HSC: Beaches n' Peaches

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JLF0518 : Well, one thing is for sure. There ain't no way this guy is a drug dealer.

TheRedBrother : Sonabitch actually did it... #BestLawyerEver

OroroLee : i can fap to this

Tinfoil Hat : This is hilariously strange. How the frick did he keep a straight face? 😂😃👏👍💀

Godzilla : I feel weird watching this.

T-800 : A regular Julianne Moore, he is.

Steven Beaulieu : Omfg I didn't know there was an actual video it!!!

Pappy Tron : The things actors go through!

DJ Matt R. : And this is that one last hanging chad.

The Bahamian Rainman : Well, that was just about the worst thing I have ever seen.

Wolf Doggie : You can shop at five or six stores, or just one.

Jedi Luke : I Think I feel Berries!!

D.rill : not my proudest fap

John A S : Wait, is this a crybaby squatcobbler?

Karma Chameleon : Beaches n' Peaches? What else is in the teaches of Peaches?

The Replication : I can see why YouTube won't allow an HD version of this.

U Tubred : Simple Simon the ass man!

Matthew Sherman : Captian obvious: The insinuation is the “art patron” is jacking off to these.

Eddie the Albatross : What does HSC stand for?

TerranMetal : Glorious!

Adam Zimmerman : “The world is a rich tapestry, my friends. But trust me on this, you don’t wanna see it!” - Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman

The_Reginald : What's this from? A special thing like the gus training videos?

Nick Donnelly : Simple Simon the Ass Man

Alissa Neumayer : Very kind of you go post this!!! And in a less than ideal recording on the TV that doesn't infringe copyright?? Smart!!! Thanks a bunch!

Shelby : Oh my god. Vince and Peter are so amazing and coupled with Bob odenkirks acting its literal genius

Dur'Zo Egzekutor : They even got the casting couch lol

Dave D : Hoboken what???

Dwayne Dwayne : O.o

glakagz : i finally got to c mr "warm hole" and his artistic video, Saul (Jim MacGill) was right, we didn't want to see it.

Teo Deroy : He’s the man in « better call saul »??

Backfromthestorm : I can't watch this

Cit L : this is golden

ZTM420 : Is it weird if I got a boner?

Jonathan Mendez : This, kids, is wat happens after playing gta5

daisyroots : No Napkins!!!!

lifeloverNorris : Lmao how did you get this footage?

Lobo's Top 5 : Im so sowwy LMAO

AdamG1983 : *sigh* *unzips*

AdamG1983 : 2:05 if you need this to be a quick fap

Robot 5000 : Remember, this is crybaby squat cobbler. Not regular squat cobbler