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nrrork : I was looking for this, either a video clip or captioned screenshot. Incidentally, never google image search "Hank Hill Nudity", learned that one the hard way.

Michael Echeverria : Lmao, Hank is such a mature father. Even Troll Dolls are sexual to him. :p

Lucario7280 : I made a mistake trying to image search this scene.

Bismarck11139 : Press 7

CountryBeautiful : It's just a doll for Christ sakes, it's not like you found a porn video in his bedroom.

Gibby Ethridge : modern bubsy brought me here.

Christian Dadosky : Hilarious.

GroenFan : Ahoyhoy! this reminds me of my father.

Litenyng : I was hoping someone had uploaded this. Thank you sir

Malachi Ali : Funniest shit ever bro thanks for the upload just what I was looking for watching it now