Team Vesco Turbinator II Record Run with Dave Spangler

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jpdemer5 : I would crap my pants at 300. Speed is limited by the mass of Dave's balls.

carletto caroni : well done,guys.for me that's the real land speed record.

RadicalRalph Russo : Congratulation Dave n Rick,Wish I was there to stewart for you guys..Fantastic! Rover Ralph...73s

Andrew White : Nice job Team Vesco!!! Cant wait to show my science students this run.

gidge348 : Wow Top job everyone

Informed Choice : Imagine being a sand beetle and seeing that thing come past at 492mph. "Dave... dave... stop playing with that bit of poo.. did you see that ...??" Must be related to Spanky. Is there an electric speed record ?

Sebastian Bradley : How far do you go in that time?