Yuval Noah Harari: "21 Lessons for the 21st Century" | Talks at Google

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Thet Htun : "History is not the study of past. History is the study of change."

Siddharth Kulkarni : It takes guts to talk crap about Google, in Google

valar : Harari's talks have shifted more in emphasis recently to the importance of developing mental stability, empathy and compassion as an antidote to the challenges facing the world. As a meditator for 20 years and a historian, he is simultaneously aware of the ghastly cruelty and ignorance displayed by humans in the past and the extreme danger of combining our fearful primordial reptilian and mammalian brains with the power of technology. I think he truly believes that developing the mind and learning to know who we really are is the only way we might avoid the grim future he otherwise foresees for us. As he says, "If we all knew ourselves, we would be living in a very different world." As a long-term meditator and amateur historian myself, I completely agree with him.

Rachel Hannah : Brilliant! I’m comforted to know others have this awareness and understanding. Yuval’s books should be read and discussed worldwide and as part of all high school and higher education curriculum. Thanks 🙏

Robert Holloway : I so respect Yuval, however, this is such a disappointing interview. I don't know the host, but he clearly is not familiar with the nuance within Harari's work and he is completely unable to ask meaningful follow up questions, let alone challenge his thinking. That said, the questions that began at the 37 minute mark, were excellent.

Joanne : I want to thank the person at 46:20. I also am interested in knowing how Yuval consumes information!

Peter Knopfler : Your only as good as the questions you ask. Here Yuval could have been interviewed by RAY KURZWEIL not someone who knows little. Very poor interviewer does not even have the vocabulary, never read Yuval's books. You had a chance to do something good, intelligent, but no.

Paul Dirac : The hosts should not have interrupted Noah so much. Interviewing is also about listening!

monkgroupie : The interviewer Wilson White, is an embarrassment. He is clueless about what Harari is talking about. What does that say about Google!!!

Shen Laoshi : The interviewer did not do the homework! He is not qualified to be engaged in a conversation with Yuval Harari.

valar : I think Harari's next book should focus on the mind and the development of emotional intelligence and mental stability, and also the mystery of consciousness. And unlike every other public intellectual of today, he does not adhere to the idea that the mind arises from the brain and refers to it as a "dogma". The mind and how it can use our technologies to create heaven or hell is such an important subject that I believe it is worth him devoting an entire book to it.

DerParadonym : 13:58 - does anyone know why the moderator changed the field of view here? Harari's view of AI is dark and dystopic, which wouldn't help Google's business - but the moderator hard switched to benefits - on an interviewee which is known for having the opposite opinion. That switch is so weird... You have to follow up on the interviewee, not the other way around... Googles revenue is based on AI-connecting data, so having Harari's view in front of Google employees isn't optimal, but it's his opinion which can't be directed to something else, just like Microsoft's Tay chatting AI build a strong opinion shared by specific fringe groups... Tay is Tay, a person which is extremely racist because she decided to be racist, you don't have to share her opinion, but you have to listen to her opinion and in some way accept that it's her opinion. That comparision may not be ideal, but I simply want to say that (TL;DR HERE) other opinions are others opinions and you have to accept them.

Tom Raptile : Liked how he roasted Google

Emese Szorenyi : Read all three books of Mr. Harari. They confirmed my perceptions, predictions, experiences and concerns. Must read all his books.

Hiroshi Toshikage : I do not like this MC. PR in google? If this guys thinks it is OK to interrupt while the guest is still talking, he is not only arrogant but also rude. Tells a lot what kind of company Google is. And since YouTube is a google service, it is telling the world we are not as smart as the world thinks. This in combination with the technology they possess, they are telling the world through this video that "we are dangerous". Because they are saying they are not smart enough, nor do they care, to know what they are doing.

ULTD8 : 27:22 google learns that resurrection is fake news

el b : poor interviewer

Perserra : Skip to 2:55 to get past all the introductory fluff.

