Sight Fishing for Monster Sturgeon in a tiny Creek (Underwater View!) Pt. 3

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Ace Videos : I finally had a chance to return to this creek a few days ago! It was unbelievable:

Catching Dinosaurs Fishing : thats underwater video of the pick up was amazing

mattgotsskill : realize you are handling an animal that is older then you are.

Formers Ghost : Sturgeons are ancient fish thats why they are huge and porabably thoose are not even close to their original size

RagingWhales : You sound like Bob Ross on a fishing trip.

Kenny Phillips : This video has the least amount of swearing of any of the hundreds of fishing videos I've watched!

Catching Dinosaurs Fishing : holy crap that was awesome

Ty Allan : For those wondering- He is fishing in Idaho. Probably in a slough or creek somewhere off of the Snake or Clearwater near Lewiston.

Whitaker's World : Holy smokes it looks like a medium size shark!

Dillan Lundy : They look like a shark

Jack Elder : As a Floridian I cringed watching you wading through those weeds waiting for snakes to be all over you. Still, what an amazing video, such a small boat and such a big fish!

Northwoods Angling : One heck of a video brother!! Ready to come ice fish for em?!

Lalo 831 : The best part is that you let them go, great conservationists of such beautiful specimens

Rob Mangeri : Hard to believe those giants live in that tiny creek! Where is this?

-Star_27- : I caught a surgeon when I was fishing at the hospital

tsfcancerman : Just sad ppl overfish these big gentle giants instead of doing like this guy, who catch and release after arecording or taking a pic or 2, rich ppl are a pest to the world. Ppl should let big fish like this be alone so they breed so there are more fish made instead, cause it takes so long for them to become this big.

Kyle Ritter : I don't even know how I ended up here. I was watching Honda Pioneer 1000 videos and now you have a new subscriber. Some of the best fishing videos on YouTube. Nice work.

Bean : Beautiful fish, don't understand why people poach this ancient fish. Thank you for releasing them back!

Xedd MrC : Jesus, I got an adrenaline rush just watching this

Duane Schwingle : I wish i could fish in Jurassic park...

Wells JustGofaster : So I had trouble sleeping... thought a few vids would help then I watched this !!! Now I just want to go fishing lol.

Akon Qiu : Personal best: 5 feet Me:IM 5 FEET😱😱

☠MrHairyNutz☠ : I'm surprised that big fish lives in that shallow swamp.

Gerald Velasco : I am not even a sturgeon fisherman and BOY was I excited watching you land that beast !!!! AMAZING FISH and AMAZING JOB by you. Thanks for sharing such an awesome experience. Gerry from San Diego, CA

Sam Sen : Isn't that nice to catch a fish bigger than yourself! Thanks for sharing.

ron sheppard : This was THE BEST fishing I've ever seen. Thank You for the experience.

Sturgeon & Catfish UK : Some of the best sturgeon vids on youtube are right here on this channel. Incredible

Jonas X : What an experience!! you are incredibly lucky, not many people will ever experience something like that with nature. Please keep that little pearl for your self! a small place like that can easily be destroyd by over fishing etc.. I can only wish the fishing around here was that nice!

Stephen Dalton : Wow, what a rush that must be to see those huge fish up close. Very cool! Its a good thing that dont have teeth! On a Serious note, I wish all fisherman were as responsible and careful as you appear to be. With so many people on the planet now we need to be careful how we treat what's left of these amazing resources and places. Smart move not listing your location. Selfish and careless people would flood the place and ruin it for everyone. Sorry, didnt mean to get all conservationist about it.

Outdoor Topia : It's pretty much like a shark

PIKATHUNDER7 : I don't think that's a sturgeon, where's the fish's PhD?

Daniel Oh : Save these beasts! Don't tell anyone about this spot!

Bailey Howard : Bruh I’m fishing in France right now carp fishing and I got caught into a stourgon (I think) and I hoped into my boat 🚣, the thing pulled me quite a lot and it played very weirded however it starts to come up then it suddenly dives down which I wasn’t ready for and it just snaps off. MAN IM SO PISSED.

ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ : I don't know how i got here haha but i love to see how much happyness fishing gives this dude :D I'm getting happy for him haha

Matthew Loughton : Like a Sturgeon... Fishing for the very first time!

mark drangstveit : Sturgeon fishing is the most fun ive ever had. I challenge youto do a 15$ walmart spinning reel challenge. Ever since i was 16 thats all ive used to catch sturgeon. Use the line on it. Pretty sure ours were always 6 to 8 lb test. Granted it takes 2 hours to bring one in but quite a challenge! Im in wi and so glad we have these beasts in our rivers

erik s : what ever you do do not show or tell anyone where this spot is at or these fish will be gone and your spot will be ruined... I don't think there are very many if any spots like this anywhere in the world left... great videos btw


Dillan Lundy : When it jumped it looked like a great white like if u agree

Ethan Shannon : I've caught a 7 footer on the snake river in idaho

Edgar V : Stupid question but why did you let the first one go?

Southern Ontario Fishing : This was one of the most entertaining fishing videos I've seen in a while. Props man.

Drake Hosking : I hate seeing all these weenies just pull bass out of the water and set hooks like they’re trying to rip their mouths off. This is real fishing. And having a respect for these monster fish. Nice fishing

Fishy Outdoors : I really enjoyed how excited you got :-D Thanks :-D

Esox07 : Wish I had access to that kind of fishing. Also wish I was 30 years younger. Awesome video. thanks

*Caiden H* : Fun fact: Back when I went to school in Washington State, Sturgeon are actually dinosaur fish. They lived really long ago when the dinosaurs roamed. Now you know! :D

TSM_Warlock : Keep this series going it is very entertaining

Flat4_vdub_Garage : Snake river.? Me and a friend are looking for idaho fishing/camping .. Were in the pnw amd need recommendations!? Help lmao thank you

ambulance girl : Sir?  When that first fish breached a tear of joy literally rolled down my cheek!  I'm not a sturgeon fisherman, I usually don't fish using "traditional" or kid's tackle like this, I'm one of those snooty fly fishermen from Montana that does the trout thing on Mountain rivers, or used to.  I haven't been on a river in years now.  I have brain cancer.  It's a long story.  I'll leave it at that.  But seeing your video, I'm going to get up out of bed, and ask my husband to take me fishing.  We'll see if I can make it or not, but I'm going to try.  Thank you for this gift.  ~Charlotte

stevan vanlear : Absolutely the best fishing video I have seen on YouTube. Very exciting and enjoyable. Thank You! I hope to see more.