The hidden captivation of status behaviour

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ElfynSoAndSo : Oh wow, 3 years. Welcome back

Thirty-three : Oh you changed your name, I was wondering why I'm subbed to this it's been 3 yrs since last vid lol

Apocalypse Lemon : I subbed on the off chance you might return. Good shit man, welcome back.


Andre Vieira : Wait who this Ohhhh you changed the name

Axel Wickman : I'm calling it, this channel is gonna get big.

Zarathustra Zarath : Took you long enough... 😒😩

Ray Alez : This is awesome, what a great channel, can't wait for more videos!

Cretu Radu : Your videos are always great and entertaining. It's a shame you don't get more views. P.S your voice suits these videos perfectly

PeachVinegar : Great video, enjoyed it a lot

7 15 1 20 7 15 1 20 : Is this the YouTube account which was called that place or somet ?


Matthew Glennon : This video both made me plan to watch Silicon Valley and pick the movie I'll re-watch tonight (The Grand Budapest Hotel). I'll probably watch your backlog first though.

frooshante : coool

Arnaud Cochelin : This is so very interesting ! It's very inspiring and makes me want to pay more attention to the statuses of characters. I guess it's easier to notice in books rather than pictures ! Not to mention the great humor and subtle editing. I'm glad I found your channel

Andy : took you a while..................... welcome back :*

Tsuta86 : we learn stuff and it's funny and awesome

Roy Riley : Your videos are so insightful and multifaceted.

Lockway : I found your first video about LOTR, loved the explanation, how you deliver the information and it was really funny and entertaining. I loved listening to this as well, I really hope you keep making more content. I think you have a lot to offer!

M K : where is that inmate scene from?

Kristian Kho : Thank goodness I subscribed to you so many years ago.....

humulos : Incredibly fascination analysis, great vid!

Zosh Does Stuff : I don't remember subscribing to you, but thank God I did

imaytag : Had no idea what this random channel I subbed to was and almost unsubbed without even starting the video. I'm glad I gave it a chance though. That voice is instantly recognizable. Looking forward to more.

Smelly Flounder : I thougth all hope was lost

Muhammad Isro Fiordi : Is Tony from every frame and Jesse the same person

njuta : Great video, I love the comparison between Guilfoyle and Richard.

minitumen : I have never thought about using this for fiction analysis. Thanks for proposing it so thoughtfully and welcome back

Birdfella : VERY EXCITED

Nasr Sheikh : Seriously brilliant video! I've learned so much, subscribed!

Maidby Maid : dude, only five video?! you're freaking hilarious and interesting! please please more!

notroop : Excellent video. Super glad I have stayed subscribed.

Grammar Nazi : another place

Vegetable Man : Smooth and easy listening, two thumbs up

Kaiser KAWG, cxvii : hmm

AlikeWolf : About damn time

Someone : Missed your videos greatly! Good Work!

Leo Buckley : Enjoyable video, looking forward to more!

zzz EDDIE zzz : this would be amazing with the handmaid's tale. WAIT THIS IS EVERY FRAME A PAINTING? oh wow

Idiot_gg : I should get a bidet

Lacksi : I may get a bidet

Julian hamner : so happy that you're back making content for this channel. Keep up the good and interesting work!

cmason105 : I missed ya, you make great videos

Mustafa Uyar : every frame is brprp :D

Sindre Wiig Nordby : Great vid!

Mr.Savagé : Ayyy