Foster the Proclaimers - 500 Kicks

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Christopher Bartsch : When the Scottish kid starts mumbling and reaches into his duffel bag

Dio Drando : I'm loving it

Poetic Abomination : Wow, these songs go really well together. Nice work. Your brain is a national treasure.

The Other Bill Cipher : Do this but it's 500 miles but every other beat is missing and every missing beat is the beats that are missing from pumped up kicks but every other beat is missing

DiSiCo : I was wondering why this wasn't already a meme

JustinJKJ : 500 kids with the pumped-up kicks

Snaily : I wonder if it's true what they don't wear beneath the kilt.

MAN : '500 Kicks' sounds like some kind of war anthem.

Neto Ramos : Neil Cicierega?

Cole Boye : I'm in lo ve

Abramplays MC : I’m surprised nobody else has done this cuz it works well.

Trae Fisher : You really gotta keep merging songs together. Because this works so well. I will run 500 miles to drop at your door and ask you to do more of this.

Callum R : firts

DarkSide Dishes : *Shonky continues to pump his channel to the next level*

x.sanneg : Why do I know both songs by heart?

Trey Forest : All the other kids with their pumped up kicks, Better walk, better walk, 500 miles

Bec Prunesky : I know most of these videos are meant to be memes but they're such good actual jams I love listening to them purely for the musical content. Great editing thx for the smoOth jaZz Shonkey.

megan the great : huhu actuall first??? i thincccc >:3

RELLISTROM : Better than 300MB for sure.

Ducktor Quack : how how how HOW does it work so well?

Cole Boye : @donkey you hearted my comment, I felt special, then I read the rest of the comments

Shoothemdown : Hey! That’s pretty good.

Pikamander2 : >When you walk a thousand miles for her but she leaves you for Chad

MortalSniper79 : *500 kicks but every other beat is missing*

Emerson Camacho : Amizang :3

WALTER J.R. (RETARD) : Here before the bang ☝️

Greeno Leeno : Perfection.

Lawlsomedude : thanks

swineherd : Theoretically this should work, but for some reason to me it sounds kinda off. Like they're in different keys, even though they're not.

Marcel Arts : Damn, you're a wizard, I swear.

Samuel Bjorkman : Works too well

THREEIO : More like 500 rounds lol


Adara Choong : this makes me want to live vicariously or die

Leonardo Tiepolo : aN I woUld walk *with the pumped up kids: you better run better run* fiVe hundred moORe JUss to Bee the mAan *with the pumped up* dOozen mILes straight forward *fAaster than my bullets*

Shnigalo Yeeboi : And he’s got a heart full of love He’d walk 500 for you 500 more just for you and ALL THE OTHER KIDS

Eternal2401 : When a school shooter struts a thousand miles across campus

Daniel Quon : Pumped up Miles when

Daniel Boni : All the other kids had to walk 500 miles just to wind up at your door

Yusri Maggot : Pumped up kicks goes well almost with any songs.

King Cah : Unexpectadly perfect

Nayuki : this is fire af

Doppler Raider : This is brilliant! Who knew they needed that bass line

• Lucas C. : I'm Brazilian ,creeped out with your talent to do something genius like this ,thank you man

Keevx : Better run, better run, 500 miles

William Waffle : Shrek is my sugar dad

Space Dwarf : Play this at my funeral

TVBForever : A herd of sheepmen in Sandy Hook.

Gale Fox : Alternatively, Proclaim the People - Pumped up Miles

Nin Hughes : True masterpiece. Thank you Mr Shonky