No Country For Old Men - Coin Toss Scene [HD]

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Grim Seawolf : How I feel in Skyrim deciding or not if I’m gonna kill this random npc

Jonathan Willow : He is just distracting the old man from the fact that he did not pay.

Saurav Sharma : No one is appriciating how well the old man acted. Looked so natural.

ray Gordon : The Candy wrapper has it's own IMDB page

funkyflights : Javier was brilliant in this movie, his character made this movie ...

Emil : Picture this guy and the Joker having a conversation

P3t3r 141 : I remember watching this scene whilst having a massive anxiety attack

theo jansen : The old man could've avoided the coin toss by answering javier when he asked how much for the gas instead of asking a question of his own

Harry L 88 is a Cowardly Cyber Rat : I didn't mean nothing by it. D I D N T M E A N N U T H I N ?

goncas rc : I can't bear with the fact that this is one of the most intense scenes in the whole history of cinema and I crack every fucking time it ends. They're both perfect performances, even though one of them is small, but Chigurh's twisted philosophy mixed with Bardem's performance just make this absolute perfection.

wally west : I was gonna try this at my local gas station, then I realised the cashier was a 6ft6 jacked black dude. No thanks

Jacno77 : we're made to feel for the old man because we don't want to see a good man punished. His good qualities were his humbleness , his courtesy by calling him "sir" even though he was being threatened by a great evil, which chances are he'll be courteous to everyone (including us) and he was a working man, which he is useful to others. Random but I thought I'd throw this out there.

Scream Of Sodak : English teacher showed me this back when I was 16 in writing class to teach us about tension and suspense, I don’t think he could have taught it any better. This scene is forever in my mind when I think of a legendary scene, everything about it is perfect.

Elixus : Chigurh finds out from his exchange with the indecisive, hesitant clerk that he’s lived a long, prosperous life for the most part. He’s essentially comparing the unpredictable nature of human life to a coin toss. When he says the coin has been traveling since 1958, the coin itself has been exchanged between many hands and is now 22 years old; quite a long life. It could just have easily ended up somewhere else - in a drain, in someone else’s pocket, or lost and no longer in circulation, cutting its “lifespan” short. When it is tossed, “calling it” is similar to the decisions we make in life that will lead to good or bad outcomes or “the most we win or lose on a coin toss.” “You’ve been putting it up your whole life,” our decisions could lead to unpredictable outcomes as black or white as life or death as our years pass - through blind luck - and “we just wouldn’t know it” until we come face to face with the fatal consequences or positive repercussions. “The quarter will be mixed in with the others and becomes ‘just a coin.’” Among the endless denominator of lucky and unlucky outcomes of choices we make in our lifetime, one is trivial “which it is.” The fact the attendant is aged and chose to marry into a good family means his decisions and good fortune had favored him and granted him a peaceful life. Similar to the coin, the elderly clerk could have just as easily ended up somewhere else worse off had he chosen to walk a different route in his youth. He chose to be here. Outcomes of our life choices are as mysterious and unpredictable as the outcomes of a simple coin toss we play.

Trevor Locke : Absolute psychopath

Jose Rodriguez : Wow. 2:40 Even the candy wrapper was scared to unwrap.

Kermit Hitler : Such a simple scene yet so utterly brilliant

Surigen 12 : if that can get any more twisted inside Chigurh's head: at the end, he looks genuinely happy for that old man, with that quick "well done!". As if it wasn't he who controlled the whole situation, he who could have just simply walked out without doing the whole coin tossing thing. This makes Chigurh even more weird and psychopathic...

xXSilentAgent47Xx : Two-Face Origins.

Proximate Cause : "Generally around dark..." -gestures to window- " dark." Outside window: Mid-afternoon sunshine

Joe Gutzz : The thing that makes this scene so frightening is the fact that it’s only the 2 of them for miles around and the old man can’t do anything but fear for his life. This is a paranoid person’s worst nightmare. The man can kill me and nobody would know for a few days or maybe weeks.

Amerlad mad : and this... this is why no country for old men, is one of the greatest masterpieces of our generation.

TWO76 : Just Incredible Acting from Both characters here ...such a powerful scene love it.

Cheesy Toast : Imagine taking this guy's order at Burger King.

A T : It's interesting how Chigurh seemed relieved after the shop owner won the coin toss, It looks like he didn't want to kill him but since he annoyed him with the picky question at the beginning of their conversation, his twisted personality forced him to put his life at the hand of a coin toss call

Mayhem 55 : Fun fact : in the book, this dialogue takes place when its actually already late and dark. However in the movie they decided to do it in bright daylight, to emphasize the old guys’ fear.

hazel goodshepherd : I really hated this sociopath's general disdain for simpler people and their mundane concerns. I was SO hoping he'd get his in the end. But the fact that he got away only makes this movie even more true to life and a classic in its own right.

Joseph565112 : You analysts are ALL wrong. Really, Anton is jealous because his dream job would be to marry-into or inherit a gas station out in the middle of nowhere. Dont have to deal a holes, and can easily kill the occasional dude. He's pissed because he's out there chasing mexicans and satchels, etc.

demo2382 : After that moment, the old man was cured from small talk.

Leon Kennedy : Anton didn't just randomly decide to maybe kill him for no reason. He said he saw his license plate.... you're from Texas and Anton picked up on that. It could put him at risk. He asked him to pick a side because he wanted to give him a chance. He felt bad for the old coot.

Bram Van : Imagine Chigurh, the Joker and Hans Landa in one room.

Dolethetuber : Well, that's one way to get out of paying for gas and peanuts.

TeaCup : What an actor. Both of them are exceptional.

samarth here : Another interesting fact: this film does not have a soundtrack. None!

NINJA's Depression : He was playing chess with Death.

Arse Robinson : pause 4:19

Ian Christopher : Anton Chigurh went mad when the gas station owner started asking him too many questions because some police officer could interrogate him in the future about Chigurh and where he was heading.Chigurh started to verbally threat the man's life and he didn't even notice it.Then after he had enough of the old man he pulled out the coin toss to see if he really deserved to die as he said "You've been putting it up your whole life,you just didn't know it." The old man calls it and luckily survives the "game" and Chigurh tells him to not put it in his pocket cause this is practically his whole life all in that coin otherwise it will mix in with the others and become just another coin,which it is,the last part meaning that his life is meaningless like any other ordinary coin,like any other ordinary life.He leaves,threat this man's life,says that his life is meaningless and he didn't realise any of this.He probably never will.

grahamyodude : Scariest average conversation ever

Peatear Griffin : The only man who is intimidating in a bowl cut.

kiri : its like talking to a smartass 7 year old with aspergers.

kutoo kutoo : you should give the oscar to the old man the store keeper

Pete Schussman : Huh, at the height of the tension when he's asking the owner to call it, I can hear suspenseful music softly playing in the background. I never noticed that before. Goes to show that this scene is so engrossing and the music blends into it so perfectly that you don't notice. Think its one of the few times that there is music in the movie.

Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street : "Don't put it in your pocket it's your lucky quarter!!"

lsx racing 1320 xvII Lsx coyote : Very dark character to play . He was brilliant.

nerdwhitenerd : *coughs* "you married into it?" lol

traingp7 : Let this be a lesson to you. The less you speak to a customer the better off you will be. If this guy just took his money and said nothing this whole scene wouldn't of happened.

MrPiddleStick : He was going to kill him, wasn't he

glasstorso : Gonna try this at my local gas station the next time I don't feel like spending $3.99 for a small pack of M&Ms. .

Jacob Gordon : He needs to be Darkseid in Justice League

Abhay Verma : He was able to do really good american accent...