Learn Mandarin Chinese: Beginner- Self Introduction (Part 2)

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M. AZUL : The girl is so kind and cute! She's a good teacher indeed!

Andrea Katherine Pinto Martinez : Becky xiaojie is very sweet and nice, and a very good teacher!

陈澄 : I'm going to find a language exchange partner. I can teach you Mandarin if you can help me to speak spanish or arabic.

John Doe : Great! And she makes these lessons even more interesting by being so glad and smiling :) Really pretty girl and a good teacher. Thank you!

nisa kn : yeah, very useful and it helps me to learn the language. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

Muhammad Faisal Niazi : very intresting language

BornToFly : u r an amazing teacher... ur sentences r understandable even though i haven't had much tym learning...

Nunuy Nurhayati : I like your teaching way. It slowly ang gives time to think and repeat it. Makes learing easy to follow.  Keep teaching Thank you

Casval Char : Awesome... it's interesting

Hu Jiao : 那就是胡歌!0:20

Jasmeen Gill - Marvin Heights PS (1110) : You are a great teacher, i can even understand some words like wo shi shanghariren ni ne?

Jana R : this is so helpful!

Zaki maimouni : You are really a wonderful teacher. I actualy like to be one of yor students. Can provide us with technical chinese terms as soon as possible. Terms of tools and materials like plier ; spanner ; screwdrivere whires, hammer etc. I will be so thankful to you, and I will bring you more subscribers, waiting for your next video

Alikka Edyanto : I like it

Kim Hằng Trần Lê : thankkkkkk you <3 <3 <3 <3 I love Chinese food so much, and now I want to learn Chinese language. Your video help me a lot ^^

Simon Saimee Samat : 我是马来西亚人.  I love mandarin. Easy to pronounce. I've been learning for 4 months now.

Ganga K K : thanks for the uploads

Carlos Loncoman : Thanks a lot Xiaojie!!! Hen Hao, Xie Xie :)  

angie Khumalo : Am enjoying these lessons...I wish I came across this earlier... I hope I can improve for my HSK 3 exam😊😊

Muntazir Imam : I am Pakistani. My name is Muntazir I learn the Chinese language

morgan justin : Great teacher...

Samar Ranjit : mam i cant find part 3 ....and how do we pronounce what is your favourite food . and how can we learn writing it is very hard

Sang Tiêu : backy xiaojie ^ ^

crissyisajojofan : Holy hell I'll stick to Japanese this is hard

KSS PHK : xiexie laoshi <3


Sathi pavan kumar reddy : Hai,becky u r very beautiful.I love ur way of teaching.

p b : ive been living among chinese people for 8 years and i just started to learn the language ,, thank u , u made it so easy to learn

The Lovely Flower : WOW! You are a very good teacher! I'd wish for a teacher like......YOU!😀😀😀

Claudia pinto basto : XIÈ XIÈ LOVED IT!!!

John Smith : The pitch tones are ok, especially for those who also have them in their native tongues like Latvian in my case, where just changing the pitch can change the meaning. Even grammar in Chinese is easy since there are no cases and endings to worry about. But I am totally stunned about the writing system. How on earth can one memorize the characters. How did they came to be.. It's incredible such a writing system has survived without being simplified (and it kind of has, but it's not simple anyway). Great video and very lovely teacher! xie xie

Nina Wang : Xiao jie is kinda of humiliating in China right now. Plz don't say that to Chinese ladies. Better to say nv shi now

Nick Best : 谢谢!

Twice Video Update : It fun..

IIsuperstarII : I am wondering. What if you don't pronounce the different pitches: í, ì, î (I don't know how to put the roof upside down). Would they just not understand what you're saying? Why? Are there different words with the same letters, but only different pitches?

Dun Korn : very useful, thank you

David Loro : This is amazing, Thank you very much!!

Ridiculus : This language is diffecult

johney nong : cute teacher i wish i can speak chinese soon thank teacher.

Djamal Debbah : it is very nice language but i need this conversations in french

Thomas Shibolli Greschler : You have a very delicate approach that gives any student a warm welcome. Xie xie.

Roukaia_khelifi : good teacher <3

Diana Cosío : So good!! 🙏🏻🙌🏻

andrej bašek : nice

Visages de Noel : Hello, Becky! Thank you so much for your helpful videos, as well as for your good mood and positive energy! I am very interesting in learning chinese and I would like to start a blog to document my experience and also to motivate me. Would you give me permission to quote you and your videos?

Eddy Steve : i have started learning chinese through your tutorials, its my next destination

maina muchiri : If i want to say for example, " I'm a native of France, and you?" you say " Fãguórén, nī ne?" Why don't you end the sentence with 'ma' so it reads like " Fãguórén, nī ne ma?". By the way, I'm a Kenyan living and working in an Arab country and your lessons have helped me so much, Thank you!

Pol Arellano : Honestly i was having a hard time to understand my chinese colleagues even they trying to teach me i cannot really absorb it lol. Im glad that i found you ms. Becky you're a very good teacher! I know it takes alot of time, months or years lol. I'll try my best to learn mandarin xiexie! 😀

Pendy Gomes : Please I would like to ask you a question, on the chinese painting when the chineses finish their painting, what do they write on the rice paper? Do they write their names or the name of the painting's subject? It is very good your video!