Michael Jackson moonwalk DDT by yours truly

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Michael Trapson : Legendary lol

Mysterious J 123 : Now this is entertaining.

Mick Lammers : this is the dopest thing I've ever seen

BuckMarley : Carmella gonna be mad she didnt think of this, awesome. Something tells me this will get to her and we will notice.

Nathan McGlocklin : Greatest move of all time, the HeeHeeT

Graham M : 😂😂😂 this is hilarious, I can't stop laughing


DA!KORE : I have found the dopest thing on youtube

Sir John McPoopington XVII Jr : It makes you wonder how nobody in wrestling in 30 years has thought to do this? It looks fantastic

BadBeast : Beautiful, the He He T!

RVPMatt123 : Jesus Christ, that was amazing!!!

Mike Brewer : I live in Vegas...I'm a huge wrestling fan..I'd love to join bro

danusty : OMG! That's the best finisher in the history of finishers

OZ : Who's BAD

Brandon Ninja : This never gets old. instant classic.

Brandon Ninja : What is the move called?

DoktorSick : One of the best movies in pro wrestling ever !!!!!! This classic i hope they put that in a video game .

karlis lopez : Genial

Mike Brewer : Sick

Daniel GenX6887 Harrison : There's no kicking out of the DDTeeHee!

JKentF : Bah Gawd! That was epic. And I love the MJ dance used as taunting afterwards.

Mega tallica : Jahaja

James L. : Signed to NXT in my TEW game, cause I'm a loser that plays it.

DeposedKing037 : Santana Jackson you're my new hero

Jade Cherry : I saw you show in Las Vegas! I took a picture with you!

Adzelbur : Struck down by a Smooth Criminal.

MW3 KINGDOM : Better than Reigns....🤓

Dargo Hypezar : Smooth Criminal DDT would be a good name for the finishing move. 😁

Frank Guerrero : carmella u watching lol luv u !!anyway u da bomb!

Jay Garland : Chrisgarlandfund.org