New York City and Los Angeles Compared

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Mr. Beat : Which is better? New York City or Los Angeles? Which two cities should I compare next? And here is M.Laser's video:

Christopher Hammond : East coast best coast

dolphinpuke : Too dumb for New York, not pretty enough for LA

x DRAGO x : "It's so expensive to live in both cities" tell that to the San Francisco Bay Area where the cheapest house is $1,000,000

ACM Webmaster : New York does not have palm trees... :(

Mr.L.A. : L.A. got the finest females and the best weed,weather and beaches

M.Laser : Just for the record I prefer NYC over LA. Btw, great working with you Mr. Beat I had a blast :)

Wasted Bear : All my New Yorkers where u at!!

onee : Fun fact, Tupac represented the West Coast, but was born in the East Coast (East Harlem, New York to be precise).

NPC 33331 : NYC is the greatest city in the world

Victor T : Coming from a Miami resident, New York wins by a mileeee! No comparison

FlowUrbanFlow : I'm and East coaster that loves LA. I've seen a lot of West coasters that love NYC.

Χρήστος Αλευρόπουλος : I'm not American but i prefer LA.

California Girl : I’m from Los Angeles California And California is the best

Christian Manansala : I'm a Filipino, and while most of us like NYC, I prefer LA. I like LA because it has Spanish influence, and in some cases, many Filipinos.

TheQueenSpider : As a Chicagoan I prefer New York.

MrBettsClass : Great video, buddy. And again, NY all the way. Pizza > Tacos Yankees > Dodgers Casey > Paul Brothers Empire State Building > Griffith Observatory Broadway < Hollywood (Can't win them all)

kermit fam : New York has a nice feeling to it

Kiki's Kurls : Like if you're from Los Angeles..... Hi my health concious, fabulously fit, good looking sun shiny neighbors who can wear summer clothes in the dead of winter lol!✌🏾

Terrible Sense Of Money : LA better

64NERD : Los Angeles is better. I can say it because I have been to both cities this year 2018

SweetWheatsy : Yknow, at first I'd think myself better enjoying living in LA, but after hearing some of these facts I think I'd prefer New York. Living in a country with pretty good public transport, it's something I value greatly, and hearing New York having developed it a ton more than LA is important to me. I also have this idea of NY being much more of a concrete jungle than LA (which it probably is), but hearing LA having more smog problems is interessting - perhaps also due to the density of private transport. NY also seems to have more nature and parks than I thought, when searching around.

RedAZurE : NYC!

Manhattan is the best : I see more people on the NY side in the comments section of this video. I'm on that side.

SlumpSKD1 : But New York has the best hip hop artist

68atome : Los Angeles>New York I am of France and i prefer Los Angeles in New York and if the demographics of L-A to explode in the last century is anything but a coincidence. The climate, the landscape, city more extensive than N-Y, etc..I think the majority of Europeans on the Mediterranean border will think the same thing as me Los Angeles> New York

Stefan Milo : All star mash up! Having visited neither I can't make an objective decision but fortunately this is the internet so that doesn't matter. I pick New York.

焦恩俊为 : i choose los angeles just because i want to see movie stars and porn stars walking on the street

Heaven Maya : sorry i'm all about LA my home place

A13 A13 : When I came back home to Dallas from LA in 2012 I fell in love with it and it was my favorite city at the time, because of the hip hop culture, the vibe, palm trees, etc. But when I came back from NYC in June, it automatically kicked LA out of the number 1 spot. I FUCKIN love NYC so much, there’s a vibe that you feel that no other city will ever give you. The giant buildings, bright lights, busy streets, music playing (especially reggaetón and hip hop) the smell of delicious pizza, desserts, sweet peanuts, etc. I recommend NYC 100% (btw I was there during the peak of the Tekashi69 era, so NYC definitely had the spotlight...hate it or love it) 🤷🏻‍♂️

Salty : Trick question, answer is Chicago.

Alan Medina : People gotta understand CALIFORNIA itself eats up the whole state of New York, better everything in the West. New York got New York City that’s it. We got LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento etc, New York got burrows... that’s cute 🤣🤣

Rachel r : New York forever!

Symonet : New York!!!

Youssef A. يوسف : I love New York 😍😍 !! My city it’s the best !! Nyc 🗽🗽🇺🇸❤️

Dante Flores : If you from nyc then you know no one respects staten island as a borough

Bruno GellerBing : NYC, NYC, NEW YORK CITY.

TheCraftingtonPost : Simple. LA's gargantuan crime rate is enough for me to enjoy New York much more.

AlexPham95 : Do Las Vegas vs Atlantic City

nick p : Not from the states but NYC all the way....

Rob Weissman : In LA you can do more... City, beaches, mountains, and space.... New York you get CITY, it's a really good city, maybe the best, but city is all you get. =)

vamosnippon : I would say Socal is better than NY. Not necessarily LA, LA is not the whole Socal, we have SD, OC, IE. SOCAL is sunny 80% of the year, better Asian, Mexican food than NY. We can literally snowboard and surf within 2hrs. We have the desert if you feel cold. We do birthday parties at Vegas by driving 3hours. Work environment is much better, more progressive than east coast. We literally have everything new york has but new york doesn't have everything Socal has. Mic drop

Dabbing Pika : The devils are in NJ Not NY

JL M : Both are shithole cities representing the 3rd world in USA.

AngeLife : I put the laundry in the dryer, the dishes in the dishwasher, and I’m going to watch M Laser’s New York City history. It better be good, because I’m from New York City. I love LA, too.

onee : How can you forget the "Hollywood" sign as a tourist attraction in LA?

John Lee : San andras anyone?

Richie 5272 : East coast smhhh more like weak coast

iliriacum666 : Idk about LA but I can tell you that as a resident of NYC really sucks to live there...3 main priorities for a human are destroyed, which are: rents and home prices are so expensive for an average worker, food is becoming more expensive and less qualitative also public transportation is by far the worst (always late, always under construction which never finishes)...NYC eats your money

GileIgnj : As a European I am absolutely for NY because you can actually walk from place to place and still have functional legs after.