Navy Seal Commander explains why wake up at 4am

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Doug Armstrong : I wake up at 4am too... just not in my own timezone

Serge Letunovskiy : Throw away the CNN cup, you might sleep longer, lol

Sunny shah : I woke up at 4:00 am once, took a shit and went back to bed

Henry-Joe Murphy : There's two types of people who wear sunglasses indoors: 1) Blind People 2) Assholes

gearlock trinity : No thanks, I enjoy sleeping and dreaming ~

HoustonProductions1 : Hearing that iPhone alarm noise, even for just a moment, *instantly* gave me an anxiety attack.

Armands Ugars : Take the bloody specs off when you talk to a man.

The Wedge : I go to bed at 4:30 AM. thats when I take care most of my things... when everyone is asleep... same difference. see

Jenny Titus : Doesn't matter if you wake up at 4am or 4pm you still only have 24 hours in a day. It's what you do with those hours that counts!

Mikel Zubieta : Ok Youtube, I have watched it. Now, I've got to study.

Rambling Ramul : One can only imagine what 2025 standards will be like for the highly motivated people... If you don't wake up an hour before going to sleep! you are losing the game of LIFE!!

BlakeGSites : CNN mug, just lost any respect I had for you. Pathetic...

Robert Verwijs : Oke nice. But when u have 5 hours work everyday u can do what u want. I work 10 hours every day. And i have a kid and wife. So now what. I cant be productive at a computer becouse that has nothing to do with my job. This life is just made for u. Other people cant do the same

R T : A group of psychologists at Otago university in New Zealand have been undertaking a 40 year research project called the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, aka the Dunedin Study, which tracks the lives of 1037 babies born between 1 April 1972 and 31 March 1973 at Queen Mary Maternity Hospital, Dunedin, New Zealand, since their birth. There is a documentary available at New Zealand On Air that showcases this study. In this documentary the lead researcher reveals that success or failure of an individual has been linked to a single, measurable, factor: self control. That's it. The most fundamental metric that directs our life course is our ability to execute self control. He who has this (or can learn it, and yes it can be learned) will have the whole world before him, he who cannot will fail to succeed.

Daniel Reinhardt : 3:55 Don’t eat the Donut! Have the discipline 2:12 Screw this! :)

Mark Santos : i go to bed at 4am....

alexander martinez : Its funny because I watched this video instead of doing my biology homework.

Frank Castle : Why is a SEAL talking to a communist Hillery supporter

Kento Bento : But isn’t sleep important?

Localsh!thead : Weirdest looking dude ive ever seen

caitlinV3 : Read the book 'Why we sleep' and you'll never want to sleep less than 7hrs again. Strong links to not sleeping enough and Alzheimer's. The brain needs its recovery time.

Manasvi : Wake up at 4 am!?but hunny I go to bed at 4 am,,,

Eidolon Specus : This guy's mere book contradicts a wealth of scientific data. His stuff about sleep-discipline being "one-size fits all" is bullshit. The point of military discipline is not to be a self-help process, it is meant as a selection process; precisely because few people are well suited for that lifestyle. It is not healthy for everyone.

Min Soo Seon : This guy is awesome. However, I hope people can sleep enough. Because lack of sleeping will cause stroke and dementia earlier. Do not avoid your body signal.

jimmy p : CNN mug? Really??? lololololololol.

RedKB : YouTube really wanted me to watch this video.

CourtnRob : Before Chuck Norris goes to sleep he checks under his bed for Jocko.

Jack Joe : When you shoot all your steroids only in one arm...

The Id : *Notices CNN mug* hmph

XHAD : I mean yeah a person with at least a year of forced 5 hour sleep cycles can use it to their advantage a regular person that is can only do solo work during that time is not exactly worth it

Taikamuna : Life hack: Wake up at 4am every day to remember how much you hate yourself

dubstep1994 : You guys are totally correct. It is a long battle to go from 0 productive hours a day ( except school if that is even productive haha ) to 100% productivity. You have to do it in steps. That is how I'm doing it with no help at least. But at least I dont play pc games any more. That has changed So MUCH together with my ADD medication Ritalin. I got low energy naturally so I still get nothing done and sleep 3 times a day with no pc simulation and no Ritalin. The computer games actually has kept me awake all my life I found out lol. ( so I did not need 2 naps during the day ) btw all humanbeings on earth need to youtube search Grant Cardone and the 10x rule.

Nicholas Coiner : watching this at 4 am cause i havent slept. : - )

WOAHH KimoSabbe : This guys full of it I wake up at 5am everyday just to lift weight but I also go to sleep most nights by 9 unless it's my day off the next day....I call BS...seems very tiring I also have a 1 year old and work so I know how to be productive but there's no way he's sleeping at 11 every night and waking up at 4 without ANY nap in between sounds very sleep deprived...

dubstep1994 : And it is totally correct that it is all about counting the victories, stack them, build upon them, and use them to keep being successful through the day and not fall into any traps. If I start my day with failing, I know that my start/setup for the day ( foundation ) is bad and the rest of the day will be a 100x bigger challenge than if it had started perfectly. And where does the day in truth/reality start? When you go to bed the day before! That is the secret to getting up early! Go early to bed!

JTsuits : These guys need a nap

Obsessed With netflix : I’m proud to say I sat through the entire video and learnt a lot

ram dat : Naa I'm good bro.... I'll check u around 10.... 10ish...

Anthony : why do you have a cnn cup??

VAS SCI : Dude has a CNN mug.. I'm done

Levi Allen : Since meeting Jocko I’ve been getting up daily before 6. No excuses. No exceptions. (Except that one time I slept in till 7, sorry Jocko, won’t happen again.)

Kevin : Don't listen to Jocko. He's only 30 but he looks well north of 50

Levi Dahl : My freedom comes from Jesus Christ

The Self Righteous : I will always remember those lips @ 4:20, when my alarm goes off.

August Duwell : If you go to bed at 11 and get up at 430 how are you not dead tired all day? Do you take a power nap or just push through?

Best Ever Food Review Show : Badass: I wake up at 4AM and beat the sunrise! Not so badass: I drink a warm tea at 7:30pm and I'm in bed by 8pm.

Maximat : By reading the comments I can see that most of you don't get it. Probably never will.

JLPtriggered : I set my alarm for 6am but I’m usually already up by 4am

David Delgado : Is it me or does this guy look like Tito Ortiz?

TheGreekGeeks : My work is so stressful, that sleep is the only medicine for my brain to recover..