New York City and Los Angeles Compared

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Mr. Beat : Which is better? New York City or Los Angeles? Which two cities should I compare next? And here is M.Laser's video:

Christopher Hammond : East coast best coast

FlowUrbanFlow : I'm and East coaster that loves LA. I've seen a lot of West coasters that love NYC.

Justin Scott : Nyc is a walking city. Everything you could ever need to live is in walking distance. LA is a driving city. You kind of need a car to get around. I personally love nyc a lot better because of the architecture

Daniel Eric Benavidez : New York Is King 👑

Andrew Williams : Born and raised in Manhattan. When people from other countries think of going to America the city they're thinking of is NYC. Case closed.

M.Laser : Just for the record I prefer NYC over LA. Btw, great working with you Mr. Beat I had a blast :)

Loompa Oompa : LA isn't even a fraction as impressive as NY

francesco1015 ASR : I’ve been in NYC and LA. New York City hasn’t rivals, it’s the best city in the world

Oscar Restrepo : Like for NYC

Calvin 卡尔文 : New York is better, not even a contest.

MrBettsClass : Great video, buddy. And again, NY all the way. Pizza > Tacos Yankees > Dodgers Casey > Paul Brothers Empire State Building > Griffith Observatory Broadway < Hollywood (Can't win them all)

17 76 : NYC!

Yankees 2019 : NEW YORK 🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽

Bugs Bunny : It's funny because a lot of my immigrant friends heard of New York before they got in the United States, but only heard of L.A after they got in the U.S.

Angel Villamizar : New York won fair and square.

SweetWheatsy : Yknow, at first I'd think myself better enjoying living in LA, but after hearing some of these facts I think I'd prefer New York. Living in a country with pretty good public transport, it's something I value greatly, and hearing New York having developed it a ton more than LA is important to me. I also have this idea of NY being much more of a concrete jungle than LA (which it probably is), but hearing LA having more smog problems is interessting - perhaps also due to the density of private transport. NY also seems to have more nature and parks than I thought, when searching around.

Gabriel Sasala : New York is by far better than Los Angeles

Zacky Jacky : I love New York better

Häans Hövinskaa : New York is the best.

664 TheNeighborOfTheBeast : No doubt. New York is clearly the superior city.

Timothy : Only New York people compare the two, while Californians are too busy enjoying the best state in the country. edit: lmao I triggered so many people with this comment. Cry harder please.

m f : obviously: nyc 🗽🏙

SkippyDW : I prefer LA mostly just for the weather and space.

Kevin Zhou : LA is the biggest waste of conversations. New York is the greater city that's a known fact.

Bayardo A Rugama : ny>la

EMP DASME : I’m from Chicago, I like LA better!!! LA has better vibes 🌴

Luna * : Anyone prefer LA than NY, sure hell I do

Tijuana : NYC VS LA? can't comment but NY state VS CALI? CALIFORNIA for sure!!

sparkle jump rope gangsta : Would like New York better if it wasn’t for the weather

GileIgnj : As a European I am absolutely for NY because you can actually walk from place to place and still have functional legs after.

PRHILL9696 : You forgot too mention all of the rats, roaches, bed bugs, crime every where, homeless people everywhere. New york and LA are just over crowded ghettos

ssssaa2 : New york has always been the biggest and by far most important city. For most of the last century, L.A. wasn't even second. 2nd shifts hands every so often. NYC wins hands down. But L.A. has gotten bigger and better quickly for decades now.

Nathan Hughes : New York

Fernando Rodriguez : "NY has the best people" yea explain how they're notorious for being assholes.

Stefan Milo : All star mash up! Having visited neither I can't make an objective decision but fortunately this is the internet so that doesn't matter. I pick New York.

j fong : LA has the prettier girls.

Jet SwinburneVEVO : Thank u all for ur support , seeya in a couple years mates! I live in Australia and as soon as I graduate I’m moving to NYC

Johnboy : NY has four seasons and is the trend setter of the world, L A has the constant heat and do not know how to dress or even clubs that can be remembered. Also why do they have to redneck looking individuals choosing as they represent nothing of either. This video could've been better, but a no brainer, NY ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

- : Weed is legal in California. Case closed.

Zinc-Cross : New York because it's Trump town.

Danny Boy : Everybody says New York until they get to LA. La you meet a lot of people from New York City but when you're in New York you won't meet a lot of people from LA once you're here you don't want to leave.

Khris D. : As an LA native, just gotta say that it’s impossible to compare them. They’re both wonderful for different reasons and it all comes down to preference. As for the transit situation, keep in mind that NYC’s system is falling apart, whereas LA’s is rapidly expanding. 100 years ago, LA was barely on the map. Give it time to mature and figure itself out.

Z Nismo : You already know that the West Side is the Best Side!

Dante Flores : If you from nyc then you know no one respects staten island as a borough

Halo Fire : I’m sorry but I like the people in LA better. They’re more friendly and helpful than New Yorkers.

Choco Gaming : Both cities are great !

yuri orlov : I'll def visit both, but between living in L.A or NYC. I'll def go for L.A

DoctorD : NYC is a tourist experience, nothing more. Pretty to look at and experience for two weeks but unlivable. LA is not at all pretty, but infinitely more more complex with scenes upon scenes of different subcultures and ways of living.

Ed Crespo : Los Angeles's all the way, tacos. And to he honest I hate big cities so neither, but if I had to choose it would be la