Uber driver boots lesbian couple for kissing in the backseat

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[ GMAN ] : You need to respect someone's car. It's not illegal for them to kiss in the car, but if the owner of the car doesn't like it and tells you to stop or leave, you need to respect that.

Alex Jimenez : respect his car

Ninja in pajama : It's his car and his beliefs. At least he's calling out something he doesn't like.

Anonymous Unknown : Yeah, these two women sound exactly like the kind of self entitled American women I see all the time. The driver said they played loud videos on their phone and put her feet up on the seats. Even in the recording these two women swear, and the driver never even sweared. He may be kicking them out but his conduct was respectful.

Jeenius Foo : Poor dude probably forgot he's in the US now, thought he was still in an Arab country. lol

Anonymous Unknown : These are classic examples of American women who think they're really hot so they can do anything they want. Serves them right.

Ob Bop : As the Moslems pile into the USA you PC freaks better expect more of this.

steve davis : Bitches

wajaih ahmed : Nah you don't have to be lesbian or straight or whatever its public indecency not everyone is comfurtable with public displays of affection. It's his car hes paid to take them to his destination not to be uncomfurtable in his own god damn car.. he's not agaisnt gays he just doesn't want people to get carried away in his back seat.

Gary Walters : I would bet my life that these chicks are Trump haters who show up at demonstrations about his 'Muslim ban' and 'xenophobia'😂

Dave Olep : If he don't like our freedom then he needs to take his 8 wives and sons and child molesting brothers,back to the middle East and keep an eye on him just in case he wants to open the gates of hell cause you know they love doing that.

anything7441 : i hope he sues those bulldykes for illegally recording and using that video to tarnish this heterosexual mans permanent record. they may act in sin, discuting public affection. be on the wrong side of proper civil society. but do not drag and discrace a normal person for not wanting to condone that life style. he is muslim (srry) but he does not want his vechicle or life blood disrespected and shaming his clean spiritual reference. what he did may have not been nice. but look at what hes dealing with. same goes for communists, or neo naziz, any disrespected people will be treated the same. now i serioussly hope he finds and destroys their lives in a professional way. for sneaking like 2 spys bitches. they did not even ask his permission to let them defame his life. they wrongly and illegally recorded his personal jusgement and following thru with getting that trash out of his buisness vechicle. how does trash think it has rights to publicly diss somebody on video. its in the news. those 2 whores need to be publicly beaten to half dead for disrespecting their fellow man to cover their own hideous lifestyles. i feel bad for this man. i know all other firm believers in proper lifestyles will dismiss this as hitting your kids to discipline them. i hope they get a last laugh before the whips & chains fail and they choke to death at their next discusting sexual display in public.

Mrboy21ful : Ugh could've respected the man's vehicle. Y'all acting like you couldn't go without a kiss. Like hold and reach your destination then kiss. Once again making a mountain out of a molehill

madtiel Cabral : Danm I would it pull over too. To get popcorn and ask if they wanna room and I can watch :)

Megatron2013 : Muslims don't like Gays and Lesbians. This fool was a highly rated driver and got paid well but now will be suspended and humiliated in the public. He was being paid to drive these women to their destination. Instead they got their money back and he's in trouble. He's Gay.

Ken Elyon : Sounds like he reminded them at the beginning of the video that he asked them not to do that. My money is on the idea that they did this intentionally to mess with the dude. And video'd it so that it might blow up. Liberals - meet Muslim. Muslim - meet liberals. Now are y'all "sure" you want to unite against the Christians?

