angry cyclist, downed scooter . Gta San Andreas

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*PyroPowerItaly* : Ottima mira Haha

Edoardo Baldini : AHAHAH GRANDE!

Gabriel Sánchez : Nerf Corki plz

fmnq : Taking Mario Kart to a new level.

batterysurf : North Korea's assault vehicle

NDV : Proud of my country 🇮🇹

jt3151 : Sounded like Waluigi

fuskaren : There was an other cyclist almost getting hit at 0:27, I wonder what he thought?


Kimberly Olsen : Totally set way it is legit.

Aaron K : Attackspeed Corki

Gonçalo Moreira : vaffanculo testa di cazzo

PAUL ALEXANDER OH ESCOBAR : Yeah, and youre putting in danger any pedestrian who could be walking by

Just Me : You must love Italians 😁

kenken nang : PLAY OF THE GAME!

Christian Siauwijaya : Fake AF and also dangerous

chris melville : Quando a Roma...🍕💥🍕💣

Artur Martins : ISIS has NO CHANCES!!!

não ligo : S A M

Cesar Acosta : Lo mejor que vi en mi vida :D

Edward Carnby : The funniest bit is the way he keeps pulling them out. "Jesus, how many of those things does he have stuffed down his tights?!"

AndreiVN : Ooooo... ma VAFFANCULO...

Timothy A-z : Lmao

No Body : "Fai il simpatico" my new favorite swear word

100Moral : vafanculo testa di carzio hahahahhahahahahahahah

Bart Z : fake like entire italy :) jesus your country sucks

BikeStuff : fake, fake fake bs

Rain Maker : Fake

ogzasu nurkan : LOL

Grun : I love this

Rafał Be : Rimini? :D

athavans3 : i hope ppl realize its fake

Gabriel salvatori : now I know that GTA is based on real issues in Italy. hahaha te voglio bene Itália.

trolledGAMER89 : That's some gta 5 real life oppressor shit right there!

Christian Veldhoen : Idiot.... (Cyclist)

Aug Ust : Some cyclists should be put in jail..... they get too high on themselves they get too cocky

wanson76 : Заебись! Постановочное видео, но всё равно весело.

Laécio Paulo : S A M

Universal Kombat : Fake, but funny;

Ovi Show : fuking son of the beach no can send a mail to delete video only to raport my fuking beach bad men ay hope to die on pain all you live

Cody Smiley : its fake putos

Vitor Augusto : Salve SAM

Lucas Zanelato : a diferença entre semi-automatica pra automatica HUEHUEHUEBRBRBRBRBR

Rafael Furtado : Souti América memis

Luis Polessa : If Brazilian cyclist do that, the scooters and car drives would be afraid of knockin' em out ba dum tssss

Pariah Sojourner : LMAO, EPIC!!!!!!!!!

RevengedScar : Va fanculo, figlio de putana!

Seb K : Good .

IMRXOL : mod link?

Glauco De Vita : "Va coglione, figlio de putana!"