No Country For Old Men - Coin Toss Scene [HD]

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funkyflights : Javier was brilliant in this movie, his character made this movie ...

Grim Seawolf : How I feel in Skyrim deciding or not if I’m gonna kill this random npc

wally west : I was gonna try this at my local gas station, then I realised the cashier was a 6ft6 jacked black dude. No thanks

Mayhem 55 : Fun fact : in the book, this dialogue takes place when its actually already late and dark. However in the movie they decided to do it in bright daylight, to emphasize the old guys’ fear.

Omi Wan : Old man never made small talk with customers again

xXSilentAgent47Xx : Two-Face Origins.

Jovan-Angelo Santos : what an intense way to get 44 cents off your peanuts lol.

Pat MaGroin : The old man could've avoided the coin toss by answering javier when he asked how much for the gas instead of asking a question of his own

Surigen 12 : if that can get any more twisted inside Chigurh's head: at the end, he looks genuinely happy for that old man, with that quick "well done!". As if it wasn't he who controlled the whole situation, he who could have just simply walked out without doing the whole coin tossing thing. This makes Chigurh even more weird and psychopathic...

goncas rc : I can't bear with the fact that this is one of the most intense scenes in the whole history of cinema and I crack every fucking time it ends. They're both perfect performances, even though one of them is small, but Chigurh's twisted philosophy mixed with Bardem's performance just make this absolute perfection.

grahamyodude : Scariest average conversation ever

Harry L 88 is a Cowardly Cyber Rat : I didn't mean nothing by it. D I D N T M E A N N U T H I N ?

kiri : its like talking to a smartass 7 year old with aspergers.

abe tolbert : *friendo*

Trevor Locke : Absolute psychopath

That Guy : That old man's acting is also stellar. Nobody's mentioning it, but he performs wonderfully.

Jose Rodriguez : Wow. 2:40 Even the candy wrapper was scared to unwrap.

Joe Gutzz : The thing that makes this scene so frightening is the fact that it’s only the 2 of them for miles around and the old man can’t do anything but fear for his life. This is a paranoid person’s worst nightmare. The man can kill me and nobody would know for a few days or maybe weeks.

Amerlad mad : and this... this is why no country for old men, is one of the greatest masterpieces of our generation.

demo2382 : After that moment, the old man was cured from small talk.

Bram Van : Imagine Chigurh, the Joker and Hans Landa in one room.

Leon Kennedy : Anton didn't just randomly decide to maybe kill him for no reason. He said he saw his license plate.... you're from Texas and Anton picked up on that. It could put him at risk. He asked him to pick a side because he wanted to give him a chance. He felt bad for the old coot.

nerdwhitenerd : *coughs* "you married into it?" lol

kutoo kutoo : you should give the oscar to the old man the store keeper

Cheesy Toast : Imagine taking this guy's order at Burger King.

hazel goodshepherd : I really hated this sociopath's general disdain for simpler people and their mundane concerns. I was SO hoping he'd get his in the end. But the fact that he got away only makes this movie even more true to life and a classic in its own right.

II BEETLEJUICE II : Very dark character to play . He was brilliant.

Pete Schussman : Huh, at the height of the tension when he's asking the owner to call it, I can hear suspenseful music softly playing in the background. I never noticed that before. Goes to show that this scene is so engrossing and the music blends into it so perfectly that you don't notice. Think its one of the few times that there is music in the movie.

Leonid Sedloski : i would recommend this film if you want to feel uncomfortable

Jonathan Willow : He is just distracting the old man from the fact that he did not pay.

R3troRod : *how to get a free snack at the gas station*

NINJA's Depression : He was playing chess with Death.

Matt Black : I tried this with my parents I'm homeless now Thanks

Wildman Samurai : "You're a bit deaf aren't you?"

Develan : What a con. He convinced that poor old man to take 25 cents for his food and gas.

Brahma Mishra : Is this ASMR?

Alex Delarge : Damn, this scene is just SO DAMN GOOD.

Peter Keogh : This guy scares me ffs and it's just a movie, such was the believable performance, he's incredibly menacing

BRETT WHITE : Oscar well-deserved.

Peatear Griffin : The only man who is intimidating in a bowl cut.

Justin shepherd : So if you stand to win everything i guess you also stand to lose everything..

MrPiddleStick : He was going to kill him, wasn't he

Abhay Verma : He was able to do really good american accent...

LoFi Vibe : Are just gonna ignore the fact he paid only 25 cents for gas and some peanuts

Lawlophile : He just skipped out on paying the gas.

MMtheMan : Anton Chigurh ANNHILATES Gas Attendant In Conversation

Kopiovastaava : The most accurate portrayal of a psychopath in movie history.

NeuralNetProcessor : I wonder how long it took the old guy to realize he didn't pay for his gas or peanuts.

Fight ForFreedom2019 : " you stand to win everything, call it"

utubedano : Fuckin psycho.