Deyshia Hargrave speaks at teacher rally following her arrest at a school board meeting

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Theo Zank : Everyone, Teachers, Parents, and Students need to attend those meetings, Let your voices be heard. As stated, "Anyone can attend and each person has three minutes." Time to organize and let your issues be heard. If you have to let those meetings last all night. They might be able to ignore a few people, but they may find it difficult to ignore a large "mass" with the same concerns and continue to record these events to enlighten those not in attendance. Thank You for your devotion to your profession.

Boogity Boo : Be the first lone voice to stand up against injustice and people will follow and fight with you. Thank you Deyshia

P TH : Great woman! Sack the board. From Australia.

tgclark2 : So sick of teachers being bullied on all levels , expectations which are outlandish , then no raise?! Disgusting!!!!!!!

Maayraa Star : Push for a resignation of that creep in the school board.

tgclark2 : I cannot believe that snooty superintendent accepted a raise and the teachers have not received a raise in a decade!!!!! The arrest of this teacher for speaking in s meeting was a disgraceful act

lewisdean22 : Great speech, all the way from Scotland

truth seeker : This woman is a hero

Auburn Jewels : Awesome! You have so much courage!

Trish C : Rooting for you!! In Canada

John Venable : Your first amendment rights were violated sue all of them in Federal court you are right keep on fighting


J T : yay Details Hargreaves we need more ppl like you in society. Your a stand up woman!!! Keep speaking up you will be heard!!!

Kered Henry : Great speech,All the way from china!

MaddiePlayZ : GO MISS DASIA! She doesnt diserve anything that happened to her. She taught me in 5 grade and YES GURL! I AM PROUD OF YOU! PLEASE STAY STRONG (btw in the left coner are my 7th grade pe and math teacher XD) Rooting for you miss dasia! Here in louisiana! #GoMissDasia!

Prairie Viking : You Go Girl! You have my support way up here in Montana!

Charlie M : Missed the perfect opportunity to talk about holding cops accountable for crimes they commit like assault & KIDNAPPING. Call it like it is, it wasn't false arrest which is seen as an accident. It was kidnapping, a crime, with a mandatory prison sentence. Wake up people

Margaret Rose : You stay strong!

wipeoutxl : if this school board had any sense of self preservation they would give all teachers a 10% raise to shut this down, but they wont...

Care to C : She is a HERO! Cancel raise for superintendent, fire and prosecute thug that manhandled this heroic teacher.

Randy Rush : You are so beautiful!! I emailed the mayor, governor, and senator after watching the video! It made me sick to my stomach. You were treated unfairly, assaulted by the rent a cop, and I hope you are compensated well for their unlawfully act. Much love from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

tiffany hirst : Supporting Deyshia, from Alaska. 💚

oedipusvv : America's Sweethear warrior ! Omg what's her social media where can we follow her !

mrekbass : Fire Fontana! He is entirely responsible for what happens at meetings he over sees. He allowed a woman to be beaten down by a pig he pays!

collo collo : Great women, thank you for inspiring us from algeria

David Jordal : how do we go about getting that cop and those superintedents fired??? how do we get jusice?

Darius Yang : Never be silent in front of injustice From China and Canada

Theruku The Big Gay : A lot of cops are great people, they save lives and help people everyday. Its just sad the ones that get recognized are the ones that abuse their power.

Alviola P : i stand with u

Seattle Six : So these dislikes are from school board members by any chance?

Kelly Hardy : Any leader's job is to address your concerns, not have you arrested when you ask questions!!! That was ABSURD. And I think you are even stronger by not quitting or giving up on your students. Stay strong & stay in their face!!!

Eva Aube : You go, girl. Nothing can stop you from speaking out. If peaceful speaking like you did gets you arrested in today's society, there is something seriously wrong. Your voice will be heard, beyond those who are too stupid to understand what democracy is. They don't matter. The real people matter.

sam myy : She is remarkable ❤️

Wendy S New Orleans : It is showing about the education and the teacher in the Louisiana. It it time to fix this!! “TEAM!! “ 🗣

Rog Marcot : so happy to see the people supporting her. Great lady

Xia Boyle : You are courageous! Rooting for you in California!

fllboi28 : We support you thank , for being a great role model. I called the govenor and voiced my outrage for you and the teachers in Louisiana. You Rock


James Fye : That school board have no idea how to run a mtg.... thin skins. They never answered her question...our super is overpaid also.

City Life : Love and massive support from NYC! Fight the good fight, it is the American way (or at least was).

Amelia B : Love it. Love her. You go Deyshia!

Michelle Galeher : How can I go about getting a #standbydeysha t shirt?

Tanuja Halakatti : Stay strong we are proud of you.

Rog Marcot : Canda loves tou

Alex Kuerdaz : The wrong bring the good all the time. Great women

PATRICK DeCambra : The only remedy for this is a lawsuit to deter other people from behaving in the same manner

Phillip Phan : lol she did the students please be quiet hand 0:10

Norbert Nonox : Sionisme is going to get all of us even our socks to fulfilled their plan. How the word can remain that much blind ! Thank you Deyshia Hargrave. It is the same shit happening all around the world especially in countries with that famous zioniste symbols. Why ? We will be accountable for our childrens !

Борис Клинтон : Where is your vaunted Ku Klux Klan???

Veronica King : they didn't do much standing by her when she was being dragged out by the uncle Tom