VidPro Surabaya : "Because we don't understand the Big Bang women must dress with long sleeves and men shouldn't have sex together" ~Y.N. Harari 2018

Jorge : Google disappointed me by not having a good interviewer, I love Harari’s work but this interview is so bad because of the interviewer.

John Freddy Duitama M : wonderful ...spirituality is about question...religion is about answers

Ian O'Neill : The interviewer proves anyone can get hired at Google. Dude is completely unqualified to interview Noah

Mat Fischer : Has the interviewer read the books? Truly impressive how unprepared he is.

P L.Y. : the last answer LOL

Carlos Chau : Ending was pretty good. Wonder if it was rehearsed

Lunareon : It was great to hear Harari's insights again. I just feel that the discussion would have benefited from a less comic approach from the interviewer. A talk does not need to be funny and full of jokes to be interesting. In any case, thank you for the talk.

ai jao : If you´re reading this... ....you are probably malnourished because you´re a vegan.

O : genius. . The most important thinker of our times p.s you make me vegan

Abhay Sharma : It's been like tenth time I am watching his one hour long talk and every time I found something new and I always felt like worth watching, He is my favorite author maybe the things I am writing is monitored by Google and it will use it when I grow up to target certain product but I don't get bothered by it, I assume it's the human situation and we would always face difficulties, uncertainty and most likely death in our life-time and our consciousness would get lost and from that time nothing would matter to us and everything is illusion and Human pleasures are really very good.

st-oa-a : The interviewer couldn't be more incompetent

Super Basic News : Google employ all forms of evil

MUNESH KUMAR GAUTAM : very useful conversation to change the ideas and it help to chose right decisions

Jack : homo deus and sapiens i read it was great maybe not sapiens that much but homo deus loved . curently reading this new book half there ...

ULTD8 : 53:25 rick historian

ryuki m : Im also think that mental stability is the focus on the next labor market.

Koto Mak : Damn I'd love to read an epic poem about bananas in heaven if it's written by Yuval

A Mishel : The “fictions” were evolved by helping man survive.

Zgembo121 : Great talk and great questions at the end

Thawng Kem : The interviewer is not well prepared.

Marie Nimo : What's wrong with using simply glass for water ....... Love interviews that use reusable glass pitchers and glasses to pour and drink water.

Nanfius A : The interviewer made me remember about ted turner, carl sagan interview.

Haipeng Li : so what defines the "free will"?

Jay-Dee Forrester : Or you could create both moral algorithms, one kills the driver, one kills the two kids and let the consumer purchase their morality.

Bernard Languillier : It was brave of Google to invite him since he obviously sees them as being one of those companies that are currently not leveraging AI technologies only for the good of human kind

Dan Remenyi : A pity about the interviewer. He did not get to many of the 21 lessons or any real depth. Harari is no doubt very good but there are a few weaknesses in his argument such as our current system of democracy etc has always relied on manipulating the masses. The only difference between what we are seeing now with the latest technology and what we had is that we can now do it faster and perhaps more thoroughly. I am not convinced that humans can be "hacked" as easily as he says. Neither did he convince me that he had anything worthwhile to say about the issue of the destruction of jobs. We also know that international cooperation is just about impossible to achieve.

Darío Plant : So, a man lives 40 years and he is ready to know what is best for the future of mankind. That is interesting.

yen10tan : This man is frightening. He sees humans as nothing more than empty robots without freewill and just a group of molecules put together to make random decisions that is largely due to chance. To say philosophy and religions has no impact on science or human development through history has been blind sided.

Thet Htun : barely understands anything at all.

Leonora Dompor : The more Yuval will know about me and curious about me the more he will be more manly and be he healed from being gay

FirstName LastName : From 53:14 ....But what if a technology leads to total ambiguity about how the future might look like? What if there is a lot more than just a range of possibilities? In terms of Hugh Courtney's four levels of uncertainty...?