The hidden captivation of status behaviour

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We maybe don't often talk about it, but most any action can carry a power or influence (status) bit of subtext Timeline 0:00 Status as a characterization 0:22 The Human Pecking Order 0:53 Status is about movability 1:16 Basic signs of status 3:39 Status can have layers 4:46 Status is relative between characters 5:18 Likability 5:52 Other status relations or augments 6:28 Five Status case studies 9:29 Status is engaging on its own Background Music Drum Solo Birdman by Michikawa Clips (in order of appearance) The Grand Budapest Hotel Silicon Valley S01E01, S03E01, S05E02, S04E10, S07E01, S05E07, S02E01, S03E08, S03E05, S05E07, S04E01, S02E09, S04E02, S04E03, S03E02, S05E03, S01E02, S03E06, S01E04, S04E08, S05E01, S03E04, S01E08, The Private Life of Chickens Star Wars A new Hope The Imitation Game The Usual Suspects Breaking Bad S01E07, S05E07 The Incredibles Kingsman The Secret Service The King's Speech Fantastic Mr Fox Wreck it Ralph Up Atypical S01E01 The World's End Tangled The Greatest Showman Atlanta S01E08, S01E02 A Bug's life Coco Superbad Hot Fuzz Jurassic park The Thin Red Line Black Books S02E05 Glory Moana Kiss of the Dragon Miracles The Legend of Korra S01E02, S01E05, Black Panther Jurassic World Over the Garden Wall S01E10 Shaun of the dead

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