Video by Senior Airman Orlando Corpuz, State of Hawaii, Department of Defense, Public Affairs Office
Flight over lava town

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Night aerial B-Roll of 2018 Kilauea Volcano Eruption. Lower Puna area. Aerial b-roll of Puna Lava flow. Shot from a Hawaii Army National Guard UH-60 Blackhawk. May 22, 2018. Aerial survey of the lava flow, fissure eruptions and the Puna Geothermal Venture.


Green Bird : Soo this is what "hell" looks like

Janet Airlines : Time to expand volcano national park

Sasha DeKasha : This video makes it look like the whole island is on fire 😲

Good Prevails : Finally we have a true and unbiased scale of devastation.

human citizen : Openhiemer's quote seen live, giver of life and death

ShiDaFu : Reminds me of the scene when Anakin lost his legs

Standing in the Wind : There are no words 😒. Praying for you Hawai'i.

D P : Looks like the lava planet in Star Wars Episode III.

Ramen Noddle : Incredible footage!

ForPETE’S sake : Looks much worse from up there - man o man

Tahoe Jones : You can bet there will be a big deep downhill trench between the next plant and the volcano. Looks like that one is toast. If those wells are compromised, Isn't that potentially a new volcano?

Mike X : Blimey!!! That's much worse than I thought.

Rebeca Cabrera : Ohhhh my god its looks bad!!!!😍

02Deezy : Starting to look like that scene from 2012 when they flew over Hawaii

Mark Viereck : Why do people build houses in a known riff zone. So if you own property there and lave covers your whole home , do you rebuild on top of the lava. ????????

Citizen david : It's baby volcanoes hatching and their slowly creeping to the sea! .

johnny llooddte : ohh the horrorr.. 2 more houses destroyed.. walk fasterrrrrrrr

Musty Guff : Orlando Corpuz? Thats my uncle. He is always away from Oahu at the volcano.

Will The Loser : Its over anakin! I have the high ground

Pamela Bergner : Beautiful work Tk you for sharing. Am happy nobody has been hurt.

Tiger Style : "You were my brother Anakin! You were supposed to bring balance to the force not throw it into chaos!"

Ludu : Keep on omni king omni πŸ‘Œ baby go harder resolve to laza benefits forever.

Debora Williams : Fascinatig views of Kiloueas's erruption.

Debbie Ward : πŸ™

Katherine Winyala : One does not simply build a neighborhood in Mordor. Or Mustafar for that matter.

claudinei florentino : Espetacular filmagem.

Mike Btrfld : Amazing, since... the earth is flat.

Small Town Girl Big City Heart : Praying everyone will be alright.

Arnold Stollar : So apocalyptic?

Alex Tourigny : Awesome video showing how frightening devastation can still be beautiful ! The Earth is truly an amazing planet !

Sherry Vincent : the video was worth the commercial~ my heart goes out to you folks!

Wendy Banner : Wow! What a lava field!! Amazing! Thanks for a video that finally scans the entire area, or at least most of it.

jason morgan : It's not Hoth because according to Star Wars that planets cold.

CA Catr : Thank you for not adding talk to this.

sofia lizzy : Absolutely beautiful, but so sad for all the destruction

Bozbaby103 : Cool!! And this is a SMALL eruption compared to other Kilauea eruptions! Love watching Mom Nature - or in this case Madam Pele - do her thing.

nomorenights : There are just no words for this devastation. Wow.

M : nature in its raw form!! It’s beautiful this has obviously been going on for thousands & thousands of years. No shocker

Ronald Hayek : What type of video equipment? Everything is red? Or is it a filter?

Lily Gazou : Good job, Orlando. This really shows the big picture.

HAWAIIRAMSFAN7 : I'd be packing up all my belongings from day one...

Michael Dorado : Such beauty.....its mesmerizing. Funny how beauty is shown from whats inside earth, how destructive its beauty truly is. Earth is beautiful till its turn ugly as it solidifies when cooling. πŸ˜•

Michael Gallien : That's not the type of lava I'd like to wash my hands in

Vxldzq Q : Hawaii changed its name to Hellway

Tracy : All started out with a couple of fissures. Unbelievable scenes of devastation

H. Stormes : Awestruck by this video: a true perspective. Thank you Hawaii Nat'l Guard. Everyone be safe.

jom_ aca : It's beautiful!

SSG James Ryan : wow...the floor really is lava.

Chad Sullivan : Is this Mordor?