duh poopy pant

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BubbleteaFrenzy : His sincere level is off the charts.

TastefullyOffensive.com : This guy has life figured out.

Paper Box : I think he was actually trying to make the camera guy feel better. Seems like a nice guy.

Shaolin Pete : I wanna go for a drink with this guy, not soda pop tho

Awesten Miller : He was waiting for someone too ask him this.

tortuga : counter trolls are people i look up to.

P12ooF : That dude is 100% himself. I appreciate the uploader for pointing out such a cool guy but it almost seems as he is trying to poke fun at the dude.

El Stark : So you ask people personal questions about something embarrassing while secretly recording them so you can upload it to youtube later for the whole world to see, even mocking their accent in the title? I know someone is going to respond "but he seems cool with it", but let's be real... You just want this to be okay because it's entertaining. I still think the uploader is a prick. You don't ask a stranger to talk about pooping their pants out of a benevolent spirit, it's trolling. You wanted to see people's reactions, anticipating something negative. Then you have this guy unexpectedly obliging him in conversation because he's that fucking nice, and you go and upload the video of it, and you make fun of him. You really think he's going to be appreciated if he's recognized out in the world as poopy pants guy? Would you want that to be your identity? He was okay telling one person as a fleeting whim, not the world. Yeah yeah I'm a buzzkill I overthought it whatever, uploader is a shitty guy and I'm glad he's not in my fuckin life.

Pete Owen : i like how he just looks into the distance reminiscing about the time 0:47

Genesis2091 : LMFAO omfg. He's so cute.

Kenny Roc : He probably told you that to make you feel better about you pooping your pants, no need to upload this to shame the man to the world.

Frazzle : This guy should be saluted not mocked

mrboxley : some pooped pants strangely bring the community together.

Quilliam Attari : The camera guy is a jerk, you recorded this without the guy's consent in a belittling manner and you asked the question in a degrading manner too, just to troll him. But I guess his sincerity actually put you down. For real though, he seems so sweet and nice. Like a genuinely kind hearted sincere human. I might sound like I'm over-reacting but honestly I just hate people being walked over, especially when they're so nice.

Taureg : In honor of this mans honesty I will admit I did one time, walking home from school and just could not make those last 10 steps, BELOW ME HONOR THIS MAN WITH YOUR OWN POOPING STORY

Its Always Funny in Sillydelphia : What a genuine person.

TITISIMO25 : I need to talk to more strangers

Alex R : I don't think you're officially a man until you do poop your pants.

Francis Corby Ceschin : You laugh, but then it happens to you. And then you understand. I understand.

OGK : the ingredients: soda pop , la , coca cola, die pepsi, sprite, dr peppa

TheNightmare75II : This is cuter than I would have imagined. What a legend that man is for being so honest.

Joe : So he has to be the worlds nicest guy. Actually, this is just people in Thailand, they are extremely nice and friendly.

theheronot : Guy telling the story is really cool. Camera man is extremely meh.

Guilherme C. : a.k.a Sodypop, as Papa John would call it

JWitt30 : Hahahaha I f'n love this.. at the end he should've got up and said "Welp, see ya later."

SNOREOFF : That was so honest seems like a cool guy ^-^ 

Local Yard Works : Found that part of the internet again

Dino Saur : By the looks of it this guy was contemplating that time he poop his pants way before he was asked lol

Jickdaw Monelason : sounds like a Vietnamese accent. very cool people.

Igneous_is_my_Alias : "I got stomach ache"

Brad Siemens : This changed my life.

Kiwiana Grandé : I wonder how the rest of that convo went down 😁

Alessandro Grunwald : Now THAT'S a guy I trust!

Brian Rossi : nice conversation ,i think am gonna ask this a girl, just for curiosity

Serhat ÜYÜMEZ : ProZD father

FoxNation18 : The fact that YouTube recommended me to watch “10 interesting facts about Coca Cola” as the up next to watch has me deceased ☠️😂

Michiel : Who ever would have thought that a question about blasting a dookie in ones pants would spawn unanimous positivity in the comment section.

Rogue Ninja Rod : Met a few Asians like this guy. Real cool dudes. You talk them about anything and they won't judge lol .. You ask a question, you get an answer haha

Lowryda Thraks : This guy is my idol .

Alak Magalhães : The only two people in the world that would say that to a random stranger just happened to meet. Marvelous.

Tagnana.com : pooping your pants, an one in a lifetime experience.

PlainSailingWeather : This is glorious. I don't even know why but it is.

DaleOfHope : Holy shit, I think I just pooped my pants from laughing so hard haha

Stiglitz Keller : 'Soda pop, coca cola uhh diet Pepsi, sprite and dr pepper yah all one time..'

mr e : I’d like to just sit around with this guy and discuss life.

Olly Woods : Dude.. you can't just say no after someone goes into so much depth..

noided2k : cameraman will never be this chill

marajlize legaljuana : ahahhaahhaahha

igano : Damn that was inspiring.

Monk Onyx : A personal hero.