Why Are There As Many Males As Females?

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It's Okay To Be Smart : It’s about a lot more than X and Y… evolution insists on a balance. If you want to learn more about this bit of evolutionary theory, there’s some suggestions in the description. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this week’s video!

Mr. Dr. Genius : 0:43 You changed your clothes just so you could make that joke.

Sai Gungurthi : I love the elephant seal drawings 👌🏾😂

Isak Hermansson : Beautiful poem at the end. More of those please!

Steven Baumann : That elephant seal thing 😂 I thought in humans there were more women than men. Thanks for the explanation. Now we need to genetically engineer us some purple people eaters.

- Shooting Starlight - : Because everyone needs a soul mate! Lol shut up I'm a romantic

Karel : So there are enough girls for eveyone? Even for me?! :´)

Kellastico : OMD, I’ve been thinking about this topic hard core for months now! I didn’t know there was an actual science to it

navin xy : 1:51 I feel sorry for those (forever alone) elephant seals who even don't have hands ✌✌

SwePow : For such a "smart" channel, the comments are surprisingly dumb

Feynstein 100 : Hmm throughout human history, men have been killing each other in truly staggering numbers. If the chance for a male vs female is indeed 50/50, wouldn't that have caused a huge deficit in the male population that could be observed to this day?

Ricky : 0:58 will generate alot of ...ummh...discussion

eyewars : 50% Male 50% Female 0% Anything else.

Jo King : I think the more important question is, why do most guys still allow males AND females to act like there are only 10% females in the world.

PewDiePie's 9Yo Army : Because of my *Hand* it kills many *millions* per week

Salem Al-Arrak : Evolutionary Stable Strategies (ESS) is the topic that shifted my perspective the most when I read The Selfish Gene. Great video. I hope you can delve more into ESS soon.

Nettle : Wow, people are actually angry because they took five seconds out of the video to explain the terms they're using to avoid confusion...

Kobi Jenkins : That poem was great I’m just starting too I can relate Best of luck to you

Science with Katie : This was super interesting, I read somewhere recently that as the male:female ratio is very off in China due to the one child rule and a preference for baby boys (I think it was something like 117:100), the bride price in China has skyrocketed. Bad news for the boys! Sidenote: loved the poem 🙊

Jewberto : You look a bit like Ted Danson

Snivader : I thought there were more males than females in the world though, for a few reasons, but even removing parental preference i thought there was a bias, like 51 to 49 in percent. I dunno.

Nickos Hancock : -Poetri got nailed! -Poetri? or my english? -No time to google poetri get in the freakin chopper -Chopper?

Babyboodle : 0:56 - I appreciate this addition.

drsquash2003 : So glad you clarified that definition of male female. We wouldn't want anyone's delusions to be shattered by scientific fact

Benjamin Nelson : SciShow has to specify biological sex now, and then draw a rather unscientific distinction from gender? Science is science, and politics is politics, bad things happen to both when you let them mix.

Cynthia Goodman : How do elephant seals avoid incest related genetic issues if such a small number of males pass on their genes?

Martin Owens : If 4% of Elephant seals are responsible for 88% of matings, then that leaves 12% of matings spread somehow between the 96% remaining seals. Yet the video claims that 96% of seals never mate, which is mathematically inaccurate according to itself.

Abage : *W H Y N O T ?*

Das Ganon : I'm curious though. Sure in Mammals and Birds sex is determined by chronosomes, but what about some reptiles? They have their sex determined by temperature. How do they get about 50/50? Will this be a problem in the near future?

Jojo Garcia : Does this also apply to insects such as ants and bees, and arachnids? 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

Andrew Tidey : So you’re saying incels had a point

bksoldier90 : 0:58 So wrong!!! If you decide to change your gender you suddenly become the other sex...

Dantoxism : Because they need males to protect the females maybe?

Reyhana Patel : Sorry, nothing to do with this episode, but the other day, my kids smeared toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, I wiped it down then I went for a bath, strange though, afterwards I noticed that the corner of the mirror that had had the toothpaste smeared on it didn't steam up, whilst the rest of the mirror did! Any scientific reason why?

Janbo el Pe : 2:00 Survial of the fittest actually means survival of the most fitting and has little to do with being athletic or strong.

A : Had to put a subliminal trigger warning in at the beginning I see. It won't help. People love getting offended these days.

Paul Watson : "We're talking about biological sex, not gender." *rolls eyes*

Jerad Berry : "and it's worth pausing here to make sure we're talking about biological sex, not gender" zzzzz

Jisoo Kim : That is one aspect of evolution I never thought about and that is neglected in all the biology books I read. Very interesting video that's probably easy enough to understand even for kids. Great effort!

Magnus Juul : that "clarification" of "sex and not gender" was unneeded. I can't even see the difference. there's two sexes as well as two genders. no more no less

yeleminpino : " It's 2018 now, I have to be ridiculously politically correct 0:57 "

Mark C : when you check "stats for nerds", your videos are so much louder than the rest of youtube... tone them done a bit? great stuff otherwise! i've watched your every video since the start of the chanel :)

Unna Stormflower : Hi! I'm one of those people that's still gonna have a stick up their butt, but I think it's fair and necessary to state that "biologically male" or "biologically female" is a generalization to make the explanation easier to digest. In reality, nature and evolution are much more sloppy. There are plenty of species that have multiple "biological sexes," there are species that swap their "biological sex" back and forth, and there are biological expressions of "genetic sex" that fall outside of the binary that we've constructed (people born with XXY, XO, XYY, those born with XY but their body expresses "female" with a vagina and breasts and everything, those born with XX but their body expresses "male" with a penis and balls and everything). "Biological sex" is much more varied than most people realize, and overly gendered. Its okay to want to talk about the biology at play--there are certain things a body with a penis and balls are able/prone to, certain things a body with a vagina and ovaries are able/prone to, and certain things a body with intermediate sexual characteristics are able/prone to--however, the gendered speak and use of such speak (whether intentional or not) invalidates the identity and lived experience of the individual. Genital and genetic configuration should not be the basis upon which we determine someone's identity no more than eyes or hair color and it is not the business of anyone but the individual and their doctor and their sexual partner(s). TL;DR: Description of "biological sex" is at best a generalization to keep the video content digestible to the widest audience possible. Most people don't realize it. We see much more variation in "biosex" than people realize. Gendering biology is hurtful. We should adopt genderless terms for "biosex." Genital and genetic configuration is the business of the individual, their sex partner(s), and their doctor, no one else.


dmcdevils : thumbs up for that poetry :D

SanFranGirl1982 : Those surplus male elephant seals do serve a purpose: getting eaten by sharks and orcas! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Eirik Flordalen : That "poetry" whisper made my room a lot steamier. Thanks, Joe.

-Dash. : I think elephant seals are my spirit animals

TheImpetus : Fun fact: we have twice as many female ancestors as male ancestors. 20% of the men slept with 80% of the women. We are elephant seals...