Sight Fishing for Monster Sturgeon in a tiny Creek (Underwater View!) Pt. 3
What a lucky guy

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Monster sturgeon, sight fishing, underwater footage and epic battles - last day of fishing in this awesome creek! The good news is another creek that I have not been to since I was like 10 yrs old has just opened up! More adventures to come! I sincerely hope you enjoyed these. Please share with you friends to help my small but growing channel! Thanks! Rod/Reel Combo for that Day- Rod: Quantum Energy PT Shimano Curado 300: 30 lb. Trilene Big Game Line: Music-- Chic - Le Freak Remix by The Basement Freaks: Jaws Theme Remix by JCNNR: Oh Snap by Julian Avila: Recommended Camera Equipment --GoPro Hero 4 Silver (love the little screen on the back so I can see what I'm getting) --GoPro Head Mount: --External GoPro Microphone: --Funky Tripod: --My Complete DSLR Vlogging Setup: Thank you sooo much for watching and don't forget to smash that subscribe button! *This video contains Amazon affiliate links.


Catching Dinosaurs Fishing : thats underwater video of the pick up was amazing

mattgotsskill : realize you are handling an animal that is older then you are.

Happy Trails9139 : KEEP THAT LOCATION SECRET!!! Especially from Asian FOBS!!! (Fresh off the boat) they don't observe fishing laws, they think they can catch anything and everything. I've called game wardens to bust them on several PLEASE keep this place off the map!!!

RagingWhales : You sound like Bob Ross on a fishing trip.

Kenny Phillips : This video has the least amount of swearing of any of the hundreds of fishing videos I've watched!

Daniel Oh : Save these beasts! Don't tell anyone about this spot!

Whitaker's World : Holy smokes it looks like a medium size shark!

steve vermillion : I suppose criticism and negativity are to be expected with Youtube, but this video is amazing and I really appreciate you posting it. Keep up the great work!

Duane Schwingle : I wish i could fish in Jurassic park...

Lalo 831 : The best part is that you let them go, great conservationists of such beautiful specimens

Sturgeon & Catfish UK : Some of the best sturgeon vids on youtube are right here on this channel. Incredible

John Wei : 14:30 it seems like a sea lion at first glance.

ColdDead Hands : Absolutely one of the best fishing video's I've ever watched!! (And I've Watched A Lot) Amazing Fish!!

Robert Taylor : Glad your not telling where you are thank you Just fantastic video

Manolo Mandevo : @ Ace Videos Amazing Adventure. Pure And You use barbless Hooks. You are a good One. Thanks for this, bro.

Kyle Ritter : I don't even know how I ended up here. I was watching Honda Pioneer 1000 videos and now you have a new subscriber. Some of the best fishing videos on YouTube. Nice work.

ron sheppard : This was THE BEST fishing I've ever seen. Thank You for the experience.

Carl Schnackel : My grandfather used to tell me that eons ago, they would bait the hook with a whole chicken, and then pull the sturgeon out of the river with a wagon and a team of horses. He also told me that one time, the sturgeon was pulling the horses into the river, and he had to cut the rope. I would have liked to have seen that sturgeon...

Formers Ghost : Sturgeons are ancient fish thats why they are huge and porabably thoose are not even close to their original size

Xedd MrC : Jesus, I got an adrenaline rush just watching this

erik s : what ever you do do not show or tell anyone where this spot is at or these fish will be gone and your spot will be ruined... I don't think there are very many if any spots like this anywhere in the world left... great videos btw

Dave Ferreira : Hey, great video. Very exciting. Great work handling and releasing. :)

Matthew Loughton : Like a Sturgeon... Fishing for the very first time!

MoMo Ng : Love u let it go!!! :)... I'm a new subscriber :)

Zoey Beckley : If I was a fish I would live there it's beautiful and quite

Akon Qiu : Personal best: 5 feet Me:IM 5 FEET😱😱

Elissa Turner : legendary! Don't tell anyone about that spot

Gerald Velasco : I am not even a sturgeon fisherman and BOY was I excited watching you land that beast !!!! AMAZING FISH and AMAZING JOB by you. Thanks for sharing such an awesome experience. Gerry from San Diego, CA

Lalo 831 : Im actually kind of jealous lol nice bro

Emy Castaneda : That is one gorgeous fish man. πŸ‘‰πŸ‘

αš’α›αš«α›αšΎαš· : I don't know how i got here haha but i love to see how much happyness fishing gives this dude :D I'm getting happy for him haha

TEJ Jensen : 20 minutes and 33 seconds of my life - that I really could enjoy. Thank you for upload !

Jonas X : What an experience!! you are incredibly lucky, not many people will ever experience something like that with nature. Please keep that little pearl for your self! a small place like that can easily be destroyd by over fishing etc.. I can only wish the fishing around here was that nice!

Johnson Nguyen : I laughed pretty hard right as he hooked the first fish and the music came up "Freak out!"

Southern Ontario Fishing : This was one of the most entertaining fishing videos I've seen in a while. Props man.

Arsenio Rosa III : Probably one of the most exciting fishing videos I have ever seen. Your music edits are perfect. Sturgeon look like a fun fight

Brian Jackson : I totally respect this guy. Great skills. Great commentary. Great respect for wildlife. Thumbs up!

Rum Runner : wow......... absolutely WOW. If you don't get 10 million subscribers from this video .... it proves that "The Hunt" has been lost to humanity. I played an AMAZING battle between them both and getting such a HUGE beast in a tiny little spot. Kudos!!!

Honoah Xu : Where are you fishing?

Esox07 : Wish I had access to that kind of fishing. Also wish I was 30 years younger. Awesome video. thanks

maksim lukjan : Thanks man...ur lucky, paradise, try London :(

kadir kucukgΓΆl : He sounds like tyler from secureteam

moreb33r1 : Great fish mate, I can hear in your voice you are buzzing πŸ˜‚

Rob fishing 17 : Loving ur vids u got the life keep up good work from uk πŸ–’

Mark Campling : That has to be one of the best fishing videos Ive ever seen. So fresh and awesome. Man you have me super excited to go fishing. Well done and thanks for sharing. Super cool

nate tinsley : It broke water like a frickin shark πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

r : Amazing footage. Jeremy Wade would be jealous!

Paul Rekoeb : I might have commented the same under a previous video from last year - but dude you are soooo lucky to have such nice waters and fishing possibilities ! That was amazing. Greetings from Berlin.

Bob Siddoway : Finally another Idahoan! IDAHO!!!