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FreddieMason : The reason I can tell this is fake or at least the dude telling it was stupid af is it said the canoe was perpendicular to him (aka straight at him. Parallel would be going down/up the river.) And then turned a 180 and "disappeared". If he did a 180 he should be facing the other shore.

GuyWithChainsaw : The story is probably fake, there are evidence that support that, however the story is still good. The idea of a sound haunting you through your life can make you paranoid. Wherever you are you are scared of hearing that sound and when you finnaly forget... *tweeet*

XenoWars Games : Sounds very close for it being 20 meters. And looks 2 times farther, for it being 20 meters.

Zer0san : I hate to be that ONE downvote, but just wanted to let you know it’s not the video itself, your stuff is phenomenal. The downvote was for the Falcons shirt. Keep Pounding, fam.

Jacob Frye : I really, really want to believe it's fake...

Matt Banks : real or not the footage gives me the chills

Terri Hamill : Here via NE. I'm from Flint (yeah, that one) which is near Lansing. When I heard this story it sparked a really vague memory in me, some urban legend (maybe not so legendy?) about a mysterious whistler and death or serial killer... Can't put my finger on it, but the video is definitely creepy.

Sasquatch Fever and Sons : Me and my friend heard the whistle after I told him about it. Probably BS but it was still crazy timing.

Philloniess Fisch : I feel like it’s fake because as an American I can assure you that we do not use the metric system. We wouldn’t say something is certain meters away. We would probably use feet. Good video anyway!

corilew26 : I swear to god, that video is cursed. Once the video ends I can hear the EXACT SAME whistling.

That Chapter : So, what do you think about the Whistler?! True story?

Jonathan Figg : I’m still trying to understand what is so terrifying about this “urban legend.” What am I missing? It’s just the sound of someone whistling. No scary visuals or imminent danger. Even with the backstory, it’s mildly creepy at best. Please enlighten me.

A human Being : Ugh why Lansing, I live really close to Lansing and there's a swampy area where I live.

OuTLaW#HighTimes 101 : I heard it one night in ky during a thunderstorm..I mean raining hard I had took a nap an woke up I was setting up in the bed like 2 in the morning it was haunting as hell..Scared me to death..

Lynn Potter : I just wonder if other people have heard this before ? Or is it just this one person?

me lmao jeff jeff : Background Music Name?

Ryan Higgle : That's a seriously creepy one