A Bowl Of Peanut Oil Catches 7 Mice In 1 Night - Motion Camera Footage

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Shawn Woods : You can purchase peanut oil through my Amazon Affiliate Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000V9JJTI/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B000V9JJTI&linkCode=as2&tag=shawoohishun-20&linkId=ef06781b09afa839aa6987b696e6e184

2eelShmeal : -And you can still use the oil later for your salad.

US : 02:24 look all all those poops in the oil

SoFired : OMG in the morning they look like baby seals LOLOL

IsaiahNesbit : People are mad that he saved them but they also get mad when they kill em y'all so complicated lmao.

Jason Peng : if ur gonna watch a mousetrap video then don't complain about mice.. you know...getting trapped..

SayySooFlyy : Not sure why this was in my recommendations but it was interesting af

Jeffrey D Costa : There is no comment saying that it looks like an oiled mouse orgy *So here you go* Edit: I swear im not a furry

#internettroll I trigger people : *sponsored by dawn*

Will Hathaway : If you want them dead, just add a couple more inches of oil.

WINGTHESKILL 123 : Jan 2019?

John Cena : When american mice find out traps are made out of oil

Breanna Crittendon : I wish I could hug you. This was the most humane way of catching mice

The Inkslicer : Is it really a good idea to keep wild mice as pets? Aren't you worried about diseases they might be carrying

Joyvan : You can catch even more if you use extra virgin oil... If you know what I mean.

Jaycie Burris : Jerry mouse- pool party at my house tonite!! Mouse1-yay Mouse2-I’ll be there Mouse3-ok Mouse4-okie dokie Mouse5-oh how fun Mouse6-ill totally be there Mouse7- ok I’ll bring my bikini!

Justin O'Brien : "These are real mice, not actors".

James Karpet : They are already marinated for the frying pan.

panda dragon : good cardio workout ^^

Pro- Teen : those mice trying to leave the oil bowl is like me trying to leave and forget my worries

a single white female : Be careful about keeping mice as pets like this. You could easily catch hantavirus from their feces, which has a very high mortality rate.

Please be gentle : Oh look my brothers are trapped in there.... lemme join in Edit: please keep the replies as 69 hehe..... Welp it's not 69 anymore...

DaArUnicorn Gacha : 0:47 Who else Thought It was a real rat or mice 🐭🐁🐀... that scared me. 😁😁

David Johnson : Ready to cook!

NIGHT2PWN : give me the bowl, i'll have the song disco inferno by the trammps playing in the background as i light a match stick

J : so which kid's toy did you ruin for your prank???

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports : The funny thing is that they can’t see and can’t warn each other. The other idiots think their buddies who are trapped are eating it all up.

Thegamingcactus : Now I want to do this and keep them as pets and make an army of mice

Hugo Bohórquez : Brilliant. Also enjoy how clear and articulate you are on your videos

Gabbi Durham : Tbh you could probably catch me in a bowl of peanut oil

animaljammer342 : Bowl of oil America: OIL?!?!! OIL!!!! OIIILLLLL

Basil Brush : False flag, it’s obvious. Mice actors...

Ellie MM : Personally, I would just like to get rid of them, quick and humanely, without much fuss. I wonder if we could put a cover over the peanut oilwith some chloroform in there so they can be "put to sleep"

Big Steve : I did it and woke up with half a mouse because a cat snatched it rip

Floppy Arms Here : 0:45 That was so funny for me

Anita J in FLA : Darn... I just bought a huge thing of cooking oil! Im going to test out that in a bowl... With creamy peanut butter slathered inside. At least they can have a snack going down and slippin and a sliding! I dont feel sorry for lil mice or rats.. The damage they can do is unreal! So far Ive had to replaster 4 holes in my walls.. They chewed through drywall.. I placed poison blocks inside.. Then weeks later they chewed another hole 3 feet from the other. I tried SOS pads along my kitchen sink pipes AND steel wool....lil jerks carried it off and made hole bigger. And chewed my fridge wires!!! Had to rewire that. Sure glad I wasnt out of town and all my freezer which was full and fridge!!! Yeah...$200 full of groceries!!! This is cheap and easy!!! I will post an update... Seriously... Will do this before we go out of town....its Christmas and hopefully this will catch them. I have no sympathy....

Sourdough Girl : With that much of oil I thought you were going to deep fry them. Just joking, don't freak out people.

Mark Kenneth Villafuerte : Some people collect comic book, toys, swords, or shoes but you collect mouse traps. You definitely have passion for it and you even make a lot videos demonstrating all of it. Cool bro.

FaZe Baby2 : What shampoo do they use 🤣

Jeremy Nava : You’re a sweet dude, I would of killed them.

Benny Troung : Should've killed those vermin.

cook j : House mice turned into lab rats

Jemzo Maclain : Looks like they're having so much fun in that bowl that they don't wanna get out... look out below, fellas!

Sam Black : I replicated this and it failed

rdooski : I've seen a open almost empty vape juice bottle do the same thing with small roaches.

Blue Savior : Anybody else notice we almost at 1 mill subscribers

Dank Matter : Recommended section on youtube

De U : This works. No technicalities whatsoever

Ricardo Paulino : Know BBQ 🍖 them and have a nice nice meal 🥘... 👍

The Leestar : The noise and the cute little faces make this video so calming and relaxing