Navy Seal Commander explains why wake up at 4am

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Doug Armstrong : I wake up at 4am too... just not in my own timezone

RedKB : YouTube really wanted me to watch this video.

JoanieTiVi : Sleeping 4-5 hours is incredibly stupid.

Cobus Greyling : I used to spend 11PM-1AM watching Casey's videos on YouTube. But now, thanks to Casey's video on YouTube, I am no longer watching Casey's videos on YouTube and have traded those two hours of nonsense for two hours of *_hyper productivity in the morning_*

Chaoxytal : was actually interested, and watched, until the CNN mug, then disliked, unsubscribed, reported, called the cops, etc

HoustonProductions1 : Hearing that iPhone alarm noise, even for just a moment, *instantly* gave me an anxiety attack.

matuš Gerbiark : i woke up at 4:30 once and then i went back to bed

Trincipiantes : This is bullshit. I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I’d buy this 4:00am stuff if you sleep the right amount of hours, sleeping voluntarily 4-5 hours a day is total nonesense, and is not maintainable, so stop the crap. In reality what this guys are talking about is productivity, less social media, less tv etc. what I totally get, but telling people waking up at 4:00am is the best thing ever is stupid, and it goes against the circadian rhythm stuff which I personally think makes more sense. This Jocko Willink guy wants to become a selfimprovement guru and he came up with this to stand out. I’m not hating, if this works well for them great, I know other people that do the complete opposite and are doing great, but they don’t promote it as the solution to a better life.

eastbeast95 : Chronic sleep deprivation is an epidemic across the united states, this is horrible advice to suggest that people get only 5 hours of sleep every single day. SEALs do it because they do not operate under the same conditions as everyone else. Most of the habits they drill into people in the military are unsustainable over the long run. This is one of the reasons soldiers have such a hard time transitioning back in to civilian life.

Josh Hawkes : I feel personally attacked watching this video whilst eating a burger and fries

Rambling Ramul : One can only imagine what 2025 standards will be like for the highly motivated people... If you don't wake up an hour before going to sleep! you are losing the game of LIFE!!

SkYHawK 2600 : I'm not pointing a finger at or anything but, there is no such thing as productive hours at 4:30, your hormones form and work with the sun. I really wanna see what this guy is doing as a work at 4:30, probably he is half sleeping with 60IQ, filling his body with a shit load of caffeine to wake up and looking at some videos or internet until the sun shines. Don't compare your hard work with some youtube dude, please. I'm not saying you should go to bed like a chicken and neither you should wake up like an owl. Have some at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep and adjust your day accordingly. That's it.

Antonio Rodriguez : This guy gets up in the morning and throws on his hat and shades in his own home 😂😂😂

Cobus Greyling : What I hate most about these videos are, everyone explains why waking up at 4AM is great- but no one ever explains that this essentially means you don't have a f'ing night life. If you wake up at 4AM, you're ASLEEP by 8 which means your bedtime routine starts at 7, 7:30. Fuck that. If you're good with 6 hours of sleep instead (which has been peer-reviewed proven to be really bad for you) you can stretch that to 9:30 and then you're just being unhealthy. More productive, maybe, but you're statistically reducing your lifespan drastically versus those with 8 hours of sleep so are you really being productive or are you just eating your retirement?

Hazardeur : This seal guy has something to sell and in this case it's his lifestyle. Never trust a salesman. Especially not one that seems to be so confident about his product. Probably also not a bright idea to listen to some military guy for life advice. Think for yourself and find out what's good for you. Nobody can teach you that and especially not military a guy.

SeductionByKamal : Is that Thanos?

JohnECommon : This should be titled, "how to be a self-important douchebag."

Diss Dude : Fuck CNN

TheWarriorPatriot : This video convinced me that I should feel guilty for the time it took me to watch this video...

tnemec : I sleep after 4 am, so technically I am awake at 4!

caitlinV3 : Read the book 'Why we sleep' and you'll never want to sleep less than 7hrs again. Strong links to not sleeping enough and Alzheimer's. The brain needs its recovery time.

LegateMalpais : I never listen to people who wear sunglasses and headwear indoors, sorry. Grade A douchebag trait and/or midlife crisis insecurities considering age and probable hair loss, sunglasses a sign of fear and general insecurity commonly associated with eye contact, Freud probably has more on the subject.  Just strike that off as an automatic fail, even though the message is okay. That's like listening to an astrophysics lecture conducted by a guy wearing latex, with a butt plug in the rear and meat hooks in the back. Just does not compute, whole message just got divided by zero right there, sorry.

Rosen Kolev : 8:55 the most autistic sound effect use ever...

Glenn Ivers : How to be a boring, stick in the mud, predictable slave workaholic.

Zaquariu5 : Productivity for the sake of productivity is only "healthy" for people that are afraid of being idle, wasting time, doing nothing, etc. What's the point of getting more free time if all you're going to do with it is be "productive"? What's the point of earning more money if you never buy anything you don't absolutely need? Either you don't realize this advice is derivative of your personality and we don't all have the same definitions of enjoyment/fulfillment. OR, you do know, and you're just marketing chintzy life advice because you know that "SEAL" will sell it to weak people.

