Why Are There As Many Males As Females?

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It's Okay To Be Smart : It’s about a lot more than X and Y… evolution insists on a balance. If you want to learn more about this bit of evolutionary theory, there’s some suggestions in the description. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this week’s video!

eyewars : 50% Male 50% Female 0% Anything else.

ToneyCrimson : We need sex robots for those seals..poor guys :( They dont even have hands!

Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams : 49% Female 49% Male 2% Tumblr

Paul Watson : "We're talking about biological sex, not gender." *rolls eyes*

A Buzzed Whaler : Elephant incels.

yeleminpino : " It's 2018 now, I have to be ridiculously politically correct 0:57 "

Isak Hermansson : Beautiful poem at the end. More of those please!

Rocio Dos Santos : Being human is just too damn difficult. I quit.

Mr. Dr. Genius : 0:43 You changed your clothes just so you could make that joke.

Remmy : Is purple people eater: Eats purple people or Is purple and eats people

Martie B. : Well, if there was a 1:10 male to female ratio, like in the first example, a large part of the population would end up being half-siblings and the gene pool would finally make a circle due to incest. It's no wonder it's being balanced out this way.

0prahTV : all I got from this is that I'll never get laid

TheImpetus : Fun fact: we have twice as many female ancestors as male ancestors. 20% of the men slept with 80% of the women. We are elephant seals...

binky2819 : "We're talking about biological sex, not gender". Our society has become so sensitive to the point where we have to clarify we're talking about biological sex in a video about the two biological sexes.

The Living Skit : 0:57 that made me cringe reeeeeal bad

Kellastico : OMD, I’ve been thinking about this topic hard core for months now! I didn’t know there was an actual science to it

OUTRAW mf : I can't believe you had to point out that you were talking about sex and not gender. Are we really in danger of offending the trans elephant seal community

EchoL0C0 : Hey, the gay male elephant seals aren’t loveless. They’re probably thrilled :P I know I would be.

Sai Gungurthi : I love the elephant seal drawings 👌🏾😂

ディアスジェレミー : 0:24 The entirely of the scene is filled with... ... *_Pimps, Emos and Incels_* Who else agrees?

l555444333222 L5K : Why are so many men pretending to be women?

Jisoo Kim : That is one aspect of evolution I never thought about and that is neglected in all the biology books I read. Very interesting video that's probably easy enough to understand even for kids. Great effort!

Jacob J : Thanks for clarifying sex not gender... because I almost got confused


Eirik Flordalen : That "poetry" whisper made my room a lot steamier. Thanks, Joe.

Pakuna : Error at 2:57 Those 90% males would compete against each other and only 10% would be able to reproduce. The rest wouldn't, so the gene can't spread.. you are contradicting yourself

Dantoxism : Because they need males to protect the females maybe?

Kirishima [fiction kin] : "It's worth pausing here, because we are talking about biological sex, not gender" I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I am non-binary and people like me are constantly met with prejudges from society. I am so glad some people know how to differnciate between sex and gender.

trending games : There aren't equal numbers of males and females health is a huge factor in it the less heathy you are the higher chance you have of having a female A couple of years back when Japan had it's nuclear reactors destroyed by a Typhon it saw a increase in females being born This is nature's way of keeping the population in balance I honestly think you've should've done more research before doing this video

Dan B : >denies science w lefty euphemism @1:00 down voted

Sheldon Robertson : If the bachelor seals catch their own food they aren't mooching. Mooching only, and can only, refers to animals which aquire resources without exerting labor or participating in trade. Being unlucky in love is not mooching. Leaches are moochers. Male seals are not.

Ricky : 0:58 will generate alot of ...ummh...discussion

Babyboodle : 0:56 - I appreciate this addition.

Andrew Tidey : So you’re saying incels had a point

EOM Guel : Fairly good video, although claiming that evolution is all about offspring is a little too simplistic. There are at least two factors that drive evolution, which are, yes, reproduction, but also survival. From a biological point of view, a small population of hundreds-of-years-old pine trees that haven't produced many offspring in a long time are just as successful as some crazy multiplying rodents. None has gone extinct and therefore they're both still in the game. The same could be said for some social species, like many insect colonies, in which there is only a few reproducing individuals, while the rest actively contribute to the survival of the next generation and whose genes are indirectly passed on.

Elizabeth Gardiner : While I understand it would be less important to the point of your video, as intersex offspring often cannot reproduce, I find it a grave omission that you didn't mention it. Truly, our sex ratio / the sex ratio of many other species is not exactly 50/50. In humans, up to 1.7% of the population is intersex in some way. This is valuable information when talking about evolution and reproduction.

Talhaa Ahmed : Not sure if I should be happy or sad about how he had to clarify ‘biological sex’ not gender 🤦🏽‍♂️


zombiedude245 : if one male gets more females..wouldn't it be natural if the other males become gay?


Ali_Army107 : Why anything I just learn in school pops in the recommendation after!? Youtube, Are you Spying me?

SwePow : For such a "smart" channel, the comments are surprisingly dumb

The Living Embodiment WEIRD! : I'm a Male elephant seal 😂 and NOT the lucky 4%

Max Bidzinskyi : Awesome video and poem! Also, 5:52 - poetry...))

Jewberto : You look a bit like Ted Danson

Mary Light : (/claps for the poem at the end) :-3

raketa2010 : Happy B-day Dr.Joe! Thank you for keeping us curious! :)

Karan Gupta : just that last poem would have earned my like😂

Karyzma Moreno : Nice.