New York City and Los Angeles Compared

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Mr. Beat : Which is better? New York City or Los Angeles? Which two cities should I compare next? And here is M.Laser's video:

SweetWheatsy : Yknow, at first I'd think myself better enjoying living in LA, but after hearing some of these facts I think I'd prefer New York. Living in a country with pretty good public transport, it's something I value greatly, and hearing New York having developed it a ton more than LA is important to me. I also have this idea of NY being much more of a concrete jungle than LA (which it probably is), but hearing LA having more smog problems is interessting - perhaps also due to the density of private transport. NY also seems to have more nature and parks than I thought, when searching around.

Stefan Milo : All star mash up! Having visited neither I can't make an objective decision but fortunately this is the internet so that doesn't matter. I pick New York.

KhAnubis : My god, so many extra collabs, too! (Also, it‘s no contest, Berlin is the absolute best!)

BostWiki : New York City! :-)

ExcelIsFun : Love the YouTuber Round Table at the end - YouTubers hanging out : )

M.Laser : Just for the record I prefer NYC over LA. Btw, great working with you Mr. Beat I had a blast :)

US 101 : NYC all day! East coast!

ExcelIsFun : Thanks for the great video, Mr. Beat!!!

Nipun Sharma : Can you please do London and Paris compared???

Dylan Pattyn : Lived in both, love em both LA has prettier people and weather NYC is the greatest city on the planet

GileIgnj : As a European I am absolutely for NY because you can actually walk from place to place and still have functional legs after.

Rob Weissman : In LA you can do more... City, beaches, mountains, and space.... New York you get CITY, it's a really good city, maybe the best, but city is all you get. =)

Meme Generator : Like L.A. better. Was born in NYC but you can't beat (no pun intended)the weather and people L.A. has.

Aidan Forero : NYC is the best no competition *whispers* ignore the fact I live twenty minutes from the city

jojofromtx : Los Angeles is better. I lived in NYC and people are rude as hell, everything is overpriced and toll roads get old. People are nicer in LA probably because the weather is always nice.

Angelo Delevingne : LA is way better idc what yall say

Mega_Strqfe : LA all the way!!!

Mr. Taylor : Born and raised in The Bronx, NYC! There is just so much to see and do in NYC and the tri-state area. I mean, between a quick run out to nearby Long Island for the beaches and concerts, New Jersey being right next door, Connecticut a quick run up north, you'd lose your mind trying to choose an activity. Want an extra dose of culture?! Boston is also up north. To the south is Philly/Pennsylvania, D.C., Baltimore. Head West to see Niagara Falls, Buffalo for authentic Buffalo Wings, the Finger Lakes and wine country, fishing, camping, hunting, farming, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Toronto is near Niagara Falls across the lake... everything is nearby to each city/region. The best things New York has to offer is within reach of more great places to visit/live whether you're driving, commuting or flying. NEW YORK CAN'T BE BEAT!

Keith Wilson : We aren't "Angelenos", nobody describes themselves here as "Angelenos". Only the mayor and the media call us "Angelenos". We are Southern Californians or residents of Los Angeles. Stop trying to make it a thing, its not a thing, it will never be a thing. Anyone agree? San Diego-ites... San Diego-ins, San Diego-ons, San Diegons... San Diegans

Atomic Reverend Alexander : I hate LA! As a So. Cal resident I can say this.

BadgerCheese94 : New York over LA any day.

Anisa Siddikova : Thank you Mr. Beat! I’m from Brooklyn, NY and I love it here!

mrcreepercraft48 : Chicago vs Houston

Lindsay Manning : I have been to Los Angeles before but I have never been anywhere near New York City. I would love to see New York one day since it is the largest city in the USA and one of the most influential cities on planet earth.

