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Robert Hayes : They stole your idea with Meg.

Cloud9xxxxxx : The Meg (2018)

BadLuckBrian : I love how monsters in Family Guy have casual voices

MalignforVideos : I came here after seeing The Predator 2018 trailer.

Sayed Islam : Came here after seeing the trailer for The Meg.

Lars Erik Volden : Holy shit, that's basically Jurassic World.

Nathan Abril : Shane Black's The Predator (2018).

Hassan Syed : Still better than the jaws sequels.

Ambush king : Basically the plot for the movie "The Meg"

Golden Spike Berkshire #759 : The Bigger Jaws Is From Hot Wheels Shark Park Play Set

Doosh McDooberson : Oh my god! Whats that?!

xXgoturpistolaXx : Basically the new predator movie

Bad Karma Productions : Same plot as the new predator movie

Sebastian Moya : This is pretty much the whole plot of game of thrones...

Kooka Man : The Meg (2018)

asuko2012 : And thats how they got the idea for The Predator

Magneto : Literally the same plot as the new Predator movie.

Craig Copeland : love bow the big shark goes "Rawer!" xD


ducksurprise : Shut up Meg

Brian Flores : Shane Black's Predator 2018 colorized

Mrs. Fahrenheit : Way bigger jaws lmaoo

Zack Akai : Cue jokes about The Meg...

Dobre Ion : Can't wait for Way bigger jaws

The Great Equalizer : I keep coming back for "Ahh! stop eating our boat Jaws."

Muscle Doggs : This basically looks like the premise for the new Predator movie.

KY421 Entertainment : Anyone here after the new predator movie?! Lmao

leniel dela torre : damn it,Meg!

Nicholas Kartel : Its bigger jaws

matt graham : I just saw the meg. I'm convinced that the director of that movie saw this very episode and thought "Yep. I'm going to make this movie." A few minor "creative differences" to avoid a lawsuit, hire a well known actor playing a badass, and bam, you've got yourself a cheap spinoff that will get panned by critics, but get a comfortable box office score because people are going to go watch the movie just to see how shitty it is and laugh at it, as well as check out the hot chicks that also star in it.

TheGreaterGood80 : Spoiler: Bigger Jaws wins.

MALICEM12 : Bigger Jaws = Predators Way Bigger Jaws = The Predator

Dobre Ion : Seth MacFarlane shoulda been directing the Meg... with Peters voice and lack of expression and emotions in dialogues

Benjamin Abramowitz : The TV program sounds like one of the “Inter-Dimensional Cable” shows from Rick and Morty.

Bane? : This is actually in the trivia on the yugioh wikia for the card "Big Jaws". Dead serious.

Transhumanist Gamer : This is literally what movies have turned into. Alien Covenant...but our xenomorphs are BIGGER! Jurassic World...but our dinosaurs are BIGGER! The Predator....but our predators are BIGGER!

Benjamin Abramowitz : This scene seems to refer to THREE movies from 2018: The Meg, The Predator, and Aquaman!

TheY2AProblem : Metal Gear in a nutshell.

V Cadaverini : And that movie is called the meg

Silver Feral Thunderbird : "OMAIGAWD! Now we have a common enemy, we have to work together." The perfect summary for Alien Vs. Predator

Ricky Manson : The shark's name isn't Jaws.

Aidan Gordon : Soo... does Warner's new Meg movie rip off this or Jaws? I'm confused.

PeterGriffinmonkeyFarts : And it's come true!! Bigger Jaws coming

just nobody : That’s just the meg

Arlo Pratt : The Meg (2018)

PRO WARRIOR01 : Love it. 😂💯

Dragon Dick Kissing James : I came here cuz the new predator movie reminded me of this and I’m glad to see these other comments about people also catching this ;)

John Platz : You know I think that Stewie's the lucky one.

Z3roDefekt : How weird is this that they made the movie The Meg and it’s like how peter describes it, except for the teaming with jaws part, but still weird and funny

Eloy Garcia : That sound at the end ruined everything and it would be better to leave it out next time