Taikamuna : Life hack: Wake up at 4am every day to remember how much you hate yourself

MDSsystems : since when did Sean Penn's Autistic lil brother get a friend in the navy

mel obrien : This is the kind of moron who becomes a Seal; he looks older than he is, and he's in a box.

Flyingo Som : Should've talked to him about not wearing shades inside constantly & a backwards hat in his 40's. what an absolute douche canoe

Caleb Ramirez : I can see the appeal, but sleep deprivation isn't something exactly healthy. Sure, you can be insanely productive and go on a couple weeks with 4 hours of sleep and find a way to stay up and energized, but your body eventually pays the bill. 7 is a sufficient amount, and science isn't pulling the fact that 8 hours of sleep is the healthiest out of its ass. I don't believe that just because you go around sleeping as little as possible you are a warrior and a super successful person. Take care of yourself. That being said, going to bed early an waking up early to work hard and be efficient and not get distracted, is in my opinion the key. :)

cc : I go to sleep at 4 am...

187onaPigeon : CNN mug? Later

tree of life : 4:00 in my experience, this isn't that simple. everything on that list, every decision, getting up early, workout and not eating donuts, take mental energy to do. and everyone is different, have different problems, just relying on willpower isn't a good strategy. i'm just saying, if you already struggle with discipline, planning out your day like this and trying to do everything at once, isn't the way to go. starting really small, and building up from there makes more sense to me. waking up at 4 am is not starting small in my opinion... also, i think they're a little bit biased here. casey doesn't seem like a person who struggles with doing the right thing. even in such young age, he made it without his family's support and take care of his kid. he already has confidence that he can live his life the way he wants, because he did it even in the hardest times. anyway, again, my point is that if you struggle with getting up, studying or any other thing that requires disciplin, and you try 'waking up at 4' or whatever, and you fail, it isn't like you tried the ultimate strategy and you're defeated. you fail, you learn something about yourself, adopt another strategy and move on to that.

DJpepmar : Basicly youre brainwashed and have all the qualities a modern slave needs.

James : While sleep requirements vary slightly from person to person, most healthy adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best. Children and teens need even more. And despite the notion that our sleep needs decrease with age, most older people still need at least 7 hours of sleep. Still an interesting video about discipline though!

JTsuits : These guys need a nap

M K : You are talking about getting up at 4:30 or you're weak, but you forget about people who work late at night while you're already in bed ;). Though I like this: sitting at my desk in the am makes me feel like my day has purpose...and purpose is everything...that's so true...we are driven by external goals...if it's not the kids then it's travel if not that than it's bigger goals like making an impact on society, build legacy, make our life matter so others will remember...I wonder though...does it matter what time of day or does it matter what kind of mind set we have enough though perhaps one can't live without the other... 4:30am is 2-3 hrs before everyone else gets up after our brain is refreshed...fair...perhaps when that happens doesn't matter, as much as the fact that it happens. My point is, if someone is a night owl, that doesn't make them weak, worse, less productive or less long as it happens. I swing depending on what's going on in my life. What you talk about in the early hours is what I feel late at night (as long as I'm not exhausted). Great video

peaceforgaelandscot : This is actually de motivating. This dudes are douchebags. Especially Captain Chin.

Leo Gmelin : Took two naps and drank a Capri Sun while watching this....😂😜

Coolboy 99 : Wtf, I get it why you should wake up early, but why say no to a donut. Wtf?

abhay kumar : Nice video. But sleep at least 6 hours a day. Nothing less than 6 hours. It's harmful to health.

Syed Hassan Askari : Why tf do you have cnn mug?!

dj lives a life : Man i had to start work at 4am. Wake up at 2:50am to get ready for work

milzB : what if productivity isn't the most important thing in life to you though?

Caffeine Dose : Never underestimate the 8 hours sleep.

Deon roux : his laugh after he heard Fortnite 7:32 ....not even bothered of what that might be .

Buddy Dry : I've been getting up at 4:30AM for the past ten years...I have never bragged about it... Get up, do you job, Love and supply for your wife and kids. I have to and one on the way.

Joern B. Sorro : In long term, American consumeralism ie. "selling more of these widgets in order to buy house" is what gets us all killed. Earth's oceans are already filled with plastic and other waste, many non-renewable resources are depleted, and global warming has caused various crisis from draught to superstorms all over the planet. Not to mention ongoing sixth extinction of species... So what kind of strategy this 'feeding collective suicide of entire planet' does represent? In my opinnion it has nothing to do with strategy. It is just hedonistic individualism in action, where enormous self-deception is masquaraded with concepts like freedome. Casey and his honoured Navy-Seal lt. commander being defenders of mentioned development makes them nothing but biased fools in biased fool's business. But hey, that's what USA is all about: everyone's unquestionable right to be an super-idiot, no matter what the cost.

Shaun Smith : Keyword at 4:44 (Video about waking up a 4am. 4.4 mil views at this time.)

Levi Allen : Since meeting Jocko I’ve been getting up daily before 6. No excuses. No exceptions. (Except that one time I slept in till 7, sorry Jocko, won’t happen again.)