Maria Espinoza : In a Uber 🤔 you mining in youre Car🤔It's his car....not yours, Not Uber...It's not ilegal passing gas eather...but if I'm passing gas at your pillow bed...I bet you will say...no no no... you don pass gas in my pillow do it in the toilet! Respect his car, his rules... you don't like it ...take a racking taxy, lift or the buss... It's against his religion, you're Not insulting him,, you're insulting his GOD, so go kiss in front of you're children, you're Dog, in front of you're church , u school, parents or wherever you want, just respect his car and his GOD ... It's his Property,, Not you'rs, Not Uber, lift, or wherever...His property his rule! It's his Car, he decides when he is not safe enough or feel ok . This look more and more like.... sr... I'm going to the emergency room😞 is this the emergency room? Get out my car😲this is the hospital😞? Where I am?😞 😯 get of my property 😲 this is hospital 😞...🤣😂the emergency room Uber problem... lol 🤣 but you saying: why I can't kiss in you're personal space😞 Sr... tell me why I can't kiss my girl in you're 2/2 car?😞 I don't understand! 😞 Why I can't kiss in you're car?😞 R.- Ah because I can smell you're breath it's a small very small space to have for play... that's why😲 but whyyy😞? 😲 my property I don't feel goon enough to give you a $5.00 RIDE and have a for play 😍 in the back of my ears😲... It's my propery😲 OMG🤣 you're rigth to kiss her end up when his rigth to give you a $5.00 ride in his own car starts, and he is very close to you in his reduce space😂 please mileniums have a little respect of others.😣

Deni Mancebo : I do uber full time, I understand a kiss, but, if that kiss lead to something else, there's a problem, I don't allow: smoking, drinking, eating, dogs can't touch my seats or you get a cleaning fee, but I do understand him it's his culture

Leah Bell : sad that this driver need a job to take care his family and get fired is coz he want them to respect him smh

D Adams : The driver Ahmad el Boutari should not have been suspended. The women were acting inappropriately in his car.

anything7441 : next time install a two way electric tinted window. and acoustic personal defences. so you can dial in the amount of sound waves to stop the passengers from engaging in any illegal or un wanted activity. this is not a real buisness. this is a freakin push button taxi service. no actuall boss or station. therefore he is in controll and can decide where the line exists

B. Eder : He has the Right! Call another Uber!

cathy trifeletti : he's a Muslim and he's got to keep his opinions to himself. it's American and no Sharia law here. if he don't like it move back to his own country

Stay Up : Dumb bitches.

John Matrix : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....When snowflake liberals meet the Muslims they love so much.

Reginald King : Feminazism is evil.

Sage Thinker : Muslims putting lesbian feminists in their place lol.

Slap Three Times : Feminists

Diane Larsen : Let me see if I understand this properly. These priviliged young women are threatening to get the driver fired because he is uncomfortable with them kissing and he wants them gone. Harassment and foul language and bad behavior on the part of the young ladies and he gets fired? I hope these young ladies are rewarded by the same sort of compassion they so clearly do not demonstrate.

Mad Max : I would normally agree with you in this case. But In this case althought the car might be his, hes working for a corporation and these corporations have rules with anti discrimination clauses. If they're not followed then thats technically a breach in contract.

Nadia LeCamel : Come on guys it was just a kiss not more.. So if straight couple kissed he wouldn't say anything? That's unfair. And It's not a big issue at all. New York is for open minded people, not like this uber guy. He should go back to his country.

Truth Hurts : Nothing wrong with what he did hell ain’t shit in nature gay, why these carpet munchers think it’s okay to be gay I don’t know. Kudos to the man for standing up for himself and the way things are supposed to be.

bronkdog : “We’re going to get you fired?”... he doesn’t work for Uber..

Joseph Rey Dago-oc : He probably should be driving in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan


Mike Nike : It's a car, not a bedroom.

zw 13296 : Muslim issue

Iqbal Hakim : Imagine its gay couple..its nightmare..😳

Camper Van Elvis I toof on you : I would let the lipstick lesbians eat each other out in my Uber. And then take a video and post it on xhampster

Ben Hunt : Mustn't be paid enough to ignore it.

Mehatestaxes : WE DONT NEED ANOTHER HERO !!!!!!

Accelerationist : Muzzrat scum.

Max Tagliatelle : stupid idiot by his beliefs.......Drive and don't think, you are not equipped

bronkdog : When political correctness collides..who will win??

Gary Sr : I would have recorded the ride and later on posted the events in the back seat on YouTube ..... I mean " nothing is illegal " according to those two sluts!

Drvenom : To people who are saying they should respect his car and beliefs,he should respect the policies of the company hes working and making money from.If he cant then he should be fired and penalized for his actions.case closed.

muser : What if the kiss turned on the driver...

Mary Flores : I would not want my kids seeing that or me. It is not normal.

red32303 : Entitle pax. The media is trying to make this out to be discrimination. It is not.

Rycast : If they're hot, I would give them a free ride. :)