Sight Fishing for Monster Sturgeon in a tiny Creek (Underwater View!) Pt. 3

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Ace Videos : I finally had a chance to return to this creek a few days ago! It was unbelievable:

Catching Dinosaurs : holy crap that was awesome

Unlucky Neighbor : Yeah, a beautiful prehistoric fish! Lets kill it! Really?

Eric Holmberg : Nice job, my friend. I watch fishing shows from time to time, as this is so raw, personal and real, it ranks among the best of them. Very enjoyable. Just subscribed and sent the link to my fishing crazed son-in-law and my grandson. They will love it.

Sam Sen : Isn't that nice to catch a fish bigger than yourself! Thanks for sharing.

Docholland45 : Great catch sir. Like the catch and release. Gives others the chance to catch that monster.

Catching Dinosaurs : thats underwater video of the pick up was amazing

PawDayCut : there is no aggressive animals out there right btw nc video dude thanks for sharing this amazing experiece

Ethan Hermsey : amazing creatures, so huge :o

mattgotsskill : realize you are handling an animal that is older then you are.

r : Amazing footage. Jeremy Wade would be jealous!

Northwoods Angling : One heck of a video brother!! Ready to come ice fish for em?!

ASAP ISway : I would be afraid of a gator LOL

RagingWhales : You sound like Bob Ross on a fishing trip.

Ethan Shannon : I've caught a 7 footer on the snake river in idaho

PIKATHUNDER7 : I don't think that's a sturgeon, where's the fish's PhD?

Sturgeon & Catfish UK : Some of the best sturgeon vids on youtube are right here on this channel. Incredible

Lalo 831 : The best part is that you let them go, great conservationists of such beautiful specimens

Formers Ghost : Sturgeons are ancient fish thats why they are huge and porabably thoose are not even close to their original size

Xedd MrC : Jesus, I got an adrenaline rush just watching this

Dillan Lundy : They look like a shark

Captain Fork : don't reveal ur location lol

ron sheppard : This was THE BEST fishing I've ever seen. Thank You for the experience.

Matthew Loughton : Like a Sturgeon... Fishing for the very first time!

mr_sendit7 : Thanks for not being click bait. Nice fish.

Rob Mangeri : Hard to believe those giants live in that tiny creek! Where is this?

Akon Qiu : Personal best: 5 feet Me:IM 5 FEET😱😱

Shane Butler : Pretty cool vid man!

Esox07 : Wish I had access to that kind of fishing. Also wish I was 30 years younger. Awesome video. thanks

Ty Allan : For those wondering- He is fishing in Idaho. Probably in a slough or creek somewhere off of the Snake or Clearwater near Lewiston.

Dillan Lundy : When it jumped it looked like a great white like if u agree

BayouBassKing : Has to be one of the coolest fishing videos on YouTube I've ever watched. Crazy! So cool man!

That guy that owns a Pug. : That might be the one I had last time *whacks with paddle* “Gotcha fish”

Karen Wolfsoul Lopez : Am i the only one who thinks that the water looks creepy

Andrew Wolf : Holy shit dude, how did you manage that from the kayak? I caught a 10ft 6 inch 400lb sturgeon in the Oregon river few years back and we were in a boat and it took us 6 miles down stream and took an hour to get it to the boat.

grekauto : Where is this place?

Daniel Oh : Save these beasts! Don't tell anyone about this spot!

Jonas X : What an experience!! you are incredibly lucky, not many people will ever experience something like that with nature. Please keep that little pearl for your self! a small place like that can easily be destroyd by over fishing etc.. I can only wish the fishing around here was that nice!

sav300 : What state or what creek? I don't fish sturgeon, but I'd certainly like to be aware of where they are. I did not know they went up creeks. Big fish in little water!!

TEJ Jensen : 20 minutes and 33 seconds of my life - that I really could enjoy. Thank you for upload !

mark bowman : well done for catch and release!. good fella.

Echo_2345 Fortnite : The water is amazing it is so clear!!

Yeet : Aren't you worried about alligators or crocodiles

erick amodia : wtf i taught it was a shark 😂😂

Outdoor Topia : It's pretty much like a shark

Mark Campling : That has to be one of the best fishing videos Ive ever seen. So fresh and awesome. Man you have me super excited to go fishing. Well done and thanks for sharing. Super cool

Jack Jahnke : if its a big female with eggs you can actually stress them out to the point where the absorb their eggs back into their body but cool video and most sturgeon have to be 25 + yrs old to reproduce

Bean : Beautiful fish, don't understand why people poach this ancient fish. Thank you for releasing them back!

Elissa Turner : legendary! Don't tell anyone about that spot

Johnson Nguyen : I laughed pretty hard right as he hooked the first fish and the music came up "Freak out!"