A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night - Motion Camera Footage

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Shawn Woods : You can purchase peanut oil through my Amazon Affiliate Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000V9JJTI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000V9JJTI&linkCode=as2&tag=shawoohishun-20&linkId=ef06781b09afa839aa6987b696e6e184

2eelShmeal : -And you can still use the oil later for your salad.

Joe Mac : The amount of ASPCA animal lovers on here is hilarious! They’re mice y’all, not a manatee. They can spread up to 35 diseases to people directly or indirectly through their poop or fleas. I know they have their place, but good riddance. Grow some balls people. Y’all should be thankful you live in a place that allows you to be so soft because you never would have made it even 100 years ago.

Zangatti : Cool! I love that you kept them. I had a deer mouse for a pet for years. My parents accidentally ran his parents over when he was a juvenile, still living in his parents' nest. I adopted him and named him Mr. Jingles. Good pet. In summer I'd hear his mating call. He'd sit on his log chirping all night. Poor guy died a virgin.

A Vsaucy Boi : Gordon Ramsay: “Just a touch of olive oil”

The Rice Fields : I love how after a minute of struggle they just sit there in contempt because they know they screwed up.

SayySooFlyy : Not sure why this was in my recommendations but it was interesting af

US : 02:24 look all all those poops in the oil

DeFinitely Jed : The us army needs to secure the oil in this bowl

Shadez : Imagine if a cat walked by this

Benjamin Brusch : This is an actual redneck meal. The harder they struggle to get out, the the better they marinade. You then just transfer the bowl to the oven at 425 for 20 min. It’s best to season the oil prior to catching the mice, but not required

CHA BOI SOY BOI : Oh look my brothers are trapped in there.... lemme join in

Easy Love : i would have set that oil on fire

Will Hathaway : If you want them dead, just add a couple more inches of oil.

Sychonut : The part this video does not show is the explosive diarrhea that ensues because of all the oil they consumed.

#internettroll I trigger people : *sponsored by dawn*

John Cena : When american mice find out traps are made out of oil

panda dragon : good cardio workout ^^

Lilly V Gutierrez : wow how sad and sweet..... he washed them and gave them a home n food. now they r pets ?

Franz Bauer : I would have killed them in a heartbeat.

TheMr3742 : Dam he caught and marinated them over night with out beating a sweat 🤣

Don Folders : Mouse TRAP....? Where....? I just saw 7 mice get gift certificates to the Shawn Woods Spa for Lucky Rodents. 😂🐭❤️😍👍

Breanna Crittendon : I wish I could hug you. This was the most humane way of catching mice

Joyvan : You can catch even more if you use extra virgin oil... If you know what I mean.

Rigby B : Jerry mouse- pool party at my house tonite!! Mouse1-yay Mouse2-I’ll be there Mouse3-ok Mouse4-okie dokie Mouse5-oh how fun Mouse6-ill totally be there Mouse7- ok I’ll bring my bikini!

Julia Jeffery : There cute good thing you didn’t kill them

Sourdough Girl : With that much of oil I thought you were going to deep fry them. Just joking, don't freak out people.

RubherDuck : 3:09 they dead not asleep.

Andy BC09 : This looks the hurtless way to trap rats

Azax : slippery bois

Chuk Blak : The only problem is that I would have to kill the mice. I like a regular mouse trap that kills the mouse before I see them.

cook j : House mice turned into lab rats

Kristina ___________ : There's something so cute about them as they scrabble helplessly against the sides of the bowl. Even the little sounds they make splashing around in the oil

poppyhimbo : any tall glass vase, just put some bird seed in it and a way for the mice to climb in and the same thing, they cant jump out.....found this out by accident when i used to used a vase to fill my bird feeder and there was some seed left in the bottom. the mice jumped in from a rack and then couldnt get out!

The Rainstorm : Aww they are so cuute!!!!!!!

Gonzalo Mogro : Ases muy buenos videos

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports : The funny thing is that they can’t see and can’t warn each other. The other idiots think their buddies who are trapped are eating it all up.

AldoSchmedack : That is crazy effective! We need some more mole devices tested! Keep upmthe good work. I don't think some people realize how many diseases and how much destruction rats and other similar animals cause.

lockdod : Run for it! 1:26 1:32 1:37 1:43 1:53 2:03 Run Run Run 2:08

J : so which kid's toy did you ruin for your prank???

Hugo Bohórquez : Brilliant. Also enjoy how clear and articulate you are on your videos

Basil Brush : False flag, it’s obvious. Mice actors...

Jemzo Maclain : Looks like they're having so much fun in that bowl that they don't wanna get out... look out below, fellas!

MEGA HACKER : Can I put cooking oil?

animaljammer342 : Bowl of oil America: OIL?!?!! OIL!!!! OIIILLLLL

Kelsey M : Put a match in it

Justin O'Brien : "These are real mice, not actors".

Andres Fabregas : Watch these mice go absolutely bonkers when they find this bowl peanut oil

BreezyHD : Wow great recipe just through them in a nice hot pan and added a bit of seasoning, family loved it!

Politicalprincess666 666princesspolitical : Fuk the mice who house has all these mouse and dam you catch mice feed them wash them give them shelter... They doing better than black people...