Predator Redub

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ransax : Ha!  That "Sexasaurus Rex" line gets me every time!

UltimateOmegaRed : "Don't be ashamed!" (girlish scream) 😅

Dr.Groovesquatch : funniest video on the internet by far!!

Allan Max : 50 shades of predator. lol

Mark Baron : Wham on the boom box. That is funny.

Grandma Gobbler : Wow, this is now marked as the gayest thing i've ever had the misfortune of watching. I never knew you can ruin a movie that was this good.

Big Rey : Cmon do it.. Do it.. Ohhhh.. Hahahaha hilarious!

Brad Craig : I don't know what I just watched but it was bloody brilliant!

MintSauce ! : 2:20 is quite funny...:)

Marco Riviero : "Some guy got you pullin' too muth penith".

tall yankee Gal : lmao! Do it....

Crocodile Dundee : You aint afraid of no mayun! 

TheBizkitgoblin : Ok... that was funny.

Monster Murphy : Tommy 😂😂😂

Quick Clips : I had to stop the video at 'Pulling too much' cause I was laughing so much.

fubufooluk : do it ah do it ah !

Julian Simons : this is amazing

John Bong Joey : Great

TeHC wankery : screw me, hot dogs and buns, looking forward to that bean burrito..

Riveriux Phenom : I think the movie works better without the spaceship scene

Lonnie Booth : Dooooo it! Doooooo it! Hahahaha.

Rob S : Genuine LOL

56postoffice : The voice for Arnie kills it for me. Absolutely dyin'!! 😂😂😂😂😂

slimblues : That feel when your name is Tommy

Sawyer Wonderlich : Is that an alarm Tommy?


apex predator : do it do it come on screams re all gayly

Young Blood : lmfao this video cracks me up

Mike : 0:34 lmfao


tiphares : real LOL

EGA : 2:30 "hmmm."

Rick Dawkins : HAHA!!

Adam Brady : Chris Kyle is (was ) the Predator... he got Jesse... LOL !

zok310 : If they were all gay basically

jayrodprime : The predator shoulda been called Jean lol

Faint Sounds : Was this supposed to be funny? Cracked up more at Arnold quips than this attempt at "humor"

Monster Murphy : I'm scared poncho. lmao

Tyler Swift : Mouth vag

Pigdogmeat : god damn sexosaurus lol

djbaconbitzcr : Those slaps

schlumbl84 : That bitchslappin' cracks me up every time!

Josh Talbot : Tommy?........O that's the predator's name

BREDATOR1 : This is what would happen if Liberace had directed predator... "hey you guys! get back on my chopper"...

Brendan Leipelt : surprised this doesn't have like 20 million views

Master Kay : there's something out there waiting for us..

cagammon : "Screw me". "Screw me I'm here"!!!

TheDardanianKnight : Everytime i watch this... I have to wear Depends® because I’m laughing so much.

Tekkaman Rain : OMG... wtf did I just watch?

TheRaellz : Deserves millions of views.