Derren Brown Pickpocket
Derren Brown pickpocketing on a god tier leverll

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Derren brown showing and explaining pickpocketing. This is found in Derren's series, Mind Control S01 E04


M.K. Frenky : *Darren Brown – Mentalist* “A famous British mentalists I’ve seen a lot of recently, uses his skills to reads people’s minds, predict lottery numbers, beat the casino, pick pocket and pick up girls just to name a few of the tricks he’s got up his sleeve.”

John : I've seen a few of these distracting pick pockets, but it always seems that the people they choose are business people wearing vests with lots of pockets and various layers. I'd be curious to see what they could do to someone who's in shorts and a t-shirt

tobo86 : I’ve got my pen, missing baby, but pen is definitely there

andrzejstrzelba1987 : chuj nie złodziej,kto normalny dał by mu się tak obmacywać na ulicy

MarcusHalberstram2 : I've seen better, he was too obvious. And in my country at least we would get freaked if an unknown guy gets so close and with so much physical contact

Phlowerchyld : If you watch master pickpocket's like Apollo Robbins or Bob Arno they address that it is much more difficult to pickpocket someone on the street. Not that it's impossible but a bit more difficult. Even this is still very impressive though.

fastballonly : Darren forgot to steal his cute girlfriend.

Marco Mariscal : i keep watching videos of this guy and most of the tricks are totally impossible, he thinks i'm stupid. You can see it's fake by checking the guy's face before and after. Before: he's just looking aside for as long as necessary to let derren do the job. Then, after derren tells him he has hos TIE, he's like "oh, fine" Pick a better actor at least, this was so poor.

ToplessArt : well, look at this way.the only way you'd see someone practicing this trick is if you went to a show, in which case there's an audience (which has the same pressure a camera provides on the subject). that is, of course, if there aren't already cameras there. it's the pressure of a spectator is apart of the act itself. it's still cunning, but there will always be that pressure around, be it a group of observers or a camera. unless you're actually pickpocketing someone.

Daniel706202 : Hey come on ... I will hit you I will kill you

Tanatie : he stole his phone 3 times :D

Gilgameshlore : HAH! I would like to see Derren do that to me and then maybe I wouldohwtfhappenedtomyspacebar

Rambowjo : Trick thiefs are very common. Groups of people that slowly take your stuff, without you realising it. Getting a box and calling it a camera is quite easy.

Darren Sweeney : ......heres your pants back and shirt , you might want them....

BleednDreamz : Or you can just not let people touch you on the streets so brazenly, and if they do so you just grab them... that works too.

Michael Slotwinski : In that amount of time he's felt you up, grabbed your phone from pants pocket, slipped your wallet from your back pocket and unbraced your watch from your wrist. Hell, he probably even got your expensive sunglasses that you store in the inside of your jacket.

Michael Slotwinski : An innocent looking old man on the streety taps you on the shoulder to ask you for help (crossing the road), but has the slightest little lean on you to "support" himself (but just enough so that you Notice but dont think much of it). Maybe he's asking for directions and you point to them. He leans in closer to you to see where you're pointing to and again braces himself by putting a hand on your back. Then he gasps and says: "Oh, I see", and thanks you with a full-wrist-grabbing handshake.

Frank Björklöf : The BIG diffrerence between Derren and a real pickpocket is the type of technique and misdirection they use. Both ways of pickpocketing are equally hard while pickpocketing on stage makes people laugh and pickpocketing from tourists on the streets makes them cry. The fact that there is a camera involved does in fact make it slightly easier for Derren to misdirect the "mark", but he could use a magic effect like a card, coin or sponge ball routine just as easily!

AtheistZapp : Even if a camera makes it easier it's there to prove a point , skilled pickpocket folks do this easily with or without camera and there is a million cases regarding people, leagues doing pickpocketing.

JamesSkuzz : So is this fake too since according to the internet everything is either fake or satanic?

