A New Spin on QUALITY vs QUANTITY on YouTube

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Video Creators : Love this, Jeff! Thanks for sharing it! One question: Why did you choose to share the big assumptions and all the talking elements first before the pottery story? Did you feel the story needed a lead-in? Why did you choose not to do your intro/hook and then get right into the story and explain the assumptions afterward the story? Looking forward to learning from your thought process here.

Needs More Subs : The content I make can not be made daily. Nor does my life lend itself to making content every single day. So the temptation is there to feel like I'm moving comparatively slowly seeing so many daily creators on the landscape. BUT, I have tried this YouTube channel thing before. A bunch of times. And the amount I churn out now feels like I'm just slamming it out at light speed compared to my own channels of the past. At the end of the day asking yourself "Is there some level of quality that I can be satisfied with that I can also make often enough to have the results I want from YouTube." If there's an overlap there on that venn diagram for you then you're golden.

MobileReviewsEh : The ceramics story has added another dimension to "10,000 hour to mastery" lesson I've realized over the years. I do agree that quantity and quality go hand in hand but for me personally, it only works if I'm trying to make an improvement every time I make a video. For my channel, my first 100 videos took 30-40 hours to make, similar videos now will take 5-10 hours and everything just feels a little more natural. When I think about the progression I've made over the last few years, I can definitely see the lessons I've learned and how those lessons get incorporated into subsequent videos where they become second nature to me.

William Knelsen : What a great illustration to hammer this point home! Love it! Thanks for the shoutout!

Mark Hopkins : Love this conversation, Jeff. Great breakdown of the ceramics story.

Rachel Rawson : Quality for me, rather spend more time making stuff better :) but good points though :)

AMV GO! [ANIME MUSIC VIDEOS] : Quality comes after quantity, it's true. So the tip for new creators is to focus on making a lot of content and they'll grow the skill in the procces. However what is the tip for the advanced creators that do content for years on a professional level now, how can we grow if the quality takes so much time and effort that we can't upload videos consistently?

David-Dorian Ross : I initially subscribed after watching your video with Tim Schmoyer and I’m really enjoying your channel. I’m actually currently in Tim’s VideoLab and I was hoping to connect with you to talk personally about story. This video is particularly interesting to me! I’ve been teaching Tai Chi for 40 years - and one of the most fundamental principles of our school is this: We get best at what we practice most; we get worst at what we practice least. As a younger man, I was taught to focus on quality, not on rote repetition. But as I’ve gotten older, it turns out that (as you point out in your video!) quantity always precedes quality.

where is danny black : 100% agree... at the same time, i say why not both! When i first started youtube videos I did daily videos and still tried to put as much quality into them as i could with the time i had... but the moral is, i learned lessons every day and grew to my own style.

Alejandro Perez : I love this!!! Great insights! As a professor at a university, I have noticed that this happens too. I have never quantified it in an experiment but I have seen it happen over and over with my students. Thanks for the video!

Rasmus Flensborg : Such a quality video - I love the story about the pottery work. That's would be my answer too. That's why I aim at doing a weekly upload - there's time to make "quality" over the course of a week (compared to daily uploads), and yet there is a strict rule of a weekly upload no matter the quality - hopefully the succes (for ME!) lives somewhere in that "compromise" . That's my two cents. ...This is so strange. I just been on the phone with a fellow youtube creator discussing this for over an hour.

NoFate247 : Great video...I definitely think you can get improved quality with reps. I know I have gotten a lot better as a no nothing in davinci resolve by just making more and more vids. None are great but just striving to be a bit better than the last one

Michael Lardizabal : I am a fan of QUANTITY if it's quantity constantly analyzed to improve quickly. At the beginning of putting out videos I wanted to come up with a word that I wanted to embody as a content creator. The one that I came up with was "prolific". I was reading this book called "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World". In it they talk about how most of the big innovators were obnoxiously prolific. Examples used included Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Picasso.

This Post Life : So, you're saying I have a chance!

HappyCarlsons TV : Before watching... I say Quality

Miburraonline : Man, totally agree, at my first time making youtube videos I was emotionally involved in perfection, and literally I spent 2 months working 30 hours/week to get full 4 videos no more than 3 minutes, it blown my mind, it wasn't sustainable at all, so naturally I stoped, after 6 months started again doing more stuff but perfectionism was there again and stoped again, that was until began watching Casey Neistat and Peter Mckinnon's videos and that inspire to me to se different ways to make better things in less time. So thanks for your videos, you have a new subscriber from Colombia, my channel is not about creating, is about bicycles and stuff but I'm applying techniques from you and other guys

Eric Wen : Smiled big with this whole video. Now I don't have to explain this. I can just shuttle them over to your video. You did a great job. The nuance I wanted to add are...I think a lot of times some self-awareness is the key to having the biggest jumps in learning fast especially on the quantity side (being able to tell like oh! what specifically about this video are people being drawn to...how can i increase that!) . and two. A lot of times, the quantity side reveals what matters and doesn't matter in terms of quality to be an effective ____. For instance, like i used to think people would be drawn to my videos originally bc i packaged my videos well, quick editing, showing my day, little animations and text effects... but after time i realized that people were being drawn by the stories, me and the things I made them think about. As such, I could then let go of color grading everything perfectly, or camera tricks or text animations as what was necessary every video (altho it is fun to add in every once in a while) so that I could churn out more "quality quantity" for people. Thanks for the thoughts and making me think Jeff! Love it.

