Learn Mandarin Chinese: Beginner- Self Introduction (Part 2)

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For a Free Trial lesson on learning Chinese for beginners, 1-on-1 face-to-face, you can sign up here today: http://goo.gl/bOr6s6 ___________________________ This Chinese language lesson for beginners introduces useful phrases such as "免贵姓...... (Miǎn guì xìng...) My surname is...," "先生 (xiānsheng) sir," and "小姐 (xiǎojiě) Miss." ___________________________ You can also gain background knowledge through Chinese culture and Chinese language by learning about the "百家姓 (Bǎi jiā xìng) One Hundred Family Name Primer." ___________________________ For more information on introducing yourself in Chinese, you can read and listen to the full lesson here: https://goo.gl/EV3wGv ___________________________ You will find that Mandarin lessons for beginners can be fun and cultural, too! When you study Chinese with eChineseLeaning, it's a lesson in language and culture, too. Learning Chinese with www.echineselearning.com will broaden your horizons and open doors to your future. Join us today!

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Andrea Katherine Pinto Martinez : Becky xiaojie is very sweet and nice, and a very good teacher!

John Doe : Great! And she makes these lessons even more interesting by being so glad and smiling :) Really pretty girl and a good teacher. Thank you!

M. AZUL : The girl is so kind and cute! She's a good teacher indeed!

陈澄 : I'm going to find a language exchange partner. I can teach you Mandarin if you can help me to speak spanish or arabic.

BornToFly : u r an amazing teacher... ur sentences r understandable even though i haven't had much tym learning...

nisa kn : yeah, very useful and it helps me to learn the language. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Nunuy Nurhayati : I like your teaching way. It slowly ang gives time to think and repeat it. Makes learing easy to follow.  Keep teaching Thank you

Muhammad Faisal Niazi : very intresting language

Casval Char : Awesome... it's interesting

Claudia pinto basto : XIÈ XIÈ LOVED IT!!!

Sathi pavan kumar reddy : Hai,becky u r very beautiful.I love ur way of teaching.

Sang Tiêu : backy xiaojie ^ ^

Thomas Shibolli Greschler : You have a very delicate approach that gives any student a warm welcome. Xie xie.

Ganga K K : thanks for the uploads

crissyisajojofan : Holy hell I'll stick to Japanese this is hard

Kim Hằng Trần Lê : thankkkkkk you <3 <3 <3 <3 I love Chinese food so much, and now I want to learn Chinese language. Your video help me a lot ^^

Nick Best : 谢谢!

Hoàng Yên : thanks you very much MinnaXiao :)

BASH░▒ : Excellent, i watch you every day and im learning Chinese by my own will only. im from Argentina, spanish is my mother langue.

Mint Wang : xie xie nin. ^___________^ it's very good video for learning Chinese

chow der : i want to learn chinese language!


LENG FlashbangMonk : awesome lessons, good for polishing my chinese as i will arrive in a few months ^.^ Xie Xie ni, ni shi yige feichang hao de laoshi!!

Nguyễn Thảo : Hi MinnaXiao, even though, i dont know you, but many thanks for your movie.

Vino Bagus : Sie sie

touyen huynh : thi tham lop 12cna01 paj ko?

Songbird Wasabi : YIN LAOSHI!!!! Your teaching video is very helpful! Thank you! *proceeding to next lesson ^o^*

thi tham : teacher.................I love your lesson. I am learning E and chinese, so I am relly happy when you teach Chinese by English. It is very useful

Ivanni : You are an excellent teacher Yin...thank you for putting up your videos...very helpful! : )

Wesam Shaya : I will com to HongKong , thanks i will learn a few word ... it is more easy to learn now :-) i will come between 3-8/11/2013

ututura : u're lovely and very good teacher! I'm from brasil and I will try learn a little of your beautiful language and culture! thank u very much!

Oliveira Tech : very good your classes..you are very bautiful girl..hehee i liked chinese girl..i am learning chinese.i want to learn...i'm going keep watching your classes..i liked very much..have you a email to help me more..take care =)

Luis Alberto Lopez Guzman : Hi there thank you so much for your lessons i really like chinese and i'd like to learn more about it . your lessons are very useful , greetings from peru

WinterWhirls : 所谓"一日为师,终生为父"谢谢银小姐的教导!您教会了许多外国人!

WinterWhirls : Lol

Vũ Lan : good lecture,I like it so much .I'm going to learn Chinese

cartoon show : Xiexie xiaojie becky

Onny Hoo : Lao shi , I wanna ask you, ni beijingren ma? are you from beijing? how about asking: where are you from?

Cambodia Trip : Hello! Lao shi! have you use to visit Cambodia?

Letrung Kien : thanks-

Ryan Zarmbinski : He said "Thanks for sharing the classes are really good!!"

nelsontr : He said; Thanks for share the classes! They are really good!

Henry camacho : yuh are pretty :) do yuh have a fb so we can talk becky

Jarin Jarusakmontree : ็Hello Becky your vdo is great for the beginner in Thailand I've share it in my FB Hope you and your family be Healthy and Successful all the time I can speak, write, read, Chinese just a little words Your VDO present is s GREAT.. Thanks for ALL Mr.Ja rin Ja ru sak mon tree 朱 汉 川

lana veger : thank you verry much for this lesson,chinese is my five languge and becuse of you i can improve.hope you be blessed

Tech High : 我是越南人。 我觉得这些讲稿 很好! 我很满意关于的。 你来日中国吗? 你也是老师吗?

Trisna Buana : Hi, MinnaXiao... may I Know where I can get software of chinese calligraphy best learning that I love very much. Please inform me to trisna2009@gmail.com. I very appreciate for your help. thx.

eChineseLearning : Hi Trinh Xuan Duong, I think your name in Chinese is "郑(zhèng)春(chūn)阳(yáng)." Hope it helps.

eChineseLearning : Yes, Mandarin Chinese in Chinese is 普通话(pǔtōnghuà). They are the same.