Windows 95 Startup Sound (Slowed 4000%)

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Gabriel Harvey : Jesus did i actually listen to the whole thing?

IvanDark : Hi Stranger.

Isaiah Pryor : If my computer was this slow, I'd be PISSED. But then I'd meditate.

Serie A Results Live 95 :

Its Dextrin : *insert slowly panning view of some random planet in space with a deep voiced narrator speaking about something completely irrelevant*

Shiggy : Holy shit this sounds like heaven

Valentin Nagy : I assume this is what plays when you get to heaven

Memorax : hi stranger

V 4 p 0 r : I am looking back on life. I see so much arbitrary hatred, so much wasted energy. And for what? We are so small in this vast expance of a universe, there was no reason. We should have hugged eachother tighter. But it is so clear to me now...politics, government, society, conciousness, life...all of it is an illusion. Even the crippling lonlieness we all feel. There is a g0d watching us, and we were born into his universe. We are all bit. Pieces of code stemming from another universe. Another time. And so the cycle will continue. We will advance our technology to the point of creating a similar thing. People there will look up and wonder where they came from. Only when they give birth to their own universe will they understand... Ok videos over.

SWIFTxMILES : Sounds like the PS2 a bit.

marco : A e s t h e t i c

『JERM』 : Okay this at my funeral.

SquidFoxy : Welcome. This is your first time here, isn't it? My name isn't important, but yours is. So tell me? What is your name?....Your name is ____? IS THIS CORRECT? Yes/No... Okay, so your name is _____, nice to meet you. Don't be alarmed, but we are floating through space as we speak, a cosmic energy flowing through the cosmos to our destination. Where? Just take a look! Below us is a planet corrupted by greed, war, and death. I've found you, someone with the will to change everything. How? Well, it wouldn't be right of me to tell you your own destiny, it's one you must discover on your own. But not to worry! I will be watching over you from the stars! Good luck! I have no clue why this came to mind for the start of a really epic rpg based game

ruegen : i feel like im in space

Magnus4471URI : The gates of heaven slowly opening..

Antoine le king : it could be a nice intro of a vaporwave album

Beter Griffin : Hi Stranger. It's been a while, I miss you. It's ok, you can look at my butt. I feel like I can really be vulnerable around you. Do you like this tree I made? Cool right, really cool. It's so hard to make things y'know? It just takes so much mental energy. I get so tired. I just wanna sit here and relax with you. Wow, check out the sunset. So nice to stop and just take all this in. It makes you enjoy being alive. Where were you? I love looking at you. I want to remember all your shapes. Ahhh, Beautiful. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Miss you trying to do so many things at once, worrying about a decision you made or that you said the wrong thing to someone. You're so hard on yourself. You're wonderful. You're worthy of being loved, you really are. You just have to let yourself believe it. Well I know you're really busy and you probably have to go, but I'm glad I got to see you for a minute. I love you.

Darin Jones : here because a clay figure with a nice ass told me he loved me

Helawolf : The sounds of childhood slowed down to zen. Thank you!

Louis Ackland : Brian Eno has always been a genius! I suggest you watch his explanation on how he came up with this sound.

Roberto Junior : Hi, stranger. It's been a while...

Brooke Ingala : It's like hearing the voice of God himself

Brandon The Creator : hi stranger

rob boss : Great meditation material man!

Ioini Everson : This tingles my brain and that's a good feeling! Much appreciated for the natural high, brother :)


Mark The shark : 90s

Grzegorz PL : 1 milion view :D

Let the spicing begin! : THIS WAS F*CKING RELAXING!

Andrzej Tomczak : Heat death of the Universe...

Beat : calmness for the soul

Geek Hero : *h i s t r a n g e r*

Victoria Phillips : who else came here after the 'hi stranger' video? XD

Armando McFly : this actually put me to sleep last night you guys, god bless This video.

canal do JAMES : Hi stranger... its been a while.

sarcasmo57 : Now play it speeded up 4000%

Rangel P. : Shh no tears. Only dreams now.

Spyro Frost : Hi stranger.

The Internet Outlaw : if i get a space ship this would be constantly playing softly in it

Dmitry Chorine : that's how long it takes to boot up (in real time)

f0resstt : I slowly rise to heaven

elpiTRIti l Ristar642 l SwZ- El Matador Sangriento : Childhood Greetings from Chile! :D

Sauce : That's what you get for installing Windows 95 on Amiga!

田中之夢 : literally minimal music

Definitely Not Randy Mack : Hi stranger, it's been a while. I've missed you. It's okay, you can look at my butt! teeheehee

xXCoolGamerPro2635Xx : rip windows 95 1995-2017

An2nio Productions : thx, all there is are 24 hrs slowdowns which nobody will will ever watch without skimming.

luis felipe ribeiro : sounds like a vaporwave... I like it

Jarosław Wójtowicz : Thanks, and cheers from POLAND! :-)

Sidewalks and Skeletons : Beautiful, what did you use to stretch the audio so perfectly without loss in quality or audio artifacts? Paulstretch?