uptown funk but beats 2 and 4 are swapped [CC]
uptown funk but beats 2 and 4 are swapped CC

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mark ronson / bruno mars. turn on captions for the full experience. cc by whip. #beatswap


GMo Kang-Suh : I love how Bruno keeps sounding like he gets interrupted... “Gimme just-“ [HORNS INTENSIFIES]

johnbazy : 0:29 _livin it up got tiddie in the succ zone_

mqzd 24 : saturday night in the *_spider weed_*

Blackisshh : G o t t a c u m ? *S H A N ' T*

Fransiskus Benyamin : a fine masterpiece by *MARKßRUNO RONSCMARS*

Strawberry Alarm Clock : *Straight Salad* For all those hetero vegans

Young Royalty : Damn I need me some of that *_S P I D E R W E E D_*

Anonymous Block of Cheese : My anxiety and depression trying to mix

Yan Gabriel Minário : "Fireman piss in the fire" I don't mean to tell you how to do your job but...

VaeCarrotCat : Muffet's Bakery Server. _Spider Donuts has left the chat_ *_SPIDER WEED HAS ENTERED THE CHAT_*

Jeremy Boateng : 1:01 are we just gonna ignore how creepy the background synth sounds hella creepy now

powerpc127 : 4:09 Holy shit, that was an awesome lick actually. Might have to work on that one...

TheMarioMan247 : Before the vocals started, sounded pretty sick.

Janusz Reguła : 1:35 I just got peer pressured by Bruno Mars :(

Schleepy : None of these remixes have ever made me laugh to the point of tears before, but oh damn... *I think I’m there.*

Hollow : in the spider verse drake: nah in the spiderweed drake: uhuh

Sophie Draws : i love how at 1:00 the instrumental is just *meNtAal bReaKDOWN*

Kate Malanaphy : 0:38 firemen piss in the fire 😂😂😂

DWargs : 0:30 Suck Zone

MetallicD3ath : I think 1:30 is my favorite part, only because it gets all crazy, then he says to stop. And so it returns to normal.

Gabriel Evan : 2:20 Why am i laughing so hard on "SPIDER WEED" 🤣

jeannovinho : Don't know what spider weed is, but Markruno Ronsomars definitely used some before making this one.

Toby Brisson : 🇭🅾️🇹

music_and_ sunsets : 0:56 “Girls hit, Kazooya!”

Mateusz Bieniek : 0:30 In the succ zone gonna train role with sis'myself - I'm too pretty.

TotallyApeShit : God damn i'm crying the captions are perfect

ph_Cebuano : *_IN THE SPIDER WEED._*

Snowy : Say my name I'm too who I am 0:46 these random assortments of words have Never spoken to me more then any thing I have ever come across I feel unbelievably motivated

Mr. Worldwide : I love to spend my Saturday nights in the spider weed

Lucas Urquiza : Ah yes I remember in my youth I used to spend my Saturday nights in the spider weed with my homies. It was lit af fam.

Chris Stearns : 1:42 Harlem Hollywood Jackson WE SHIP IT

Gordon Freeman : Uptown stroke.

Queen Meme : The solo at 1:09 got me wet

stezton : I'm missing half of the captions while laughing at the other half.

The Brainiest Ashes Ever : Hahaha I just subscribed because of this video and your recent All I Want For Christmas Is You video. Keep on doing this 😂

Iiro Aro : Can we talk about how dope the horn melody becomes in this version?

tim_dim_the_nuderu 29681 : Ah, yes, my favorite song, N FUNK! UPTOWI by MARK}RUNO RONS[MARS and E]N

Ninetails2000 : 1:09-I hated the original version for sounding like some bootleg Rick James riff, this one actually has some style to it!

TheCookieMan : What if they made this version first, then swapped the beats to make the original? (Macintosh Plus Plays)

Insane Difficulty GD : 0:39 Fireman piss in the fire So that's how they put out fires

Matt Teves : this is how english music sounds like to non-english speaking people

Sara Yaseen : 0:33 ''Just kiss myself, I'm too pretty'' (Kissing sound)😘😘 I'm dead


A wild Filing cabinet : This hurts me in ways I can’t begin to understand

Peter J. Parker : I couldn't finish the whole video with drinking anything.

potatoheadj hey guys whats up its drew here : Feat: E )N V Funk! Uptowi

DWargs : 1:06 Don't be Lee. Why? Images.

「Z A W A R U D O」 Revolving : MARK}RUNO RONS(MARS feat: *E* )N V FUNK! UPTOWI

Noxar Boi : Ahhh, the masterpiece, V FUNK! UPTOWI by MARK}RUNO RONS(MARS, featuring E )N