect them to get things done reasonably on time.

mkitten13 : Dave, I hope you realize one of your pitches was registered as a Demo and not for sale, lol

Happy Gamer : @Mega Meeple - You become a collector the moment you buy more games in a given year than you've played. So far in 2018 I've purchased 18 new games but have played games 58 times so far :) ... so when that pendulum swings the other direction I'll have changed to a collector :)

wroot : That periodic table game looks like they only used periodic table for a movement on a board, but not much thematic ties actually.

The Bear : @BL Thrawn is in two seasons of Star Wars Rebels, I know that’s not his own movie but they did really well conveying his love of the arts and his military know how, which he would have probably won the battle against the rebels if not for his subordinates mistakes.

Puzzu : Jenn didn’t know you guys played Armada that’s so awesome! Excited for the SSD??

Emma Gamble : @DaveandIlka - great segment and I caught that little Moana reference Dave!

iveo83 : lol "to bad I went all in on the kickstarter" ... me too Dave

Cody Fueyo : In response to the mega meeple. You can absolutely be both a collector and player. I keep buying but I also love playing.

Abdulla K. AlKendi : Luza 😂😂😂 btw I went all in as well and it arrived!

James DePaola : Probably a game "collector" once you have an entire bookshelf that is specifically for board games

David Boeger : When it comes to game expansions, I'm a huge fan of making custom foam core inserts to store them in the main box. It kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Not only does it save space, but it typically does a better job of organizing games and making their setup easier and quicker. It also makes it easier to take inventory of components between games, because everything has its own compartment. I would really rather not mix base game and expansion components if at all possible, because I may very well want to play the base game by itself when teaching to new players. It's really not too expensive or difficult to make a proper foam core insert, and the benefits are outstanding, so that's really my default choice. The biggest cost by far is time, because it takes substantial planning. The only times I would consider keeping expansions in their own boxes would be when they are almost self-contained experiences with large components like boards. For example, I don't own any dungeon crawler games, but my understanding is that many of the expansions for games like Descent and Star Wars: Imperial Assault add entirely different map tiles, scenarios, units, etc. I could totally see keeping those in their respective boxes, because they're the sort of things you might pull out after finishing the main campaign, or for a longer session. It's not like Carcassonne where you might play several games back to back with different combinations of expansions. When you sit down to play an expansion campaign, the entire session is really focused around that, so the separate box gives you most of the same advantages as a custom insert would anyway, and that way, you don't have to worry about trying to fit so many different expansions together.

Tom Kirby : @SoloModeGames, I don't mind when the time period is a year IF THEY ARE HONEST ABOUT IT. I backed one word game that fulfilled about a year late, and it was really a reprint project. During that year I was waiting for it, my mother, who liked word games, died. I just checked, and some backers have yet to receive their games, 3 years after the projected release date. Also aggravating was that the games were available on Amazon before the backers got theirs (albeit without the special promos).

RedEyedGhost : @SolomodeGames: I think a year is that maximum time frame that I feel comfortable with when backing on Kickstarter. I looked through my games that I'm backing, because I knew I had one that was longer than that, and frustrated me when I did back it - Edge of Darkness. It is a game that I'm really excited about (and didn't want to get stuck with the definitely inferior retail edition), but it had a 15 month time frame from the end of the kickstarter to the expected fulfillment date. As I was looking through my list of pledges I also counted how many I have been in on since the end of Edge of Darkness (52), and how many were expected to arrive before Edge of Darkness (46)... too many Kickstarters... I was shocked, because many of them were backed many months after EoD... that 15 months really bothers me. I'm actually surprised about how much that bothers me versus games that miss their delivery date by many months. Brass had a 8.5 month target date, and they missed it by about 6 months. Which puts them right at the 15 month mark, but throughout that campaign I never felt like there was excess waiting because Roxley games has great updates throughout there campaigns on where each step of the process stands. I do think that AEG, as a more experienced company than Roxley, was able to set a more realistic fulfillment date, and I expect them to hit that target. Post campaign communication also plays a factor. For the Brass campaign they had 36 updates between the end and when they began shipping. Edge of Darkness has had 5 (one of which was the day the campaign ended, as was one in the Brass campaign), so basically 4 updates in 6 months. Now I feel like I'm rambling, but communication is so important in putting backers at ease. I can see how a smaller company that has fewer active projects (on and/or off of Kickstarter) would be more invested in keeping their backers informed, compared to a company that is much more used to putting out games on their own timetable (263 game listing on BGG, with only 3 of those being kickstarted). Monolith usually has a longer pledge to fulfillment time than most, but they also have constant communication, so I've never been bothered by the length. And it helps that the first project of theirs that I backed (Mythic Battles) arrived on time - because they worked out the kinks in their disastrous Conan campaign.

Rico Cordova : Expansions are tricky. I don't worry about the complexity for new players - I teach the "funnest" version of the game. If the expansion is very modular, like Jet Set, I'll pick and choose an module for each game; and I will usually teach with 2 or 3 modules. If it's like 7 Wonders Duel or The Grizzled, I always play with the expansion - the game is just so much better. If it's an expansion that varies the game enough that playing without is like playing a variant (Scoundrels of Skullport for Lords of Waterdeep or Rising Tide for New Bedford), I always play with it - even to new players. It's usually better with the expansion.

yourlongshadows : oooh I'm glad The Expanse is still going strong, will definitely look into the expansion. And great overview of INIS! I've really enjoyed Suzanne's ks roundups - despite them being a danger to my wallet lol - thanks for all the good times <3

VaultBoy : When possible, I put the expansions in either the main box or the expansion box. I haven't noticed a problem. If I'm playing with my normal group, then it's likely the expansion is never not used. If I'm playing with new people, then we might not use the expansion if it adds quite a few new rules. But, I've never had the problem with separating out the expansion nor with finding the right set of rules for the card/tile/whatever.

Robin : Haha I was hoping Suzanne would sign off with ‘play all the games’! Didn’t let me down. Thank you :-D A shame as I have always watched and enjoyed that segment, and even did when Nick did it. Will watch your new segment, Suzanne, back to apps like the old days! Will the Kickstarter section keep going with a new presenter, or has Tom’s Crowdfunding show overshadowed it? I did always think it a bit unfair on your segment that he did that one as well...I imagine that did help you make up your mind about wanting a change, amoungst other things.

Walter Kolczynski : I try to consolidate expansions into the base game box whenever possible (i.e., whenever they fit). If it is something that will only be a sometimes inclusion, I'll keep them separated in the base box. For the multiple rulebook problem, BGG can be good as a lot of games will multiple expansions have consolidated rulebooks or cheatsheets posted.