Stanley (A delayed response to Eminem's "Stan")

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simon daniel : you guys deserve that much more response, seriously

Pealz Heer : My god. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Patrick Smith : The voiceover is gold

Michael B : this was amazing, you guys deserve more attention 

Cpt_Kavemann : This parody is so well done, I can't stop watching. Great job guys :)

Jai Fuller : A wait worth while :) 

MedPackSnack : The greatest video of all time.

Tumbar : This was almost too great.

Hezza : 1:24, awesome xD

ftyhfyjdsh : this.. is.. genius..

brad1637 : Holy S**T! This is amazing! You guys deserve so much more attention! Love this! Got it on repeat! Well done and Thank you +Heartless Corporation 

Ball is Life : Pretty gay, and boring lyrics 

Scuba : Why doesn't this have more views? Has anyone posted this on Reddit yet? This is viral video material

Jason A : Hate to be that guy but as a native of Michigan I gotta say it! From the news article it says he commited the crime outside Detroit, but his car was pulled out of lake Michigan, But Lake Michigan is on the other side of the mitten! 

Erkica Platz : cant believe it was over ten years ago aaaahhhhhhhhhh

SimElectronics101 : This is BEAUTY. Thanks HC! Do more please :) I've almost memorised the lyrics now.

Corenne T. : I think I like it more than the actual song. haha

Niclau : Been singing this at work, it's stuck in my head ...

Riael Kratek : "I'm the sensation of the nation" Sorry but the sensation sweeping the nation is actually "Bitches love cannons"