Predator Redub

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ransax : Ha!  That "Sexasaurus Rex" line gets me every time!

UltimateOmegaRed : "Don't be ashamed!" (girlish scream) 😅

Grandma Gobbler : Wow, this is now marked as the gayest thing i've ever had the misfortune of watching. I never knew you can ruin a movie that was this good.

Dr.Groovesquatch : funniest video on the internet by far!!

Crocodile Dundee : You aint afraid of no mayun! 

tall yankee Gal : lmao! Do it....

TheRaellz : Deserves millions of views.

Brad Craig : I don't know what I just watched but it was bloody brilliant!

Allan Max : 50 shades of predator. lol

Marco Riviero : "Some guy got you pullin' too muth penith".

sqccccccccc : Acorrding to a Freudian analysis Predator is about Gay fear

Minty Spunkbubble : Moral of the story: DON'T BE ASHAMED

Minty Spunkbubble : I wan't some rum... and Hot dogs & buns.

Mark Baron : Wham on the boom box. That is funny.

Master Kay : there's something out there waiting for us..

Julian Simons : this is amazing

Quick Clips : I had to stop the video at 'Pulling too much' cause I was laughing so much.

MintSauce ! : 2:20 is quite funny...:)

John Bong Joey : Great

lot24 : Get to the chopper! Uhnn!

schlumbl84 : That bitchslappin' cracks me up every time!

Minty Spunkbubble : I'm weeping with laughter. You know you fellows have to do 'Redub' an entire film at some point? The Thing, Alien or Predator would be the best candidates. Thank you for my 3 minutes of most excellent mirth.

cagammon : "Screw me". "Screw me I'm here"!!!

THE PROJECTIONIST : Fucking great man thanks

IXBlackoutXI1 : Im scared Pancho

WazcallyWabbit : Don't be ashamed tommy!

fubufooluk : do it ah do it ah !

Jeremy Ferrick : redub

WarlordK1ng : funny as hell.

Monster Murphy : Tommy 😂😂😂

Monster Murphy : I'm scared poncho. lmao

BREDATOR1 : This is what would happen if Liberace had directed predator... "hey you guys! get back on my chopper"...

TheBizkitgoblin : Ok... that was funny.

Pigdogmeat : god damn sexosaurus lol

elprobear : The black guy sounds like tourretts guy

Brendan Leipelt : surprised this doesn't have like 20 million views

Josh Talbot : Tommy?........O that's the predator's name

Cyrus Calderon : oooo tommy xD

djbaconbitzcr : Those slaps

killyourmotherrapeyourmuslim : I want to be a Sexasaurus Rex

Will Clontz : oh god Nooooooooo

Big Rey : Cmon do it.. Do it.. Ohhhh.. Hahahaha hilarious!

yoe91 : lol that is pretty good...

Johnnewb : @zinki120 I love the slapping sounds...

Cartoon N Hypez : It goes a bang bang bang and my feet do the same

OneLoneLegend : @googlyarsetube please do.. the entire predator film..

Khameleon808 : IMMA CHEW ME SOME GUM IMMA DRINK ME SOME RUM .... .. HOT DOGS AND BUNS lmao good fucking shit man, i watch this shit everyday

Erik Juarez : Harry Caray came back az Jesse Ventura

Hoppou :3 : rofl :D

Corey Engdahl : Chew some gum, drink some rum. This was hillarious.