Climate Zero Hour Trailer 2

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The new trailer for the upcoming Climate Zero Hour Documentrary. Featuring (In order of appearance) : Dr. Alexander Cannara; Mothers for Nuclear (Kristin Murray Zaitz and Heather Matteson); Dr. Ken Caldeira (Voice); Dr. Ripudaman Malhotra (voice). There are multiple ways you can support this channel, see below Climate Zero Hour the documentary, based on the similarly named book, will show you the impacts of climate change and how we can solve the energy conundrum that lies at the roots. Visit for more information Climate Zero Hour: Kindle: Paperback : E-mail : fscthies [at] gmail [dot] com for Nuclear Q&A's: FSCTHIES [at] GMAIL.COM DONATIONS patreon : Paypal : This video is meant as an educational commentary and all borrowed videos, images, and sounds are part of fair-use. Feel free to use anything from this video. Please let me know if you do! Thanks.

Comments from Youtube

jg5555 : Nuclear energy is awesome and you don't have to buy into this silly climate change hysteria to be a proponent.