Yuval Noah Harari: "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" | Talks at Google

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Yuval Noah Harari, macro-historian, Professor, best-selling author of "Sapiens" and "Homo Deus," and one of the world's most innovative and exciting thinkers, discusses his newest work, "21 Lessons for the 21st Century." Described as a “truly mind-expanding” journey through today’s most pressing issues, "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" reminds us to maintain our collective focus in the midst of dizzying and disorienting change. Moderated by Wilson White. Get the book: https://goo.gl/CVDJzG Visit Yuval Noah Harari's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/YuvalNoahHarari


Siddharth Kulkarni : It takes guts to talk crap about Google, in Google

valar : Harari's talks have shifted more in emphasis recently to the importance of developing mental stability, empathy and compassion as an antidote to the challenges facing the world. As a meditator for 20 years and a historian, he is simultaneously aware of the ghastly cruelty and ignorance displayed by humans in the past and the extreme danger of combining our fearful primordial reptilian and mammalian brains with the power of technology. I think he truly believes that developing the mind and learning to know who we really are is the only way we might avoid the grim future he otherwise foresees for us. As he says, "If we all knew ourselves, we would be living in a very different world." As a long-term meditator and amateur historian myself, I completely agree with him.

Manaphy Colours : Why aren't his books in my school curriculum. Easily the best and most infliential philosopher I've ever read.

Pawel Kapica : I like the clarity with which he sees and expresses different topics and how he uncovers connections that previously might have seemed "strange" or "shrouded".

Rachel Hannah : Brilliant! I’m comforted to know others have this awareness and understanding. Yuval’s books should be read and discussed worldwide and as part of all high school and higher education curriculum. Thanks 🙏

VidPro Surabaya : "Because we don't understand the Big Bang women must dress with long sleeves and men shouldn't have sex together" ~Y.N. Harari 2018

Tom Raptile : Liked how he roasted Google

Robert Holloway : I so respect Yuval, however, this is such a disappointing interview. I don't know the host, but he clearly is not familiar with the nuance within Harari's work and he is completely unable to ask meaningful follow up questions, let alone challenge his thinking. That said, the questions that began at the 37 minute mark, were excellent.

Angharad Llewellyn : I highly suggest that next time you get a host who knows something about the book!

skemsen : I love how this guy uses "practical" examples explaining complicated matters.

Emese Szorenyi : Read all three books of Mr. Harari. They confirmed my perceptions, predictions, experiences and concerns. Must read all his books.

Joanne : I want to thank the person at 46:20. I also am interested in knowing how Yuval consumes information!

monkgroupie : The interviewer Wilson White, is an embarrassment. He is clueless about what Harari is talking about. What does that say about Google!!!

Nate Andrews : You'd think google would have more intelligent people to conduct these kinds of interviews. But then again most of them seemed more like techs and engineer types. Doesn't help that they're in the work environment where they're completely indoctrinated in their corporate culture and can't afford to express any dissenting opinions.

Jeson Derik : Yuval is a genius. Thank you great man I love your books

quamrul siddiqui : It seems Google has huge lack of intellectual personalities to conduct the program. What is the problem?

Luna mack : Yuvali, you are probably the human that I love and admire the most in the whole world! You are also probably the most intelligent of all humans I ever met...

Jamilio Roy : Everyone go see Sam Harris' podcast on this book if you want a better interviewer

Paul Dirac : The hosts should not have interrupted Noah so much. Interviewing is also about listening!

Diogo Cruz : Que que o Marcelo Odebrecht tá fazendo conversando com o negão do Bolsonaro?

Bernard Languillier : It was brave of Google to invite him since he obviously sees them as being one of those companies that are currently not leveraging AI technologies only for the good of human kind

Jorge Elizondo : Google disappointed me by not having a good interviewer, I love Harari’s work but this interview is so bad because of the interviewer.

valar : I think Harari's next book should focus on the mind and the development of emotional intelligence and mental stability, and also the mystery of consciousness. And unlike almost every other public intellectual of today, he does not adhere to the idea that the mind arises from the brain and refers to it as a "dogma". The mind and how it can use our technologies to create heaven or hell is such an important subject that I believe it is worth him devoting an entire book to it.

Fakta fakta : this guy just destroyed every religion in 3 min 18:20 i love this man damn

Ashok MJ : When everyone's busy running for survival, thinking about others problems is a luxury. There is no immediate incentive for the average individual to focus on global problems.

Alhun Aydin : Loved how he strikes the right note at the end!

Miguel Bosch : I very much regret this talk is so short!

Shen Laoshi : The interviewer did not do the homework! He is not qualified to be engaged in a conversation with Yuval Harari.

Israel Avihail : The best is at the END!! super strong argument and well concludes the whole interview.

Hersh D : This guy is a genius! his vision is broad and has a deep understanding of what has shaped our current culture and mentality

Weso Weso : Google employee asking why democracy is in crisis, when he himself is representing an unweildy global monopoly.

Ulf Eisenhuth : very very true words about compassion ❤️

ULTD8 : 27:22 google learns that resurrection is fake news

BANKO007 : Google needs a talk from James Damore

sardar ismail : دة وةرة حةزم لةو گفتوگؤيةية و انگليزيش نازانم 😭😭

Rani Neeraja Bhaskar : The greatest tools to reinvent yourself in a fast-faced human life are emotional intelligence and mental stability. Thanks Professor Harari for saying it out loud. It cannot be said enough.

John Freddy Duitama M : wonderful ...spirituality is about question...religion is about answers

Barbara Johnson : The THREE BIG QUESTIONS for 2020 presidential election!!!

Trâm Nguyễn : Little notice here about Translation Error The way Yuval meditate calls Vipassana.

Malvin Cahyadi : So, the guy was saying that Psycho-pass dystopian society is actually a possibility? 🤔 I should buy his books for sure~

Degii Delgermaa : Great talk, thank you for such thought-provoking books.

Gregory Ariawan : If we really listen what he said, we can cry out loud. From the first second, till his closing, it is all about saving humankind. Technology and everything else, none is important. Very noble. Salute.

Rishabh Sharma : Yuval not pulling any punches!

David Rojas Elbirt : His explanation on the question on how to predict the future, sounds almost word by word, how Gemarah is structured and studied.

Idahosuz : My medical team for my craniotomy quoted results produced by AI on an hourly basis. The only difference is the messenger.

Arconic : I disagree that spirituality is asking about your purpose in life. That's simply curiosity and the thirst for knowledge or understanding.

Christopher Barber : Oh Jeeze. Anyone else feel totally screwed?

Mike Julie : Great guest but also a fantastic interviewer. That helps a lot with making the whole story interesting.

char : It ‘s mostly philosophy ,and i recommend study Buddhism