Bad Religion - Los Angeles Is Burning

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Marky Shaw : Super relevant right now.

Toast Busters : I really wanna punch a boy band in the face. -Henry Rollins

Brontesaurus : The whole world is burning

moonhawk x : bad religion's music videos were pretty unique and original

Marcos Braga : Manaus is burning (em todos os sentidos, calor da porra)

Stephen Pickering : I am fairly fucking certain, that I will never grow tired of this song. This song will be one of those songs I will listen to tens of thousands of times until the day I blink out of existence, and I am fairly certain it will still be winding me up to the extent that, rather than blink out of existence, in my final moment I will likely go supernova and take the entire solar system with me. Probably during the "More a blessing than a curse..." bit, naturally.

Jon Haymaker : Burn, baby, burn

João Paulo : RIO DE JANEIRO is Burning..

rusty MetalMan : I don't mind if LA burns just make sure Beverly hills and Hollywood get it worst

Monstereitski : Baltimore is burning

Talles Felipe : Greetings From Brazil

Psy0ch : Somewhere high in the desert near a curtain of a blue Saint Ann's skirts are billowing But down here in the city of lime lights The fans of Santa Ana are withering And you can't deny the living is easy If you never look behind the scenery It's showtime for dry climes And bedlam is dreaming of rain When the hills of Los Angeles are burning Palm trees are candles in the murder wind So many lives on the breeze Even the stars are ill at ease And Los Angeles is burning This is not a test Of the emergency broadcast system When Malibu fires and radio towers Conspire to dance again And I cannot believe the media Mecca They're only trying to peddle reality Catch it on prime time, story at nine The whole world is going insane When the hills of Los Angeles are burning Palm trees are candles in the murder wind So many lives are on the breeze Even the stars are ill at ease And Los Angeles is burning A placard reads "the end of days" Jacaranda boughs are bending in the haze More a question than a curse How could hell be any worse? The flames are starting, the camera's running So take warning When the hills of Los Angeles are burning Palm trees are candles in the murder wind So many lives are on the breeze Even the stars are ill at ease And Los Angeles is burning

Madeleine Spencer : Holy shit! Greg looks like Saul Goodman!

Daily Dose of WTF : america is burning

Jesus Mancilla : If this song isn't used in Fear The Walking Dead I'm gonna be pissed.

qwertydino1 : all the headlines during the news sections: "Study finds crime is linked to poverty, experts say be afraid of poor people A city built on sand falls with a great crash panic and fear widespread; retail up 25% Flames consume more buildings Production for tv moive last days of los angeles will begin as soon as dust settles beware the fierce grin of all men singed and driven back by flame four hoursemen back in saddle opinion poll: is the medias coverage of LA's destruction too negative? you are not being brainwashed." sometimes its the little things

Brad Lahey : I Love the style of this video.  Graffin for President 2016.

Gary Busey : So many recent fires happening on the West Coast

Lucian V. : L.A. is in a post-apocalyptic world as we speak. Literally. The hills of los Angeles are burnin'..

StormsbrewingNC : December 2017 Yes it is.

Sam K. : Had this song stuck in my head all day. The opposite of a problem!

Jomadscientist : During this heat wave this video is an accurate portrayal of Los Angeles. 

Hoormazd Kia : just here because the hills of Los Angeles are Literally burning.

Thomas Capssa : Can't be more suitable than now.

pablodz81 : urbandictionary : Bad Religion "One of the greatest punk rock bands of all time "   ::::WRONG:::: " the very best punk band ever, they rockmysoxoff. "  ::::this is correct::::

Luna Rose : When it's actually burning in a non political nor deeper meaning way for like the past 2 weeks in LA's hills

FartandLeave : This is currently happening

Justin Jerman : Who knew this song was telling the future?

Xperia Zip : They need to remake this video with actual footage of the wild fires

Bee Love : 2:24 RIP little pigeon friend

Matthew Kaprutus : Dallas Texas is burning

Kevin Graves : Is the whole world is going insane, Or, am I just going sane in a crazy world?

Joey Tapia : when epitaph signed good bands

Է : Los Angeles is burning again ..

DaOneJoel : Oh the irony, LA is on fire as we speak.

Magicprincess9000 : Capitalism that went crazy! And now we just have nothing but Corporate logos, nasty smogs/pollution, insane traffic,water issues, high rent, overpopulation but not enough jobs and nobody is doing anything about the homeless...Los Angeles is burning!

Aentrus : Lol right now

Paulo Pilha : Rio de Janeiro is burning.

Steelstorm : Driving down the 405 in LA tonight, this one's terrifyingly up-to-date.

Kyle Bradley : Too soon guys

Freddy Lomas : Yea its literally burning

Ravenekz : Would you look at that, L.A. is literally burning right now

Kay Rose : Meanwhile in california

All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks : I like how they reference their first album in this song.

step tb : "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?" ...I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE

elgmalone : Someone should take footage from the recent fires and put it to this song.

Nick C : This songs gonna get an extra million views due to the fires

watuchie : I'm listening to this on 12/6/2017 I'm horrible

Gabriel Slongo : the best song ever!!!

scottcain20051 : This prophecy came true!!!