Elvis Press interview - The King shows his sense of humor

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Arya Stark : I really respect Elvis for his response to the war question. He was a class act and knew not to shove his opinions down people's throats. If only more of today's stars followed his lead.

leafyutube : He's like, "man, I just work here".

BadAssMacmillan : One of the coolest guys that ever lived..

Travis Kraft : A true class act.

Angel Messtanoffski : Before The Beatles, before Michael Jackson, before Justin Bieber, before the term "Rock Star" was ever used...there was Elvis!

Matei : "I'm just an entertainer", says The King. :) This is something some people should hear.

Ann Thompson : 'I am just an ' entertainer' such humility from the greatest man ever to live.

Richard Sharpe : I like how he called the female reporter, "Honey." :D

Myth Detector : Elvis had the right idea here. He was just an entertainer. Complex political issues were way beyond his understanding. At least he was smart enough to realise that. I wish modern entertainers and sportspeople took a note from his book. It's a quirk of modern life that these "celebrities" have a much bigger forum for their views than their credentials merit. They should recognise that whilst they have no credentials to talk about these subjects, the mass of sheep listen to them. So they should be more responsible and keep their views private.

gasmaskboi19371945 : I like his resentment, and his sort of shyness. He seemed pretty real to me.

Nani Wattz : Why is he so handsome? Gosh I can't even stop staring at him. Man, he should of toured outside of the U.S.

whatever : Awesome presence!


Paul Aylett : I loved the way he responded to the questions on the draft and other entertainers expressing opinions on the draft. He was a very astute guy.

sam cuschieri : humble, sincere, honest, true, ..real undisputed talent..sense of humor..patient....cool..natural....ELVIS!

Phillip Gray : I've always respected Elvis for keeping his opinions of that nature to, himself. I do know that he gave money to Vietnam vets, but supporting the troops isn't the same as supporting war. I wish more famous people of today, would keep with this attitude of keeping their opinions to themselves. I don't know for sure that Elvis would agree with my view, and I'd really rather not know. He knew he had a lot of influence with people and he didn't want to influence anyone's opinion, just because they were his fans, he wanted them to decide for themselves. That's real class. There's not enough of that in today's world.

Martin Danser : Is this really humor? OR, is this a secret message for us to decode? By showing us his gold belt, is Elvis actually telling us that it is HE... that HE is the one.... could it be that HE is the true creator..... of WWF SMACKDOWN???? The clip is cut short, so now the world will never know......

lastdaysguitar : The one man who really looks comfortable in a cape.

70applejack : The most handsome man in a cape

MrLeonidas0001 : Too bad more actors and entertainers nowadays cant just keep their opinions to themselves and focus on their job not trying to cause political discourse.

TheFree2last1 : I love the way he always keeps his modesty. I don`t have any comments about that, just an entertainer. BLESS the MAN. That`s what I miss today, just keep it simple, and sincere.

T.C.A : Stupid lady reporter ask Elvis Presley would he refuse to be drafted?Lady he was drafted and served in the U.S Army between March 1958-March 1960.Elvis Presley served his time in the military he didnt dodge the draft,lady shut the hell up!!!

Jordan Sparte : At 51 seconds, that's a terrific point and one of the reasons Elvis was amazing. The celebrities today could learn from him, they're so obnoxious with all of this "Anti Trump" bullshit.

LegendOfBillyJean : He looked very sad when questioned about Priscilla

Celtic Whisper : When he said 'gold belt' he LITERALLY meant a gold belt!

nyrockchicxx : Love his eyes.

BIGDOG3361 : Elvis was very smart keeping his opinions to himself, Unlike todays entertainers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Westover : Watching this very short interview, I just are reminded how humble and gracious Elvis was and he had such wonderful humor, and it is so true what he said about it being very hard to live up to an image...God Bless you Elvis...xx

Bruce Burns : Its a shame that in the latter period of Elvis's career that he went hell for leather with that overdressed look from that era and today is remembered as that with all the Elvis impersonators instead of the earlier part of his career with simple classy good taste dressing , there is a picture of him very early leaning against his Caddilac in classy simple clothes and his youth and energy and style shook the world .

Ken Davenport : He really seemed like a genuine guy. He did have good sense of humor.

Sandra Miller : did anyone see the way he looked the smile went off his face when they said is your wife w you. he acted very nervous as he stated. no she's not. a looked sad to. poor guy he loved his wife a little girl a it broke his heart he couldn't be with them nothing was never the same for him again

Anchit Raul : I really love Elvis and Michael

Kristy Parker : He was so handsome!! No wonder Precilla couldn't get over him.

cami : He had such beautiful eyes

lindsey lefrois : All bow down to the King ...

Scott Hennes : Elvis will always be the King!

CooManTunes : At 0:56, his face is like 'You're gonna have to do better than that to trick me...'.  Always clever was our King.


George Horner : We know how Elvis felt about war protesters, he was drafted and served with honor, and received no special treatment, with maybe the exception of being able to go home when his beloved mother was in the hospital dying.

Wbaldo R. : Long live the king

ziad hassan : Simply the king

Francine Lima : A true gentleman!Humble as the day is long! He was human & made the same mistakes as we all do! His faith is what got him through! He knew that his talent was a gift from God.That is why he shared it so generously. I am sure he found the peace he deserves!THANKS Elvis for the joy you have brought to millions!

Jo Ko : It's too bad that more entertainers wouldn't follow Elvis's lead. Madonna, Depp, Kathy Griffin, and others should watch this video. Especially where Elvis says, "I'm JUST an entertainer....."

Mya Hollandia : Gosh hes Beautiful

Mya Hollandia : He is so beautiful

Monika Cabadajová : Smart, honest, frank. I love Elvis Presley. He could be sometimes wrong as everybody, but he was so honest in what he was doing. I love this warmhearted Man.

c5scottman : I love the way Elvis declines to go share his views about Vietnam. I wish other celebrities and athletes would take this approach, it alienates a lot of your fans.

brandon242 : ..and would you today refuse to be drafted?? That is your basic dumb media question. I am glad Elvis took the high road on it though.

thehitchrules : He was absolutely spectacular. 

TheFree2last1 : I love him. The most funniest and sincere Man who ever lived. AMEN.