Mel Blanc did over a 1000 different Voices in over 5000 CARTOONS ! - UNIQUE GENIUS

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sarcasmo57 : Luckily for daffy guns are useless.

nativewizard : he didn't mention that at the end of the short both bugs and daffy do an elmer fudd imitation, and elmer wasn't even one of mel blanc's characters!

Mr. Lonnie Booker : Mel Blanc was the all time greatest various comedic voices of all time and It's been 25 years since Mel passed away 25 years ago. He was one of the all time best funniest various voices on TV, music and on radio. His legendary various voices on TV, music and radio are timeless for all ages. His legacy on TV, music and radio will continue to live on forever for several generations to come. 

Antonio Machado : Hank is also great, but Mel was a genius..

Placebo : I still laugh like a 5 year old when I watch these old school Loony Toons.

Polar Bearon : This is one of the main reasons the lead actress of orphan black impressed me. Her characters imitating one of the other characters.

scotthebruce2 : He kept the character voices and traded cadences...I understand the respect owed, but I'm not sure that couldn't be replicated by anyone, especially Hank Azaria..

Kevin Anthony : Daffy looks really stoned after getting shot in the head.

Ian Morris : Mel Blanc is the best voice actor of all time, he will never be topped.

Danthony TheGreat : Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy  scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High  School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds  against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.

ForceMaximus84 : Hank Azaria is great, but there’s Mel Blanc and there’s everyone else.

Julie Harris : What Genius! 

Braxton Parker : R.I.P

Adlin Ling : Elmer Fudd has been hunting Bugs Bunny for years with a gun that can't even kill at point blank range.

AsAboveItIsBelow : I can't even think of how I'd want to word what I want to say with this, I never even thought of how difficult it would be to do that... Truly a marvelous man. Hope Mel's resting in peace, cause man did he earn it.

KHOJVIGYAN : great work indeed.

erosxp1 : Like , REDDIT ?

Metallicfender : well, to be fair, his Daffy voice had it's pitch artificially raised. I'm sure if you heard it at normal pitch, it'd sound closer to Bugs.

Marshalsify : Thanks Hank.

Lambson Chopson : Thank YOU COME AGAIN!

o00thunderhawk00o : its just like combining two ascents. Chinese and sottish is a good example. difficult but can be done!

Juan Ceasar : I just really enjoyed the episodes and never thought about it before, but I guess that was the kind of the point.

Games for Kids : *TIL*

TheSwamper : Anyone know where I can watch this in its entirety?

Mike : It hurts my head trying to understand how he did that

Danny Williams : I haven't seen a Loony Toons cartoon for nigh on 15 years. I reckon i might go and do a marathon on 8th wonders channel. I loved and adored all these as a kid. Couldn't get enough of them.

Bombalurina : Another one that comes to mind is there is a scene in House where he's a British actor with an American accent imitating a British accent.

H Kay : This creativity is off the chart.I'm grateful my childhood was infused with Mel Blanc's universe.

Torquosis LivingManPerson : I can do this for TV Characters, where do I put in my application? I'm clearly the reincarnation of Mel Blanc /s

Jonathan Augustin : I'm not a voice actor and I can appreciate how different it is.

Johnny Threefour : Eh.. Daffy still sounds like Daffy imo

Debabrata Manna : The one and only legend

Badoocee : Genius indeed. What a Legacy.😀

Benjamin Essner : I think it's telling that it takes a bunch of voice actors now to do all the voices and characters Mel Blanc used to do by himself.

ShadowWhelp : This is why I hope Disney and Pixar go back to using random unknowns who are voice actors first for their movies. I don't get the point of using famous actors in their films if they're just doing their own voice. Voice acting is an entirely different school.

Noob from Hell : the ending XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Pablo312 : Wow, I wish I was like Mel blanc

B3ast dude - Beast dude - b3ast3fdude : Pure talent.

Ubah : is this documentary?

Tommyfazz : Mel Blank on the Letterman show said he did 400 voices.

gunswordfist : That Daffy impersonating Bugs sounds perfect but Bugs just sounds like Daffy to me. Edit: Wait no, I can hear Bugs in Bugs now lol

probotvideo : Greg The Bunny did this as well in an amazing Freaky Friday episode in which Greg the Bunny & Warren The Ape switch bodies. Dan Milano voices both characters and pulls it off beautifully.

Scarlett Fire : You can see Mel on re-runs of the Jack Benny Show (some episodes)

gary abbot : Classic cartoon too.

This Generation Sucks : wish they would stop letting people use others names.

Marty Keaton : What’s with the dislikes?

SuperLordHawHaw : My favorite was him doing a drunk bull

SvaaDuc : Damn

Ree1981 Ree838383 : Oh my god who the hell cares?

zcg1995 : Llllll