Noqout Media : Yessir!

Anthony Blodgett : This is a great message. I think you are right. I think there is alot more too it though. IMO There is so much that goes into it. I truly believe that this is a lesson in "practice with intent". I know the 25 yr old me would have blown this off if I had to just make one piece, so I am not surprised about the outcome of this. Well done. Thank you for this.

Nighthawk Gliders : Jeff, I’m on the Quality side of the fence. I prefer to have a more polished product for our audience (and I’m no where near perfect!). I believe people notice that. However, I do agree with practice the process and editing time decreases. Therefore, quantity follows naturally. I say, do what works best for you and your channel. Pay attention to your audience growth and feedback and the subscribers will come. Enjoying your videos, thanks! 😀

Blake Kirby : I did find that when I was finally able to give up pursuit of perfection my videos got better. I think it was because I allowed myself to do more without overthinking it all so much. Yep, some stuff still sucked but at least I was learning. This also gave me the freedom and permission to enjoy what I was doing.... which spins this right back around to increasing quality while pumping out quantity.

Carola in Paris : More towards quality, therefore I won't agree to a fixed schedule and having to upload :) but then I am at almost 100 videos after 200 days of yt and I like the newest much more. Loved the video. Now can you please go back to 'how to edit better' tutorials?

We Imagine : Very impactful! Your examples and explanation really hit home for me! Thanks!

Pammie Plus Parks : This message is coming at a good time for me. I have upped the quality of my videos and am reaching a point where it is becoming tedious to produce them -- because my skill level is still low. I think I will need to scale back some expectations I have set for myself and just get decent quality content out there to keep the channel rolling. And in that way -- I will also improve my skill level. Thanks!

Craig Rivest : Holy crap Jeff! I’ve been struggling with this very thought lately. I love making higher produced content, but want to make more without suffering. Love the insight!

Brick Broadcasting : Thanks,... this pottery story is gonna stick with me forever (maybe)... came via Tim and will be working through your channel the next months... ;)

FutureNow : I definitely am the kind of person who spends 8 hours per minute of video ... and it's taking me way too long to upload. I'm trying to get myself down to less time, but the hours just pass!

Noqout Media : Just well put overall. The pottery analogy was very insightful! Appreciate you man!

Whitney Sews : Love your thoughts on this!

Communication Coach Alex Lyon : Excellent video. I've heard that story before and it always gets me pumped up. I didn't even own a camera 2 1/2 years ago. I had no choice but to make lots of bad videos at first.

Vegard Heyerdahl : I think it's a little bit of both. Quantity makes you a better editor

whatsupdate : YES!

TeamAutismpedia : good perspective. I'm hoping to go up to two uploads a week

Steven Murphy : Thank you, Jeff... I really appreciate your insights

Richer Dinelle : Great story and analogy 😉 quality AFTER quantity 😉 thx for that

Kats Corner : Love this so much. Thank you so much.

vic's vids : Hello, Jeff!! I'd like to thank you for all you're doing for the YouTube community and for your constant inspiration!! Because I wanted my new vlog to focus on putting myself out there again, I sampled a bunch of creator's videos to show how I've been inspired to do so for the beginning sequence. This video is one of them and the video is not monetized btw.

GlamFam : True story sir! Practice makes progress!

Asta Panayitou : Great advice, quality does come from quantity The more you do the better you become. Something to ponder on as I keep looking at my camera

KrizAkoni : Five minutes and thirty five seconds of awesomeness! Thanks for this one. 😎

Kat Elizabeth : Ohhh I love this so much!! As mentioned earlier, I got paralysis by analysis over the last few months and spent all my time studying and no time creating which obviously meant while I had plenty of theory -- I had no actual skills. So I bit the bullet last week and finally edited my first video in months and am now pumping them out at least once a week because I can see that every video I create is getting me closer to becoming a great editor and storyteller! Thanks for another fantastic video.

Trey Van Camp : Definitely agree! It’s not either/or but both/and 🙌🏼

Rick Moro : That was perfect! well said! Repetition! Then take the time to constantly mange it and strive to be better! ⏳

Campfire Stories : Thanks for the tip! I only have one video so far and got it ranked 8th in search which is amazing but I think because I only have 7 views so far (all friends) no one really goes to watch it. I'll keep them coming and not sacrifice my quality of the video and keyword research but still try to put out a new video every 5-6 days with a target for 2 a week once I get better at making the videos. P.S. - Tim sent me here.

Ruckus IIV : I hit the "like" button, wishing there was a ❤ button. Dude that pottery story was a sweet slide in and really helped land the example. I love examples and life lesson content like this that is proven by wisdom and experience. It helps someone like me to stop allowing myself to keep falling into the "what if this sucks" trap and go back into "who cares if it sucks, make it anyway".... ::pauses and looks around with a blank face for a moment:: ....... Well I think you know what I mean. Thanks again for yet another high quality video with helpful and useful information for us small time creators out there.

Rick 2Bees : Practice makes perfect. Like learning to ride a bike !

Big Shot : Great. I think you nailed it.

Jensuya Belly Dance : Again, fantastic info and production. Inspired!

The Collings Show Vlog : That's a great way to look at the debate and makes perfect sense. I can apply this principle to all my creative endeavours.

Marshall Lee : Great video ! Amazing perspective