Cuauhtemoc : LA is way better than NYC. More cultures and better food. Better climate, the homeless in LA don't need to freeze they can live in a tent in skid row. LA has beaches, hollywood, theme parks. LA is the best. 👌🏽

Metal Wolf : Forgot South LA

mrengulfeddirector : I live in Los Angeles now. Of COURSE the west coast is better. I would have liked to see you or your fellow youtubers take a note of the greatest asset LA has over NYC: the HAPPINESS! Yes, we work a little less harder than the ants in the big apple but on average we're healthier, more optimistic, and kinder to each other. I even prefer the at-times-necessary feigned niceness you get down here. At least the person is trying to behave civilly and keep their problems to themselves. The New Yorkers I've met seem to relish in complaining about how busy their lives are. No bueno for me. I think it's the vitamin D deficiency over there - I should know, I grew up in Seattle!

Sirhcl : Do Dallas and Houston!

Aiden : Finally a video on New York! Great video

Tyler Hackner : I haven’t lived in either of them, would prefer NYC.

Josh Ricatti : When you were talking about tourism, you should've mentioned Coney Island in Brooklyn Also, you should compare country capitals. You should do Brasillia vs. Buenos Aires, Riyadh vs. Istanbul, Islamabad vs. New Delhi, and Lisbon vs. Madrid.

SwahgiIlitious YT : New York has a better skyline than LA, LA's skyline is a joke

Mario Garcia : Sorry New York but Los Angeles all the way the fact we have the best weather year round own house with a swimming pool have amazing Mountains and Beaches Deserts and great Islands to visit hard to beat

QJR : How about Virginia and West Virginia compared? Also, by the way, good video! I think you're really improving with these videos.

Pinchedi : Los Angeles has more beautiful people. NYC people are all glossy and smell like armpits in the humid summer.

Mayonnaise Musician : Do North Carolina vs. South Carolina

Nebula Kula : Do one with Chicago and Houston

David H : New York City sucks .... Maybe NYC is known for being the city of dreamers but all of California is known to be the state of dreamers! LA all the way ... Nee York City is one of the dirtiest and congested places in the USA! I’ve never heard anyone wants to move to NYC but I have heard hundreds and thousands wanting to move to the city of Angles!

H Eck : We got take this L and die 😭😭

bonecanoe86 : I live fairly close to New York in Bucks County, PA. It's a fascinating place but I don't think I'd want to live there. Nor would I want to live in L.A. It seems like the worst people in the country live in these two cities these days (And Washington D.C. of course), which is sad because once a long time ago they were great cities. Now they're two great swamps.

Daddy Paytas : Lmao L.A who? New York>Los Angeles. Always

Hector McMillan : Los Angeles ALL the way! NYC sucks!

Ozymandias : Been to both. They both suck....Have a nice day!

Unnamed Muffin : NYC is better hands down. The public transportation and climate is superior. I lived in Tokyo for two years and New York is very similar to it. Also it's the most diverse city in the country, which makes it the most interesting one to live in.

Ed Moritz : Neither-- Chicago!

Mekhai Sanderson : From Bronx new york

Harry Christofi : New York City all the way! Yes I live there, specially in Astoria which is in the borough of Queens lol

Denys A : An Angelino, I have spent time in both NYC and Chicago and appreciate both. I have not been to Paris or Rome (yet), but I have been to Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Honolulu, Manila, Managua, Buenos Aires and Santiago. If my wife would let me, I would probably try to move to Buenos Aires. The weather is great, year round, the architecture is crazy good (they don't tear down old buildings; the they renovate them, even if they're 200 years old), and while it's a HUGE city, it is incredibly walkable. They call it the "Paris of the West," but I'm wondering if maybe Paris isn't the "Buenos Aires" of the east. You don't need a car. You will want to walk and walk and walk, even if your feet hurt, you will go on and on, because this city is so fascinating. You might at some point need a subway for the far-flung parts of the city, but mostly you will probably want to stay downtown, where you and millions of others can live together in peace and exploration. B.A. is amazing. Don't cry for me liking Argentina . . . the truth is I'll never forget you. So. Compare B.A. and Santiago, Chile.

officertryhard1 : Born and raised in NYC, better than LA 👌🏻👌🏻