How to have Bedroom Eyes

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Macros20 : Description's correct but I will never stop watching

XSimplyCleanProX : *wait* ...did u just *gloss* ur lips with a *lollipop* ? xD

Madison : Not to alarm you...but I think you have a wild man in your house. You might wanna get that checked out.  Love youuuu

Xaiver Campbell : The twerking. The twerkinggg. This vid was a break time well spent

Emily Winchester : thank you for making videos

Riya the Human : "is that what that is?" lmaooo

tromboner2012 : He's seen a woman put on make up. HE'S GOING TO TELL THE CHURCH!!!!!!!

Jordan S : Is this the Tarte palette rich woman use to cover their shame because I want it

marisazmd : As I live and breathe... it worked! You have attracted a mate with your eyes only a few moments into the video! It seems that your eyes have whipped him up into some sort of frenzied mating dance! Well done girl! I hope he does not inform the church of your bedroom eyes though... Well.. off to glitter the fvck out of my lids now.. Wish me luck ;)

Erika S : "Please don't say anything about my hair, because I'm not going to brush it." Same 😂

Betty Anne : "Even by my standards, THAT was a bad idea." <-- Every day of my life. :|


Random Ronnie : You're my hero

Eva Smiljanić : The problem with being bisexual is you see a couple and can't decide which one is hotter

black-turtless : I like the way he peeps through the door frame. I don’t know who that man is, but he is good

Lipaali : Men don’t like nostrils

Debbie H : yo, was that god in that towel? (not hitting on ya dude, just, like, is he voice of god from ya alter vids?)

Bella Noche : I'm literally going to make drag mixes from all of your videos lmao KEEP IT COMING xo

Kitten Allen : At first I thought the man in the towel was like her dad or brother or something but then she said "You wanna bang?" and I quickly retracted that thought.

Lacy : I wear lipsticks at work and hear the, "Men like girls who don't need makeup" line allll the time. Like my lips are Black rn boo, I don't need it any more than I need you. Want me to judge the condoms and pickle relish you bought, or do you wanna go home?

Geenah : Should've put christmas lights on the laundry pile

Leila Melendez : I’m so glad you’re still making videos, I thought you’d get bored or something for some reason. Idk why. Anyways you’re funny af, keep going

Tori A : When you’re hungover but still make a hilarious video for the coven anyway

efstorm : "Even by my standards that was a bad idea. Well no going back now." 😂 Me every time I try to wear eyeshadow.

Ryan Miller : Did she catch a man???? I hope he hasn't caught her with nostrils

riverseverywhere : BUT DO HE HAVE DA BOOTY?! . . . . . HE DOOOOOOOOOOO

ThatGirllVal : I cannot deal, this girl is hilarious!

Verneasous : I love the random sneezes that you edit into the videos 😂

Le Neals : I like how he's twerking in the background!!! Sexy ass bedroom eyes btw! 😂

Tiara Azmalan : You need to have a quick cut to a closeup of your face saying "BLENDING" in all of your videos. Even the ones that aren't about makeup.

Lindsay Shanks : "We're trying to catch a man not scare them off" scaring dudes is my favorite pastime what's so bad about it 😂

Soggy Cereal : life get's a little bit better when I see sailor upload a video

Monae Slaughter : You're literally so shady and I love it. You're my soul mate and you're killing me.

Thomas Wenzel : You listen to Oh Wonder and now I am alive my skin is clearing and my crops have been watered

LiliUF : The bedroom eyes worked. You applied the makeup and a man suddenly appeared wearing nothing but a towel.

d3vilr0ckspolos : You're the hottest of messes, girl. Please don't change.

The Christopher : I love it when tutorial makers show results. You weren't even finished with your eyes before a man showed up!

Lauren Lollies : Pls have do a how to twerk video with him, I need it

Cameron Phenix : I think it's wonderful how you've managed to balance a character so well with your genuine self.

Hoorayan Hamid : Missed your videos! Made me cry and laugh in agreement.

theMetatron : Clearly she knows what she is talking about because there is proof of her success. She managed to catch one.

Nickan Shabdar : I remember I showed a friend one of your videos and laughed out loud when they didn't pick up on the sarcasm. Keep up the great content!

Ayotochtli : The lollipop...😂😂😂

zeexik : I'm so jealous of her boyfriend. You're a lucky dude, dude.

M Gray : When a rouge man invades your home for your enticing laundry pile

alphai : Rich women don't have souls, rich women have husbands.

Echo Marie : I started my Channel a couple months ago and honestly watching your videos makes me laugh/ feel so inspired/ pee.... like from laughing, not cause I can’t control myself. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for being a hilarious and honest woman who isn’t afraid to be funny or real, we need more like you and I aspire to be more like you.

Whitney S : The minute I heard "what do men like?" I could only think "pterodactyls." You have taught me well

Fien Rivière : i would laugh but i'm on my period