Video by Senior Airman Orlando Corpuz, State of Hawaii, Department of Defense, Public Affairs Office

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The Rickest Rick : Reminds me of the scene when Anakin lost his legs

Green Bird : Soo this is what "hell" looks like

Good Prevails : Finally we have a true and unbiased scale of devastation.

Janet Airlines : Time to expand volcano national park

WIFIGHOST CRUISER : Hawaii, from Heaven to Hell.

Sasha DeKasha : This video makes it look like the whole island is on fire 😲

Mike Parry : Blimey!!! That's much worse than I thought.

D P : Looks like the lava planet in Star Wars Episode III.

Christine Carter : There are no words 😢. Praying for you Hawai'i.

Chad Sullivan : Is this Mordor?

Politically Incorrect : If Democrats win in November this is what all of America will look like.

Fresno Bob : What's sad is that's someone's backyard.

Ramen Noddle : Incredible footage!

ForPETE’S sake : Looks much worse from up there - man o man

human citizen : Openhiemer's quote seen live, giver of life and death

Mark Viereck : Why do people build houses in a known riff zone. So if you own property there and lave covers your whole home , do you rebuild on top of the lava. ????????

johnny llooddte : ohh the horrorr.. 2 more houses destroyed.. walk fasterrrrrrrr

Tahoe Jones : You can bet there will be a big deep downhill trench between the next plant and the volcano. Looks like that one is toast. If those wells are compromised, Isn't that potentially a new volcano?

Rebeca Cabrera : Ohhhh my god its looks bad!!!!😍

Christ’s Warrior : I been saying this from the beginning this is hell GOD want you too see a huge catastrophic event is occurring keep thinking this a joke cause it’s not

Bev Sputler : Wow that doesn't look good, hope they get everyone off soon ~♡~

no name : Your fixing to see a mass exodus from there

Marilyn Mclean : This video makes me glad to know that I live over here in Washington State. That does not look like much of a paradise to me right now. I say come back to the lower 48 for awhile. It's a sign if I ever saw one.

Art Curious : Hawaii will lose some tourism in the short term but when this is over they should be able to get it all back in volcano and lava tours.

Small Town Girl Big City Heart : Praying everyone will be alright.

Bozbaby103 : Cool!! And this is a SMALL eruption compared to other Kilauea eruptions! Love watching Mom Nature - or in this case Madam Pele - do her thing.

Will The Loser : Its over anakin! I have the high ground

claudinei florentino : Espetacular filmagem.

MrEricmopar : Looks just like Mustafar.

Geezbnme : Crematoria

lickitysplit roberts : Is this how the worlds ends

Debbie Ward : 🙁

Catherine McCandless : that is what hell looks like.

02Deezy : Starting to look like that scene from 2012 when they flew over Hawaii

Arnold Stollar : So apocalyptic?

Citizen david : It's baby volcanoes hatching and their slowly creeping to the sea! .

Marilyn Mclean : The sign is that the ring has come to life, they have been predicting that for a long time now. The earthquake up in Alaska is a sign too. If it is a chain reaction then we are all in danger. A lot of information has been kept quiet from the public for a while now. Why is that?

M Leibs : 😮

Cris Brackett : surreal

Gone Fishin" : Yes. And...ALL OFFICIALS (public and private) who refuse to proactively TRY to protect the Power Plant, should ALL BE FIRED...or placed in front of a firing squad. You all were placed in a position of public trust and safety....and you FAILED!!

steve O : Looks like a war zone

Tyrell Whaley : god please burn it all🙏🏽

Jack Smith : Damn why does earth have to be like this.

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY : Stay safe Hawaii !

Marilyn Mclean : Mt St. Helen's has had a lot of seismic activity still since it blew in 1980. If you go ahead and Google it you will see that it will always be a threat. The one that I worry about is Mt Rainier, due to how long it has been quiet and the sheer size. All of the plate movement is a concern each time that we feel it. I pray about it a lot, I used to live in the Bay Area and lived through a lot of earthquakes.

Marilyn Mclean : I was here in 1980 when Mt St Helens erupted, there was a lot of damage to the environment and all of the population. I also heard about the ash cloud and what it did to enrich all of the western region in bringing life to the area of growth from the ash. I will always remember that nature abhors a vacuum. It enriched Yakama Valley 100 percent in growth of their crops as well. Maybe we can look on the bright side?

Michael Dorado : Such beauty.....its mesmerizing. Funny how beauty is shown from whats inside earth, how destructive its beauty truly is. Earth is beautiful till its turn ugly as it solidifies when cooling. 😕

HunterShows : I'm just expecting a dinosaur to come romping through, feeding on the corpse of another which was overcome by the fumes. What an amazing world.

cloverfield911 : It's like Etna