Ben Folds Composes a Song LIVE for Orchestra In Only 10 Minutes

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Daniel Thrasher : Still one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. Ben Folds is a legend.

enduser178 : Everyone on that stage is fantastic. Some crazy bearded guy is going, "ok, do 'da de da didada' and they just _know what he means_ and _all do the same thing_.

jkid1134 : The new garage band update is looking really good

Jonathan Gorman : so much for the trumpet solo

Shellsea : But did that guy ever get his pamphlet back?!

Ian Jones : Real props to the players in the orchestra. It's very impressive for them to remember all those instructions on the spot!

tdc1991x : "Double basses, you know what you must do!"

Aj Evans : that poor trumpet player. he started to solo and cut it off

LNxTCB : Ben: "Drumset, you know what to do." Drummer: "Say no mo, fam."

Gabriel Thompson : He should have asked for a time signature, and the audience should have yelled "27/16"

Jason Escalera : 48 trumpet players disliked this video

LydJaGillers : "Fivetissimo!" hahahah

Tim O'Neill : I know the lyrics were being read straight from the pamphlet but I swear Sufjan Stevens wrote them

Beyla Martin : I WAS THERE! I was astonished!

Night Stick : I love how a crazy looking guy with a big scruffy beard and curly hair sits there smacking his piano yelling random letters of the alphabet, and the people there are just like, "Oh, yeah, I can do that for you" and start perfectly playing awesome music in sync with a dozen other people he's yelled letters of the alphabet and smacked a piano to. That's really neat to see someone putting together something on the fly like that, and seeing the talented men and women there interpret it and put into practice in such a skillful way, all in sync, is frankly a bit mind boggling. I couldn't be happier with this recommendation from YouTube, though!

Matthew Knowles : "And then double basses, you know what you must do." I love this guy!

benjamaster7 : For more than 45 years, the JFK Center For the performing arts Has served as a living memorial To President Kennedy By bringing an unparalleled diversity to our arts Our nation's capital... And serving a critical role As a leading provider Of the arts education mission across the USA and around the world These new spaces... Are all designed to be flexible... These new spaces... Are all designed Let's milk it, Make it a little bit louder now Mezzo forte.. Forte... Double forte... Triple forte... Fortissimo! Fivetissimo!

Ion Meth : I want an instrumental version without the lyrics except "these new space are designed to be flexible"!!!

yomega69 : This speaks to so many levels of how fucking amazing music is. I mean, obviously Ben Folds is really efficient here in coming up with a form that will undoubtedly work, but we can't overlook the musicians. The fact that he can just say "play this" is amazing but furthermore amazing in that the motif was really embellished by the full orchestra when they actually performed. The collective hive mind made music (like good musicians will do). It's such a pleasure to actually see the gears turning in such a condensed amount of time, so fucking cool god I love music.

Michelle Cantrell : "Fortissimo! FIVETISSIMO!"

Tim Kelley : Needs more Cowbell.

beckerist : Everyone in the orchestra is a professional. Ben Folds knows what he must do.... This entire video is incredible

Real JarHead : You cheated. You used Ben Folds. I’m a sucker for Ben Folds

MHP Le : Hate when the audience applauses before the end, drowning out the final runs of a performance.

Rustybits : This whole comment section is filled with people saying this is great and then self-proclaimed music geniuses saying that it is nothing impressive.

Brice Gentry : ling ling could do this in under a second

MajorMotionMatt : The finished product reminds me so much of a Kingdom Hearts battle theme. Just... y'know... with information about The Kennedy Center. Hey, maybe the Kennedy Center will be a world in KH3.

those1kidds : So hilarious that there's people commenting on here trash like "meh", "I could do better", "wasn't that good" etc. when none of them could come close to doing what he just did

Nicholas Emanuel Wheeler : Awesome stuff. Granted he was working with professionals. An orchestra remembering a typical 4 chord pop song progression for piano pales in comparison to the harmonies of actual composers. A little overrated, but still a skill 99% of humanity doesn't have.

Cole Scheller : 8:48 dude looks like hes so bored he's gonna execute order 66

SimpleXI : This gave me a 10-minute face boner. Thanks, Ben and musicians.

tanhuynh226 : I can do the same in 10 minutes. just not as good

Whitney Avalon : This brought me to joyous tears. Inspiring and impressive!

Wonkytitters McWonky : Oh my gosh. I would LOVE to be there in person to experience this! I would probably cry! the amount of talent everyone here has is just so beautiful. it really makes my heart soar!

vesteel : I name this song "flexible"

Wuchta : A minor is suspiciously easy key

ZayIsChillin : Fruity Loops Orchestra edition

Mel E. : He should start a religion. I know I would donate to his kickstarter.

Richie Demo : This is beautiful. The fact that he's able to just go like "bam, here's a melody, and uh bam here's some more harmony" in 10 minutes when it takes people months to make a song speaks volumes about his talent. At the same time, though, the parts were simple enough that I was able to take them and run away into my own little tune. I really want to hear a version of this on the piano, he rocked that thing.

Gerald McAuley : great insight into the composition process.

Allan Robinson : Big deal. Give me 8 minutes, a random sentence and I'll bang out an arrangement in D flat. Somebody hold my beer while I figure out the 3 minute triangle solo.

justin bullied : This was fantastic! I enjoyed this guy's rendition. To see what this guy could pull off in 10 minutes was amazing. To everyone arguing the logistics of the composition - I'm positive very few people could make an orchestra perform an original song in front of a crowd. All while being entertaining. Give this dude some credit. Stop analyzing the melody and enjoy the performance as a whole.

killorama940 : (Slight Spoiler here, for that one person who cares) As someone who had played trumpet for 8 years, I'm very mad that I never heard a solo. Trumpet solos makes any piece of music better. That might be a bias on my part, but that doesn't make me wrong.

Spunky B. : This is nothing new. Ben Folds has always been this amazing.

Beemer : I guarantee he could have run that a whole verse longer if he just let that damn trumpet come in with that solo. He was ready, too. Anyway, this was just amazing. No wonder he's a National Symphony Orchestra Artistic Advisor. Worth every penny.

G. Lu : pop songs in a nutshell

noah smith : I love the ragtime piano he threw in

JON GILLETTE : As a songwriter myself, I believe he had that little idea in his back pocket.

Isaac Hidalgo : This is a one-of-a-kind skill. Amazing! !

Isaac Gonzalez : Subtitles at 1:35 "[plays first for notes from Beethoven's 9th]" EXCUSE ME?!