Kman : He pointed out that he was doing a show on pick pocketing later and still was able to steal their wallet and phone multiple times.

BleednDreamz : @PenzarellaFelix For example. Imagine if this guy randomly tried to stop you on the street, and then touch you like this, but he didn't have a camera backing him up? You wouldn't let him do it, and you would not trust the man for a second. You would be hyperactively checking your personal belongings. Is is possible to misdirect and get around these circumstances regardless? Yes. I said that though. However it is doubtful, because the circumstances are drastically different.

BleednDreamz : @PenzarellaFelix I don't see how that has anything to do with me? You are talking about easily overloading senses? I am saying it is easy to distract people when you point a camera at them. People don't act like themselves when they know they are actively being watched, and the potential for the video to go on the internet. It is virtually the same concept of approaching a random chick with a camera out. A camera makes the scene appear "innocent" and "playful" because it is being recorded.

Felix Penzarella : @BleednDreamz you guys are all missing the point... the point of this video is to show how easily we can overload our senses and miss otherwise obvious stimuli, its a practice in psychology, not street crime... the principles discussed in this video go so far beyond the scope of just pick pocketing....

Azimuth36 : Having a camera point at you just helps with his point-- that's part of throwing off and distracting a person

BleednDreamz : @plipiethefish It is doubtful he could. However it doesn't mean that his point is any less valid. He is right. Its quite tough to really pay attention to everything going on when a camera spontaneously is pointed on you. And when the pickpocket also has a "legitimate" reason to touch you since he has no idea what is going on.

GoliZeka : @ping6uod Yup, dude... Go and buy camera, and.. You are ready to go! Good luck. -.-

Poiboyification : i think he knew about the tie..the first guy that is

Poiboyification : i do this all the time..just with my friends at school, and i return their stuff of course :P

Max Korpinen : @ping6uod I know a couple of people, including my father, who have been pickpocketed just like that. Also, seen the same trick done on a hidden camera. It's true that a TV-camera brings more attentional challenges to the situation but it's not all about that.

Shane McNulty : @ping6uod yeah, but that's the distraction

Scott Liles : he gave the phone back three times, and the wallet twice.

Ky1es : Not everyone would fall for this. People have different levels of personal space and degree's of touch, if people arent used to being touched, they would definatly notice.

#Triggered : No one would let someone touch them so often without becoming suspicious

FX : Polaka by nie ojebal ;) jestem tego w 200% pewien ;), sam by zostal w kalesonach ;p

Karl Healy : @Sanideskomenes Bravo, it was fairly gake in all fairness

MrMisharos : derren brown sucks

Felix Brönnimann : no chance he can do that with me

Balls Mahoney : @ping6uod That simply reiterates the fact that people can get distracted. Get a buddy to hold a camera while you steal some guy's shit

Asparagus : How can you not notice if someone is removing your watch?

Chosen Sloth : It would have been more convincing if there were multiple victims; others might react differently to all the touching.

nathan zifko : @OnlineTutorialsFree WHO'S ACTING?

Tipsheda : @ping6uod maybe thats something he used to distract him in the first place... :0

ping6uod : this sucks. people react differently with a CAMERA pointed at them.

OnlineTutorialsFree : bad acting

Adrian : pro pickpocketing! I can use this...

Glen Baker : Other people are saying this guy is a stooge. Not sure, but it's either that or Derren got really lucky, because he was super obvious. I mean, the tugging on the guy's wrist and pulling up his sleeve a bit to get at the watch - not smooth. And Derren was almost having to harass the guy's attention away from the left wrist - poor misdirection. No offense, Derren. I love your mentalism stuff.

Opayq Opayq : Has anybody ever taken a watch off after wearing it for a while, long enough for a small amount of sweat to build up? When you take the watch off the sweat will start to vaporise and draw away heat which will cool the skin rapidly. How can people not notice that?

Paul Gibson : Aw c'mon Derren, give me a set of winning lottery numbers and I will kiss your arze forever more !