MOST SAVAGE My 600 lb life moment

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K M : Do you guys want me to go through all the episodes and upload clips like this ? If enough people want it, then I'll spend a few days torturing myself and finding more like this.

xmsimsxm : He saw through her bullshit and called her out on it, that is a real doctor!! Someone who has your best interest in mind!

Yesenia Monge : This doctor is such a baddie i love him lol

Pepe Witnessing Birth Of Hitler : Now imagine an underweight bulimic person saying that im obese abd eat too much.

Faith Nottage : Reminds me of when Patrick Star said “ NOW IM GONNA STARVE!”

Joe B : -So, if I don't wanna eat, that's not a problem? -Jeanine, you're 500 lbs. LOL gotta love Dr. Now.

Electric ice gamer : She looks like the English voice actor of Naruto. Kinda sounds like her to. lol

Combatarms423 : lol this guy has heard every excuse in the book

Cunt tiddies : Dr. Now is so tired of their shit 😂

Sleepie Rumination : Tbh this should be in second place compared to "Do you look like you're malnourished?"

RaisedontheRadio : She is bulimic. The Earth is flat. And water isn’t wet. Glad we got that cleared up.

Dee Dawson : She got a pennywise hairline

Meme Mey : Bullimic LOL😂😂 and so Eugenea Cooney is an obese😂😂

A Clark : She doesn't want to eat .... Lettuce Cucumber Tomatoes Squash Leeks Cabbage Carrots Celery Etc.........

megan ochs : I saw this episode and this woman irritated me to NO end. She did nothing the doctor asked her to do, and then when she didn't get her way, aka the surgery, she blames everyone else but herself. I know a lot of people on the show do that, but there was something about her that was different

MrKydaman : That doctor should get REALITY tatooed on his hand so he can slap her with it.

Patrick Poison : ...not sure why she is shocked when he said the best thing to do is NOT eat

Pretty Prudent : 🌿 The Craziest part of this is...he’s actually right. If she decides not to eat and only consumes water, the body will burn the fat as an energy source for a very long time. There will also be a tiny bit of muscle loss, though nothing to cause concern.

Second2none : I saw this episode she was gorgeous at a point in her life. Depression is real people. I hope she can heal he mind body and soul.

Heather C. : I think she's the first I've seen who rides a scooter from the bedroom to the bathroom in a one bedroom apartment.

phosphorus petals : I saw this episode on TV the other day, my mother and I lol'd!

JoAnn Wilson : Got to love sassy dr now. I think he’s finally had enough of the excuses. I don’t blame him, I can almost predict who will lose weight and who will say they are doing good while scoffing a burger saying it’s a treat.

vulnikkura : I fucking love this doctor so much. Oh my god.

Ángela Sofía Jaime Moreno : pff, she isn't even correct, she would be "anorexic" (the ones how don't eat), bulimics are the ones how bindge and vomit

Lowanda Lee : she is a mess...

Beatriz Carvalho : oh gosh. bulimia isn’t not eating.

Taylow C : Dr.Now is fed up lol he isn't putting up with the excuses this season

J-kat : She was so whiny and start bawling all the time, and why close your eyes to talk to someone

au v : Dr is right...he is savage for her best interest...she shld be thankful

kids909302 : She is not bulimic

yo yo bigs : I never heard a fat person say I don't want to eat that's the first

Tonya Scarlett : I had gastric surgery 2 months ago. I've lost 60 pounds. I weighed 269 the day of surgery. You have to want it bad enough to not make excuses.

Giggles_ Giggles : Lol she's malnourished

Audra Hollis : She is so dumb she doesn't know what bulimia is. She could not eat for 6 months and still be fine

MissVagina : Was this the one where she was told by Dr. Now to stop using her scooter but continued to use it?

Kori Banks : Her face on the thumbnail... 😂😂 Lmao!!! Omg...

VII : It frustrates me so much cause there are some people on this show who really genuinely appreciate the help they’re getting and put the effort in to lose weight, like charity and Bettie jo from season 3. And then there’s this moron.

CheetoStud : I can tell by looking at her, that she’s definitely bulimic.

Ric D. : What's with her closing her eyes when she talks?!

Kali _ : Great doctor. He’s persistent and intelligent. You can tell her cares about her well being and health. 💕💞

Lily Lilz : She doesn't want to eat HEALTHY

Brooke Cantu : Bulimic can be over weight but I doubt she's one

Cometa 84 : Seeing her going thru the drive thru on her scooter was epic.

TheReviewGhost : Bulimia is eating a ton and throwing it up on purpose. Anorexia is not eating at all. She's 100% just using the scariest food related buzzword she knows to get permission to not diet

sodium_ ramen : I didn't understand a god forsaken word that doctor said

Chris Xavier : Dr.Now telling Assanti to take a shower is right up there too

Linc Sink : LMAO Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy made a sketch of exactly this scenario where this fat chic went to see her therapist and she kept insisting she was bulimic only for the therapist to define to her what bulimia is and told her point blank that her problem was that she was fat 😂😂😂

Trixie C : I saw this episode, this lady has psychiatric issues in my opinion..

Andrew Ridosko : How is this cinsidered savage

jack jo : I barely understand what the doctor said lol..