duh poopy pant

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Francis Corby Ceschin : You laugh, but then it happens to you. And then you understand. I understand.

Kyle Swecker : Who thinks of the movie the pest when he says “faaart”

PiK : Weird flex but okay.

PiK : Why does he look so frightened?

Joshua Starling : None of y’all are honest about those risky farts. 4 out of 10 end up being sharts.

mr e : I’d like to just sit around with this guy and discuss life.

guest guest : 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 One time dats all.

Sages604 : Let's be honest, who hasn't shat themselves at least ONCE in their lifetime?

Samsquatch : HAHAHA legendary

Ryo Inspiritus : Holy shit. When did Kim Jong Un learn english and go Millennial?

Viral OGK : the ingredients: soda pop , la , coca cola, die pepsi, sprite, dr peppa

B Henry : This guy was cool. Did you know him or just meet him? I want to sub but you're at 420 I don't want to ruin that

It is what it is : I've done it dozens of times

Chris Roche : This guy should run for office.

eleanor murray : Hiya, Elle here from LADbible, hope you're good! We love the video! Did you film it? We'd love to repost it to our pages if so and if that'd be okay with you? We'll credit back to you if so! Thanks, Elle

ƧÜ : ProZD father

El Los er' : This should of been the first video on YouTube.

charliechaplinsghost : This guy is a straight shooter. Certified Troll Proof!

hersheystaste4life : This is the only time vertical videos are acceptable.

stacy mirba : I've had food poisoning before. It happens. No shame.

TheNightmare75II : This is cuter than I would have imagined. What a legend that man is for being so honest.

Narwhal Bacon : Hahah, such an honest guy.

jordotech : Alright man, this is your only video?? Make more!

bleach #1073 : what a strange incounter what video game is this?

Ramona the weirdo productions ! : Omg i just found this vid again i remember watching it back in 3rd grade in computer class we got in trouble lol

Lone Wolf Military : I'm crying😂

Caleb Gregory : I drank to much soda pop 🥤

Brendan Øscar : skinny legend.

Anne Wheeler : I love how sincere this guy is about pooping his pants 😂

N Powell : Raymond Reddington what’s good

Quilliam Attari : The camera guy is a jerk, you recorded this without the guy's consent in a belittling manner and you asked the question in a degrading manner too, just to troll him. But I guess his sincerity actually put you down. For real though, he seems so sweet and nice. Like a genuinely kind hearted sincere human. I might sound like I'm over-reacting but honestly I just hate people being walked over, especially when they're so nice.

Dominick Gonzalez : Dude, you pooped your pants along time ago?

Zig Drog : Have you pooped you pants

Hombre de Brindis : This guy needs to be on Tim And Eric

meghan weston : This always makes me smile no matter how shitty the day I can count on this

Frazzle : This guy should be saluted not mocked

Jake Davis : Little boy in background asks "why's that old dude stink so bad" xD

MJ Sleepy Raptor : I'd wanna be friends with this guy he seems pretty chill

Shamus McWright : I want to be friends with that guy. That guy is the realest dude ever.

Nils King : wtf am I watching?

Kenny Roc : He probably told you that to make you feel better about you pooping your pants, no need to upload this to shame the man to the world.

Shreef Sbini : Ask a stranger to completely bare his soul and you won't even Grace him with a story even close to comparison.

brandon dorion : Thats one cool guy. Level 99 honesty.

Justin Denine : When your so bored your will to talk about anything

Jickdaw Monelason : sounds like a Vietnamese accent. very cool people.

blue bandana : I wonder how the rest of that convo went down 😁

Shawn Green : I really like this guy!

danno : i love this so much

FoxNation18 : The fact that YouTube recommended me to watch “10 interesting facts about Coca Cola” as the up next to watch has me deceased ☠️😂

Olly Woods : Dude.. you can't just say no after someone goes into so much depth..